Materials for the general public
  • ChemCom
    ChemCom - Chemistry in the Community
    Publisher: American Chemical Society
  • Molecules at an Exhibition
    Portraits of intriguing materials. Chemistry in everyday life, part 2
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Experimente mit Supermarktprodukten
    Chemical material science, experiments with products of everyday life
    Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Weinheim
  • The Age Of The Molecule
    Decisive developments in molecular science
    Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Chemistry For Life
    Virtual gallery, experiments, global themes & teacher-ressources
  • Das Experiment des Monats
    Interesting experiments with everyday home products
  • Chemikalien Lexikon
    Encyclopaedia of chemistry and chemicals from A as acetone to Z as zinc
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