Learning Together

Children and Adults in a School Community
019509753X, hardback, 272 pages

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Table of Contents

1. Lessons about Learning as a Community
An Orientation: Origins, Principles, and Structure of a Community of Learners
2. Constructing Ourselves: the Beginning of an Evolving Philosophy
3. An Orientation to Principles-in-Action
4. "Seeing" the Big Picture
How Is This a Community?
5. A Home and School Community
6. Coming Home to School
7. Setting the Scene: Coordinating a Classroom Community
8. The Classroom Community "in Control"
Children Learning in a Community
9. Creating Curriculum with Children
10. Caring Conversations
11. Respect from Respect
12. "What about Sharing?"
13. Learning to Manage Time
14. Helping Children Learn to Make Responsible Choices
Teachers Learning about Teaching Children in a Community
15. Teaching by Learning from Children
16. Risking Saying "I don't know"
17. A New Teacher Learning to Share Responsibility with Children
Parents Learning Principles of Children's Learning in a Community
18. Becoming a Cooperative Parent in a Parent Cooperative
19. Kindergarten, Again
20. Parents' Learning about Children's Learning
21. Becoming an Adult Member in a Community of Learners
Teachers Learning about Parent Learning in a Community
22. Qualifying to Help People Learn: Becoming a Beginner
23. A New Teacher Learning to Share Responsibility with Parents
24. A Teacher Learning about Adult Learning
Communities Learning Together--Adults in the OC and Beyond, Creating Learning Communities
25. Teachers Learning Together, in Forming a Learning Community
26. Decision Making in a Learning Community
27. OC Teachers Take Their Learning to Other Schools
28. Never-ending Learning
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