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Aus der Schmelze gezuechteter Kristall von MnWO4


M. Baum, Th. Finger, K. Schmalzl, A. Hiess, L.P. Regnault, P.Becker, L.Bohatı, G. Eckold, and M. Braden:
Kinetics of the multiferroic switching in MnWO4.
Phys. Rev (2014) B89, 144406

Peter Held:
Dimethylammonium tetraaqua(hydrogensulfato)sulfatocuprate(II)
Acta Cryst. (2014) E: Structure Reports Online 70/4, m119


Peter Held:
Di­ethyl­ammonium di­hydrogen orthophosphate
Acta Cryst. (2014) E: Structure Reports Online 70/2, o129

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