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35 points The Age Of The Molecule [020830-ChH]
Genre: Book (1st edition • RSC • Mai 1999 • 272 pages)

ISBN 0-85404-945-2
Price 19.50

Quote: (...) The achievements and excitements of chemistry are evident in our everyday lives. Scientific research has not only led to cures for serious deseases, produced life-enhancing synthetic materials but has also offered frofound insights into the nature of the world around us. (...) We can expect even more exciting new developments in the new millenium (...) These include the many remarkable discoveries made in the life science, and the huge variety of technological applications of chemistry: Liquid crystals, batteries, catalysts, plastics and novel electronic materials. The Book also explains how chemistry is actually carried out: Methods of making and analysing molecules, calculating their properties, and studying how and why chemical reactions occur. Written in clear, accessible language by a group of leading oung chemists. "The Age Of The Molecule" will appeal to anyone who wants to understand the world and ourseves at the molecular level (...)
Evaluation: This book by the Royal Society of Chemistry explains the basic chemical concepts as well the latest developments to a broad scientifically interested readership. Recommendation: This book is indeed useful to give a deeper insight into chemistry. It is perfect for those interested in chemistry who want to find out whether studying chemistry is suitable for them.
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Target group: Laboratory assistants, pupils doing a major course in chemistry, etc.
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