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40 points ChemCom - Chemistry in the Community [020830-ChH]
Genre: Book (4th edition • American Chemical Society)

ISBN 0-7872-0560-5
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Quote: Chemistry is all around you. Think about it...
Can we get sufficienly pure water? How can chemistry help create new alternatives for scarce materials? How can we make best use of the petroleum still remaining? What is wrong with the warning do not put chemicals in your mouth? Do the risks of nuclear energy and radioactive emission outweigh their benefits? How can chemistry help us establish and maintain good air quality? What chemistry is involved in our bodies' structures and processes? What should be the role of the chemical industry as a responsible social partner?
With ChemCom, you will soon discover chemistry's role in finding solutions to some of the most challenging issues we face as a society.
Evaluation: ChemCom is aimed at the general public. This site describes the role chemistry plays in everybody's life. The authors largely refrain from using formulas, their main focus lies on arousing the reader's interest in the world around him. Recommendation: Of interest for presentations done in intermediate and upper grades.
Author: W.H.Freeman
Link: American Chemical Society
Target group: All those who want to arouse the interest in chemistry
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