Extended Focus

A microscope's depth of field is often not sufficient to obtain a single image which is sharp over the whole field. The software solution to this problem is the Extended Focus module. How it works is simple and ingenious. While focussing through your sample, you record a number of images at different focus positions. Then it extracts the sharp details from each individual shot to calculate a final image that is rich and sharp in every detail.

Extended Focus Bring out more detail With this module, you can generate images of 3-dimensional objects  that are completely in focus. All you have to do is focus through your sample. The Extended Focus module will acquire images consecutively, identify the in-focus areas and combine them arithmetically to produce a resulting image.
 - Fast manual acquisition of images during focusing
- Use of automatically generated Z-stack images as alternative (in combination with the Z-Stack module)
- Ideal for use with thicker samples when working with high-resolution objectives
- Resulting image contains increased information density with greatly reduced  data volume
- Can be used with transmitted light,reflected light and fluorescence and the  contrasting techniques bright field,dark field