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AAP · Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere

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Name Thema
Siebicke Die Samo in Burkina Faso - Zahlen undZählen im Vergleich zu seinen Nachbarsprachen.
Flynn Clash of Cults - Royal and Territorial Cults in Central Africa.
Takács Lexica Afroasiatica I.
Tamanji Nominal Adjectives and the Binominal NP in Nweh.
Levinsohn Towards a Typology of Additives.
Seck Some Notes on Noun Classification in Diola-Fogny (Jóola-Fóoñi).
Meyer Catherine Griefenow-Mewis 2001. A grammatical sketch of written Oromo.
Serzisko Andrzej Zaborski (ed.) 2001. New Data and New Methods in Afroasiatic Linguistics. Robert Hetzron in memoriam.
Bechhaus-Gerst Répertoire d'Épigraphie Méroïtique. Corpus des inscriptions publiées. Sous la direction de Jean Leclant. Tomes I-III. 2000.

68/2001 · Swahili Forum VIII

edited by Beck/ Diegner/ Geider/ Gräbner – In Honour of Gudrun Miehe

Schadeberg Number in Swahili grammar.
Ngonyani The morphosyntax of negation in Kiswahili.
Drolc Textlinguistische Funktionen der Swahili-Morpheme ka und ki.
Full Two past tenses in Comorian: morphological form and inherent meaning.
Gromova Mara tena juu ya usarufishaji (suala la mwana).
Mreta/ Muzale Nafasi ya Kiswahili katika lugha ya alama ya Tanzania.
Mutiso Kasida ya Hamziyyah (Part I).
Bertoncini-Zúbková "Nyoko-Nyoko": An unpublished short story by Saad Yahya.
Aiello Taarab and Swahili prose.
Graebner Twarab ya Shingazidja: A first approach.
Khamis Redefining taarab in relation to local and global influences.
Beck Ambiguous signs: The role of the kanga as a medium of communication.
Madumulla Hali ya vitabu vya watoto katika Tanzania.
Ogechi Publishing in Kiswahili and indigenous languages for enhanced adult literacy in Kenya.
Schulz-Burgdorf Habari za miti na mitishamba miongoni mwa Wamijikenda na Waswahili - Matokeo ya kwanza kutoka utafiti.
Zhukov Some remarks on one old Swahili manuscript.
Geider Progressive Swahili bibliography 1990s - 2001.
Graebner Comoro bibliography.
Deo Ngonyani Mgullu, Richard S. 1999. Mtalaa wa Isimu: Fonetiki, Fonolojia na Mofolojia ya Kiswahili. Nairobi: Longhorn Publishers. Kurasa XV, 247.
Said S. H. Omar Yahya Ali Omar. 1998. Three prose texts in the Swahili of Mombasa. Sprache und Oralität in Afrika: Band 21. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag. ISBN 3-496-02636-7.
Peter J. L. Frankl Issa Nasser Issa Al-Ismaily. 1999. Zanzibar: Kinyang´anyiro na utumwa [Slavery and the Scramble for Zanzibar]. Ruwi (Oman). xlii + k´urasa 285.


Name Thema
Crass The position of K'abeena within Highland East Cushitic.
Rose Tense and Aspect in Kuria.
Hoeth Comportement linguistique des locuteurs du samo du sud.
Baertsch Morphological and Syntactic Aspects of Negation in Lamnso.
Meeuwis: Tense and Aspect in Lingala, and Lingala's History: Some feedback on Nurse.
Mickala Manfoumbi Le morphème -ánù en punu (B43).
Smidt Quellenübersicht zur Biographie des ehemaligen Sklaven und ersten Oromo-Bibelübersetzers Christian Rufo.
Herms Lodhi 2000. Oriental Influences in Swahili. A Study in Language and Culture Contacts.
Kastenholz Dombrowsky-Hahn 1999. Phénomènes de contact entre les langues minyanka et bambara (Sud du Mali).

66/2001 · From the South. A selection of papers.

Guest editors: Femi Dele Akindele & Karsten Legère (Linguistic Association for SADC Universities)

Name Thema
Elderkin Herero and Common Bantu.
Lubinda Consonantal Elision and Anticipatory Coarticulation in Silozi: The Glottal Fricative in Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives.
Lusakalalu Languages and Glossonymic Units: Contribution to the Assessment of the Linguistic Diversity of Angola and Namibia.
Machobane Questions in Sesotho.
Matusse Code-switching: An Audience-designed Form of Speech.
Miller-Ockhuizen Two Kinds of Reduplication in Ju'hoansi.
Moloi Acquisition of English L2 Tense, Aspect, and Agreement by Sesotho-speaking Children.
Ngunga The Verb Stem Reduplication in Ciyao.

