Widefield Mutlichannel Unmixing

Widefield Multichannel Unmixing is a new function for the removal of
crosstalk between fluorescent dyes in multichannel images with up to eight
fluorescence channels using a traditional epifluorescence microscope.
Crosstalk is a phenomenon which occurs, whenever dyes are excited by
excitation light of more than one filter combination. This problem occurs for
example, when dyes with broadly overlapping excitation spectra are used
concurrently in one sample. Good examples are the spectral variants of
fluorescent proteins, e.g. BFP, CFP, GFP and YFP. With traditional reflector
filter sets it has been often difficult to achieve 100% signal separation for
such dyes.
In essence this means, that a certain proportion of a signal in one channel is
actually derived from another dye spilling over into the channel.
A parameter based separation is now available with the Widefield
Multichannel Unmixing module.