Börries Kemper
retired since Nov. 1st, 2003
Institut für Genetik
Zülpicher Str.47
D-50674 Cologne
Tel: 0221-470-5287
Fax: 0221-470-5172

Research Description:

We are interested in DNA repair including genetic recombination. We isolate and characterize DNA safeguarding enzymes from Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes and study their reactions with target molecules. DNA-branching is a natural event occurring during homologous genetic recombination, and four-armed X-junctions (Holliday-structures) or three-armed Y-junctions comprise two of the most common and transient intermediates. Branched molecules require precise resolution by a nuclease and repair by helper proteins timely before progeny cells devide or viruses package DNA into their newly synthesized heads. DNA-debranching enzymes (X-solvases)like Holliday-structure resolving endonuclease VII (endo VII) from bacteriophage T4 and mitochondrial cruciform cutting endonuclease 1 (CCE1) from yeast S. cerevisiae are among our favorite enzymes. 


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