65/2001. North-East Africa. Linguistic and Literary Studies

Name Thema
Daudey/ Hellenthal/ Mous/ Smits Geesó Duqa, approaches to an Iraqw tale
Kellner "The Lazy Baboon". A linguistic analysis and anthropological interpretation of a Burji tale
Stroomer Islamic poetry of Oromos in Northern Kenia
Orwin On Consonants in Somali Metrics
Crass/ Dehnhard/ Meyer/ Wetter Von 'sagen' zum Verbbildungsmorphem: Die Grammatikalisierung des Verbs 'sagen' einmal anders
Demeke/ Meyer A reexamination of tense in Amharic
Woldemariam Demonstratives in Dawuro
  Multidisciplinary Forum
Sommer Towards the limits of archaeolinguistic reconstruction or how to solve a major multidisciplinary dilemma
Bender English - Kunama Lexicon
  Review Articles
Blazek Rendille Lexicon - state of the art
Takács A Rendille Dictionary and Afro-Asiatic Comparative Linguistics

64/2000 · Swahili Forum VII

edited by Beck/ Diegner/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Frankl Siku ya Mwaka - The Swahili New Year (with special reference to Maombasa). (in consultation with Omar
Schadeberg Matatizo ya Matumizi ya Lugha katika vyombo vya habari: mifano kutoka Kenya.
Novotna Reduplication in Swahili.
Marten Agreement with conjoined noun phrases.
Bromber Biashara nzuri - biashara mbaya. Eine textlinguistische Untersuchung zum Abgrenzungsdiskurs in der tansanischen Presse (Mambo Leo, 1923).
Bertoncini-Zúbková Beyond the utenzi: Narrative Poems by Theobald Mvungi.
Ngugi Nafasi ya Muziki uliopendwa katika fasihi ya Kiswahili.
Klein-Arendt The Iron Crafts of the Swahili from the Perspective of Historical Semantics.
Yahaya L'onomastique comorienne: étude linguistique.
Wilkening Who is J. W. T. Allen? "The Swahili think I am an expert: the Educational and university powers think I am an interfering amateur"
Reuster-Jahn Review: The Rosetta Stone Swahili.
Geider Progressive Swahili Bibliography 1993-2000.


Name Thema
Güldemann Noun categorization in Non-Khoe lineages of Khoisan.
Swilla Names in Chindali.
Treis NP Coordination in Kxoe (Central Khoisan).
Hirut Woldemariam Number Marking in Tirma.
Bender (ed.) Roland Stevenson's Nyimang and Dinik Lexicon.


Name Thema
Gbéto Les noms de personne d'origine européenne et leurs formations hypocoristiques en Maxi (New Kwa: Gbe) dans leur contribution à la théorie phonologique.
Mous Ka babáy kabábiyo: Riddling in Iraqw.
Akinyemi Yorùbá Palace Poetry within the Context of Change.
Nosnitzyn Zur Literaturgeschichte der Vita des heiligen Täklä Haymanot: die arabische Fassung.
Kidda Awak Logophoric Pronoun and Binding in Tangale.
Abiodun More on Vowel Assimilation across Segment in Yorùbá.
Nurse Aspect and Tense in Lingala Revisited.
Maniacky Vocabulaire de la faune en kibeembe, langue bantoue (H.11a) du Congo-Brazzaville.


Name Thema
Brand La langue rituelle du vodoun Sakpata au Sud Benin.
Takács South Cushitic Consonant System in Afro-Asiatic Context.
Bearth Structure syllabique et orthographe de deux langues gurma, le moba et le ncam.
Bechhaus-Gerst A Study of Beja Place-Names.
Tanda, Mbufong & Atindogbe The Structure of Coordinate Constructions in Bafut.
Takács Compensatoric Lengthening of *a in East Cushitic: Some Marginal Etymological Notes.
Klein-Arendt The oral Traditions of the Jere Ngoni (Northern Malawi): A Project Description.

60/1999 · Swahili Forum VI

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Yahya Ali Omar Burdai al Al-Busiri.
Samsom Tungo za Mzee Kimbunga: Haji Gora Haji.
Kyallo W. Wamitila What's in a name: Towards literary onomastics in Kiswahili literature.
Bertoncini-Zúbková Kenyan literary Kiswahili.
Aiello Mabadiliko ni maumbile yenyewe: The thematic and stylistic dynamism in S.A. Mohamed's novel Utengano.
Beck Comic in Swahili or Swahili comic? 
Pradines L'influence indienne dans l'architecture Swahili.
Schadeberg Nguo-Nyingi Mkoti: Mwanzishaji wa mji wa Ngoji (Angoche).
Ngugi Kiswahili: Kama kilivyotumika nyakati za vita.
Musau The liberalization of the mass media in Africa and its impact on indigenous languages: The case of Kiswahili in Kenya.
King'ei Swahili technical terminology: Problems of developement and usage in Kenya.
Frankl W.E. Taylor (1856-1927): England's greatest Swahili-scholar.
Bromber Gustav Neuhaus: Mwalimu wa Kiswahili, mhariri na mtumishi wa serikali ya kikoloni.


