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Content: Chemistry education-server University of Bielefeld
(...) We are offering a collection of experiments suitable for schools and background texts on chemistry. Here, we lay stress on everyday phenomena. Unfortunately, due to the variety of websites we are offering, we are not always able to take into consideration all details. But that is not the aim of our work. We want to encourage the reader to become active himself and to read and to experiment. The internet is only one of the many media of chemistry education and it is not to replace the classical education given by teachers and the browsing through books. We create these websites because we enjoy explaining scientific problems to other people. The pupil who wrote us the following has understood us: Your website is a show with the mouse for adults (...)
Evaluation: Many interesting experiments and stimulations
Author: Prof.Dr.Rüdiger Blume & Team
Target group: Pupils of secondary school level as well as the interested public
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