Dipl. Biol. Ivonne Lisinski

Special interests:

  • Subcellular targeting of the glucose transporter (GLUT) 4 in mammalian cells (CHO-cells, rat adipose cells*)
  • Targeting of two novel glucose transporters GLUT6 and GLUT9 (Lisinski et al., 2001)
  • Characterization (screening) of new GLUT4 binding proteins
  • Construction of GLUT-mutants
Methods :
  • Cell culture (transfection of cells, cell-surface antibody binding assay*)
  • Molecular biology
  • In vitro- and in vivo-assays
Collaboration :
*Dr. Samuel W. Cushman, Diabetes Branch, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA.

EG   Email Ivonne.Lisinski@uni-koeln.de