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lab group photo

May 2022: Overlooking the Gibbet Hill duck pond,
L-R: Kristen, Juliana, Eden, Poornima, Olivia, Will.
Position   E-mail
Group Leader    
Prof. Dr. Kristen Panfilio OrcID logo Twitter logo   kristen.panfilio [at]
or kpanfili [at]
or k.panfilio [at]
or k.panfilio [at]
Dr. Poornima Roy   poornima.roy [at]
Senior Research Technician    
Will Larner    will.larner [at]
Master's Research Students, 2021-22    
Olivia Boucher     
Eden Coetzer     
Bachelor's Research Students, 2021-22    
Abi Hicks     
Juliana Jeyakumar   
Swathi Krishnakumar   
Emily Sanderson     
Adele Sandrone   
Narmin Sirdi       

How to find us

Our full contact addresses are:

  Institute for Zoology:
  Developmental Biology
University of Cologne
Zülpicher Str. 47b
50674 Cologne
  Department of Molecular Genetics (190g)
Institute for Biology
University of Hohenheim
Garbenstr. 30
70599 Stuttgart
  School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Campus

In Cologne, we are located on the third floor of the Biocenter Building. As the building's main entrance does not directly face the street, you may find the annotated map (pdf), including public transport links, helpful.

In Hohenheim, we are in the large Biology Building, right in the heart of the central campus. We are in the east "Biology II" wing, on the third floor.

In Warwick, we are up the hill from the main campus on the Gibbet Hill Campus, with our primary lab and office space in the D Block building.

Interested in joining us?

Prospective students at all levels and postdocs are encouraged to get in touch at any time to discuss potential projects, now based in our new lab at the University of Hohenheim. In particular, we have available positions for a postdoc and a Ph.D. student to start in early 2023.

Please contact Kristen by e-mail and include: an outline of your research interests as they would fit with our work, starting date availability, your CV, and contact details for at least two references. Note that the working language of the lab is English.

Lab alumni

  • Jan Appel, bachelor's thesis (2011-2012): Lab manager, CECAD (Cologne Aging Research Cluster)
  • Katrin Schönborn, bachelor's thesis (2011-2012): Master's and then Ph.D. student, University of Cologne
  • Max Pentzien, bachelor's thesis and student assistant (2014-2015): Master's student, University of Bonn
  • Bachelor's research projects 2017-18: Anya Jacobs, Lucy Speight
  • Bachelor's research projects 2018-19: Peter Gallagher, Victoria Moorcroft
  • Bachelor's research projects 2019-20: Jade Scott, Masha Zabrovskaya
  • Bachelor's research projects 2020-21: Maroulina Georgiadi, Katie Mann, Dimitra Mouzourou, Lwam Yowhannes
  • Yvonne Kölsch, master's module (2012-2013): Ph.D. student, LMU Munich/ Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology; Xing:
  • Dennis Nowakowski, master's thesis (2015-2016): Forensic Geneticist, Institut für Blutgruppenforschung LGC GmbH; LinkedIn:
  • Yean Ming Chew, master's project (2018): Ph.D. student, Warwick Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Program; LinkedIn:
  • Nicole Brough, master's thesis (2019-2020): Medical Reviewer, PharmaReview; LinkedIn:
  • Sotiria Boutsi, doctoral rotation project (2021): Ph.D. student, Midlands Integrative Biosciences Program, Harper Adams University: ; LinkedIn:
  • Daniela Gurská, Ph.D. student (2014-2018): Ph.D. thesis: ; Research Assistant, University of Copenhagen; LinkedIn:
  • Jan Seibert, Ph.D. student (2012-2017): Ph.D. thesis: ; Quality Management Advisor, ValidAid; Xing:
  • Thorsten Horn, postdoc (2012-2017): Drug Safety Associate, CLINAssess; LinkedIn: ; Research page:
  • Iris Vargas Jentzsch, postdoc (2013-2016): Associate Project Data Manager, Chiltern; LinkedIn:
  • Maarten Hilbrant, postdoc (2014-2016): Physics and Biology Supply Teacher, Gymnasium Norf; LinkedIn:
  • Waldemar Wojciech, postdoc (2016-2017): Compliance Manager, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH; Xing:
  • Fabian Pridöhl, postdoc (2016-2019): Life Sciences Specialist, Agap2 operational consultancy; Xing:
  • Matthias Teuscher, postdoc (2017-20): OrcID logo; Officer (Referent), Hessen Department of the Interior and Sport; LinkedIn:
  • Barbora Konopová, postdoctoral research associate (2017-2018): Research Scientist, Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic; ResearchGate:
  • Gustavo Lazzaro Rezende, sabbatical research associate (2018-2019) OrcID logo
  • Stefan Koelzer, senior research technician (2012-2017): Research technician, Institut für Genetik, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf; LinkedIn:
  • Kalin Narov, senior research technician (2019-21)

Previous Lab Photos

lab group photo

August 2021: Our lab's favorite gene, in our department's Japanese garden,
L-R: Z (Kristen), E (Poornima), N (Kalin), 1 (Will).
lab group photo

April 2020, lab meeting under lockdown (if it's good enough for the Rolling Stones...),
clockwise from top: Kalin, Kristen, Matthias, Nicole
lab group photo

May 2019, on our first international, intra-lab retreat in Warwick,
left to right: Matthias, Kristen, Fabian, Gustavo
lab group photo
September 2018, Extraembryonic Meeting conference dinner at the Oxford Natural History Museum,
left to right: Matthias, Triceratops horridus, Kristen, Fabian (not shown: Barbora)
lab group photo
August 2017, getting ready to climb in the trees at our annual "Betriebsausflug" with the Roths,
left to right: Stefan, Kristen, Matthias, Danka, Fabian, Barbora
lab group photo
August 2016, left to right: Jan, Stefan, Waldemar, Kristen, Maarten, Thorsten, Iris, Danka
lab group photo
Sunny October 2015, left to right: Thorsten, Jan, Maarten, Kristen, Dennis, Stefan, Iris, Danka
lab group photo
September 2014, left to right: Jan, Maarten, Max, Stefan, Thorsten, Kristen,
in the garden bed: Danka, Iris
lab group photo     lab group photo
December 2013 at the Christmas markets, left to right: Kristen, Thorsten, (Iris), Stefan, (Jan)
lab group photo     lab group photo
September 2012, left to right: Kristen, Jan, Thorsten, Stefan

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