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Thermodynamics and
Statistical Thermodynamics







May 22, 2018

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Useful and interesting links

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  • The Chemical Institutes of Cologne

  • KLIPS: the university data bank providing informations on lectures (time, contents, announcements, links to teaching material …) and more

  • BGR Tech: website about the transitiometer, a wonderful scientific instrument: It can detect phase transitions and measure transition enthalpies at up to 4 kbar (acting as a high-pressure DSC apparatus), but can also do pressure scans or measure compressibilities, thermal expansivities, etc.

  • Website of the group of PD Dr. Kraska, which contains—among other useful informations—a computational website

  • IACT: International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics, promotes international cooperation, publishes thermodynamic reference data, and organizes the biennnial International Conferences on Chemical Thermodynamics.

  • Are petroleum and natural gas fossile fuels? Everybody believes so—well, almost everybody. Some people disagree, and they even have some interesting arguments. The website of the Gas Resources Corporation has more about this.

  • SANE: "Scanner Access Now Easy", an initiative to provide scanner support for Unix and Linux operating systems

  • … and finally: Take this link, if you have got computer problems! It won't help you, but you may feel better …