15. - H. J. Anton**, E. N. Grigoryan*, K. Krupp-Beyerlein**,H.Pitzer** and V. I. Mitashov* (November 1998):
Fettering doesn't influence clinorotation effect in regenerative processes: (Experiments with newt's tail regeneration) (back)
(*Institute of Developmental Biology Russian Academy of Sciences, Moskow, Russia; ** Zoologisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, D-50996 Germany )To expose tail-amputated adult newts (Triturus vulgaris) to simulated weightlessness they were fettered by covering with a light cotton tube in a horizontally rotating (60rpm) cuvette. As controls non fettered and fettered but not rotating animals were observed simultaneously. At the end of the rotation period the animal's tail regenerate lengths was determined. After it, tails were reamputated and regenerative growth was determined by weekly length measuring. During rotation and the following second regeneration period (without any handicap in all three series) only the rotated group showed significant growth acceleration.
Lit: Influence of clinorotation and fettering stress on tail regeneration of Triturus vulgaris (Urodela), H.J.Anton et al. Adv. Space Res, 21, 1159-1162 1998 hjanton@uni-koeln.de
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