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Positions available

Available position(s):

Ph. D. scholarship:
Within the Graduate School programs you can perform your Ph. D. thesis in the Institute for Biochemistry. Please apply directly.
Graduate School
Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program Molecular Medicine
Research fields of the Institutes for Biochemistry:
An available position is not always put in this list. Just ask the group leader of the field you are interested in. You will find the groups of the Institute Biochemistry I and II on the main page of the Center for Biochemistry.
Institut for Biochemistry I: Cell motility and the role of the cytoskeleton
Institut for Biochemistry I: Structure and function of proteins in the cell
Institut for Biochemistry II: Structure and function of proteins in the extracellular matrix

November 11, 2015
Center for Biochemistry, Joseph-Stelzmann-Straße 52, D50931 Cologne
Suggestions and wishes: Gudrun Konertz
Voice: +49-221-478-32743