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Transcription factors:

Protein-DNA and Protein-Protein Interactions

em. Prof. Benno Müller-Hill


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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:

Born: February 5, 1933 in Freiburg i.B. Germany.
Married: Rita Wendling, two children, Jakob and Sarah.



Institut für Genetik der Universität Zülpicher Str. 47a
D-50674 Köln
Telephone: 49-221-4702388
Telefax: 49-221-4705170


Gottfried-Keller-Str. 8
D-50931 Köln
Telephone: 49-221-252533


1953: Abitur (Greek-Latin) Berthold-Gymnasium, Freiburg i.Br.

1959: Diploma in Chemistry, Freiburg University, sehr gut.

1962: Dr.rer.nat. in (Bio)Chemistry, Freiburg University magna cum laude.
Thesis in the Laboratory of Professor Wallenfels: "Über Struktur und Wirkungsmechanismus der Alkoholdehydrogenase aus Bäckerhefe und der ß- Galactosidase aus E.coli ML 309".


1963 - 1964: Research fellow, Indiana University Bloomington, Department of Microbiology, in the Laboratory of Professor Rickenberg.
1965 - 1968: Research fellow, Harvard University, Biological Laboratories, in the Laboratory of Professors Gilbert and Watson.
1968 - 1998 Professor of Genetics (o.Prof.) at the Institut für Genetik der Universität zu Köln, Köln.
1998 - em. Professor of Genetics at the Institut für Genetik der Universität zu Köln, Köln.

Awards and Memberships:

1976: Member of European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO)
1976: Humboldt Price (France)
1989: Member of Academia Europaea
1989: Lectures and Medal of the College de France, Paris
1990: Member of The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO)
1991: Honorary Fellow of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2000: Doctor honoris causa of the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa

2005: Honorable Member of the German Genetics Society

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