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30 points Chemistry In Action [050309-MNe]
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Chemistry In Action
Peter Childs
Cover Issue #60
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[in excerpts]
Issue No.60: Chemistry at the European School Karslruhe, Hydrogen from algae, Friedrich Wöhler (1800-1882), The nature of chemistry, The tools of the good teacher, Chemical Classics: founders of the chemical industry, Phosphorus: from fire to urine
Issue No.61: The diamond maker, Geckos and Van der Waal's forces elementary chemistry, Love affair with the periodic table, Carbon Updating, The poison hunters, Chemical Classics: William Gossage, The Alan Turing DNA machine
Issue No.62: Medicine from plants: green chemistry in action, Elementary chemistry: mining in a volcano, Hellish Water, Finding an arsenic solution, The end of Alchemy, Chemical Classics: Josias Christopher Gamble, Taxol, Food from old bones, Chemistry Nobel Prize 2000, Teaching chemistry with everyday materials
Issue No.63: Chemistry for the new Millenium, The human genome project, Chemical Classics: James Muspratt, Phosphates and detergents, ChemTips 1: Flame Test, Chemistry of fireworks
Issue No.64: Nanotechnology and Chemistry, Developing thinking skills in science, Chemistry Classics: James Muspratt Part 2, ChemTips2: Putting glass tubing through bungs, Science as a sensual experience, Haemoglobin: a molecular lung, You are what you eat
Evaluation: "Chemistry In Action" is an extremely well prepared magazine for educational and self-study purposes containing many interesting articles about the historical and modern world of chemistry supporting those who wish to contribute to a better image of chemistry.
Author: Peter Childs
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