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Apatit aus Durango, Mexiko

Example of a gem quality fluorapatite crystal from Cerro de Mercado, Durango, Mexico, together with a prepared sample.

Crystal of NaFeW2O8

Crystal of NaFe(WO4)2.


Petra Becker, Eugen Libowitzky,Reiner Kleinschrodt, and Ladislav Bohatı:
Linear optical properties and Raman spectroscopy of natural fluorapatite.
Crys. Res. Technol. 51 (2016) 282-289.


Alexander A. Kaminskii, Ladislav Bohatı, Oliver Lux, Hanjo Rhee, Hans Joachim Eichler, Eugen Libowitzky, Reiner Kleinschrodt, Hitoki Yoneda, Akira Shirakawa and Petra Becker:
Stimulated Raman scattering in natural crystals of fluorapatite, Ca5(PO4)3F
Laser & Photonics Review 10 (2016) 814-825.


S. Holbein, M. Ackermann, L. Chapon, P. Steffens, A. Gukasov, A. Sazonov, O. Breunig, Y. Sanders, P. Becker, L. Bohatı, T. Lorenz, and M. Braden:
Strong magnetoelastic coupling at the transition from harmonic to anharmonic order in NaFe(WO4)2 with 3d5 configuration.
Phys. Rev. B 94 (2016) 104423-1-104423-14.

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