Name Thema
Motingea Notes Mbiliakamba (Lokenye).
Pare L’énoncé simple en San.
Roers Circumcision observances among the Bukusu of Western Kenya.
Onukawa The order of extensional suffixes in Igbo.
Batibo The grammaticalization process in Setswana.
Kwenzi-Mikala L’expression du temps ches les Bapunu du Sud-Gabon.


Name Thema
Amborn & Kellner Burji Vocabulary of Cultural Items – An Insight into Burji Culture.
Mouguiama-Daouda Les noms des poissons dans les langues Bantoues du Gabon: Une étude de la motivation étymologique.
Adewole How do I teach them linguistics? 
Storch Zur Aspektmarkierung im Jukun.
Obeng Reduplication in Ncham.
Brand La langue Wéménugbé.
Blazek Marcello Lamberti & Roberto Sottile. The Wolaytta Language. (Review article)


Name Thema
Vanhoudt & Mantoley Lexique Leke (Bomitaba) – Français II.
Bostoen Katanga Swahili: the particular history of a language reflected in her structure.
Bulkens Linguistic indicators for the use of calabashes in the Bantu world.
Lukusa Why their English loan-words resemble ours.
Yalwa Can the Hausa "Ya Kamata" and "Dole Nee" group of complement taking expressions take subjunctive propositional complement in post predicate position? 
Elderkin Word keys in Herero.


Name Thema
Vanhoudt & Mantoley Lexique Leke (Bomitaba) – Français I.
Harnischfeger Sprachpolitik und 'Nation building' in Nigeria.
Bechhaus-Gerst Old Egyptian and Afroasiatic. The State of the Art.
Kouadio N’Guessan Lexpression de la qualité en Baoulé et en Attié, langues Kwa de Côte dIvoire.
Salami Yoruba Proverbs as Mechanism for Social Regulation.
Yalwa On “Articulatory Evolution”: The Reconstruction of Hausa Word Initial Consonants and Those of Its Related Proto-West Chadic A-Languages.
Owoeye Prophetess Adedeji Taiwo: A Decade of Healing and Prophecy in Nigeria.
Obeng Aspects of Negation in Siwu.
Adewole Towards a Solution to the Preservation of African Oral Tradition: The Ife Example.

55/1998 · Swahili Forum V

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Fair Music, memory and meaning: The Kiswahili recordings of Siti binti Saad.
Frankl/ Fargion Kasha Langu: A popular song from Mombasa.
Bertoncini Code-switching in an utendi? Notes on Arabic grammar as it appears in classical Swahili poetry.
Njozi Critical artistry in Utenzi wa Shufaka.
Krüger Negotiating gender identity and authority in the plays of Penina Muhando and Ari Katini Mwachofi.
Gromov Nagoma and Mzingile: novel, tale, or parable? 
Wamitila A philosophical labyrinth: Tracing two critical motifs in Kezilahabi’s prose works.
Khamis Implication as a literary technique in Mohamed S. Mohamed’s novels: Kiu and Nyota Rehema.
DHondt Institutionalized identities in informal Kiswahili speech: Analysis of a dispute between two adolescents.
Ngonyani V-to-I movement in Kiswahili.
Pasch/ Strauch Ist das Klassenpaar 5/6 des Swahili ein Zwischenlager für Lehnwörter? 
Bechhaus-Gerst Kiswahili-speaking Africans in Germany before 1945.
Tinga Cultural practice of the Midzichenda at crossroads: Divination, healing, witchcraft and the statutory law.
Zhukov Shabaan Robert in the Russian language.
Schmitt Swahili on the Internet II.


Name Thema
Obeng Aspects of negation in Siwu. Afolabi: The politics of local government creation in Oyo State: A case of Modakeke Community 1979-1989.
Drolc Language use in Monduli, Tanzania.
Jin-Young Tak & Botne Assymetric coordination in Lega.
Matusse: Can a local language be used in formal context? The case of broadcasting in Mozambique.
Swilla Tenses in Chindali.
Kabuta Naming tenses in African languages: the so-called subsecutive in Ciluba.


Name Thema
Schladt Reciprocals in Bantu languages. A case of grammaticalization.
Swartz Envy, justified dissatisfaction, and jealousy in Mombasa Swahili culture.
Bot Temps verbaux et aspects du Yasa.
Ògúngbilè Communication through religious iconography: The example of Òsogbo art and life.
Tela Baba The use of -ii ending Hausa verbal exclamatory expressions in response to a presupposed syntactic construction.
Adéwolé Another visit to the Yorùbá high tone syllable.


