Tilman Lenssen-Erz  

Curriculum Vitae

Born August 5, 1955 in Hamburg
Married to Marie-Theres Erz, two children
schooling 1961-1976 in Bernkastel-Kues/Mosel

1977 - 1982
University Marburg

Main studies: African Studies
Secondary subjects: Pre- and Protohistory;
History of Religions

Masters degree in 1982; theme: „Studien zum Verb im Kwang (Tschad)“ (Phonological studies on verbs in the Kwang language of Tchad)
University Frankfurt

Ph.D. dissertation in Pre- and Protohistory;

Theme of the dissertation: „Gemeinschaft – Gleichheit – Mobilität. Felsbilder im Brandberg, Namibia, und ihre Bedeutung. Grundlagen einer textuellen Felsbildarchäologie“ (Basics of textual rock art archaeology applied to the rock art of the Brandberg, Namibia)
Professional Career:    
1982 - 1985
Co-worker and site supervisor at various archaeological excavations in Germany, Tunisia and Egypt
1986 - today
Researcher and head of rock art research at the African Research Unit of the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Cologne



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