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Dr. Xiaoyan Cao-Dolg
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
University of Cologne
Greinstr. 4
D - 50939 Köln

Tel: (+49) 221-470-7893
Fax: (+49) 221-470-6896

Personal Data

Born in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, People's Republic of China, October 2, 1972
Chinese citizenship
member for the Board  of Directors of Chinese Chemical Society since November 2011


1987-1991  Studies in  physics for a bachelor degree  of science at Beijing Normal University. 
1991-1996  Studies  in chemistry for a doctor degree of science at Beijing Normal University.


   September 1991-June 1996   Senior student researcher, Chemistry Department, Beijing Normal University, Supervisor: Prof. Ruozhuang Liu
                        Thesis:  Theoretical Study on the Dynamics of State (Bond)-Selected Reaction and the Product State Distribution"

   July 1996-October 1998  Postdoctoral research fellow (full-time job), State Key Laboratory for Structural Chemistry of Unstable & Stable Species, Institute
                        of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  I was qualified to be an associate researcher  in October 1998 by the Institute
                        of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

   November 1998-July 2000   Associate Professor (full-time job), Biochemistry Department, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, P.R. China

  August 2000-July 2002          Postdoctoral research fellow (full-time job, BATIIa),  Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Bonn University, Germany

   August 2002- Present          Postdoctoral research fellow (August 2002-December 2005, full-time job, BATIIa; January 2006-December 2007, part-time job, 1/3 BATIIa; January 2008-Present, part-time job, 1/2 BATIIa), Institute for  Theoretical Chemistry,  Köln University, Germany




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