Name Thema
Miehe In memoriam Gabriel Manessy.
Boaten Ghana: traditional costume.
Bot La Nominalisation en Yasa.
Haruna Separable Aspect Markers in GùrdùÊ (Gùrùntùn).
Sampson L'influence des langues africaines sur l'évolution du Français en Afrique.
Rowe Le système de parenté des Waaba.
Nyombe The functions of reduplication in Bari.
Gbéto Morphophonologische Untersuchung des Maxi, Dialekt des Gbe: Ein Abriß.
Rottland Lexical Reconstruction within Nilotic.

51/1997 · Swahili Forum IV

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner/ Heine

Name Thema
Bearth Inferential and counter-inferencial grammatical markers in Swahili dialogue
Mreta/ Schadeberg/ Scheckenbach Kiziwi, kipofu na kilema: Ubaguzi au heshima?
Wald The O tense marker in the decline of the Swahili auxiliary focus system
Samson "Hammatbihi Wahammabiha": Fasihi ya Kiswahili na Kisa cha Yusuf
Schulz-Burgdorf Ujuzi wa watoto/vijana katika simulizi za maisha
Bulcaen The dialogue of an author: Kezilahabi's "Kaputula la Marx"
Wamitila Reading the Kenyan Swahili prose works: A "terra incognita" in Swahili literature
Bertoncini-Zúbková New tendencies in Swahili drama
Yahya-Othman If the cap fits: Kanga names and women's voice in Swahili society
Kihore Kiswahili naming of the days of the week: What went wrong? 
Griefenow-Mewis Swahili Loanwords in Oromo
Glaesel They're not just 'samaki': Towards an understanding of fisher vokabulary on the Kenya coast
Hinnebusch Negotiating the new Tuki English-Swahili dictionary: A critique from a pedagogical and scholary perspective
Musau/ Ngugi Kiswahili research in Kenyan universities: Where are we now? 
Schmitt Swahili and the Internet


Name Thema
Creissels Postpositions as a possible origin of certain predicative markers in Mande.
Bender Upside-Down Afrasian.
Mukubingwa Morphèmes verbaux du Binja-sud.
Hayward External Sandhi in the Saho Noun Phrase.
Oyebade/ Chumbow Downstep and Upstep in Nkwen.
Kilian-Hatz Die Baka Ideophone. Ihre Struktur und Funktion.


Name Thema
Ndimele The Domestication of loan-words in Igbo.
Kari Dialectal Variations, Controversies and the way foreward: The Degema Example.
Ebijuwa/ Afolabi The Status of Women in Traditional Yoruba Society: Autonomy, Influence and Power.
Bot Structure Syllabique et Lois Morphemiques du Yasa.
Kabuta Elimumitindo ya methali za Kiswahili.
Kilian-Hatz/ Schladt From body to soul. On the structure of body parts idioms.
Lukusa Agentive Derivation in Kiswahili.
Gbéto Assimilation du pronom substitutif en Gbe et phénomènes apparentés revisités.


Name Thema
Mangulu Le Lingala du Pool Malebo: Part II.
Kishindo Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda's Language Policy: A Study in Contradictions.
Okonkwo Nri Myth of origin: an Aro problem review.
Owónibí Sex bias in language use: an african interpretation of gender conflict.
Ibeh Atonymy in the Owere dialect of Igbo.

47/1996 · Swahili Forum III

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Samson Tunbo za kujibizana: “Kuambizana ni sifa ya kupendana”.
Athman Styles of Swahili carving.
Blommaert A Shaba Swahili life history: Text and translation.
Schadeberg Uo mmoja hautiwi panga mbili. Aina za yambwa na maana zake.
Hinnebusch What kind of language is Swahili? Shatry: Tamaduni na fasihi za kienyeli kwa lugha za kigeni.
Schulz-Burgdorf Mwili, nafsi, na roho katika ugonjwa: Mfano wa simulizi za ugonjwa (illness narratives).
Wanitzek/ Twaib The presentation of claims in matrimonial proceedings in Tanzania: A problem of language and legal culture.
Bertoncini-Zúbková Marx's shorts and ancestors' caves: Tracing critical motifs in Kezilahabi's play and poems.
Gromov Tanzanian prose in the early 90s.
Malik Extension of Kiswahili during the German colonial administration in continental Tanzania (former Tanganyika), 1885-1817.
Griefenow-Mevis J.L.Krapf and his role in researching and describing East-African languages.
Tolmacheva Essays on Swahili geographical thought, part II.


Name Thema
Heine Nachruf: Oswin Köhler.
Tchitchi Aspects du Foodo et du Gbe. 2. Syntagme coordinatif et occurences de [kú] dans le parlers -GBÈ.
Mangulu Le Lingala du Pool Malebo: Elements de phonologie et de morphologie.
Haruna Towards a comparative analysis of some lexical items and an unexpected form-meaning correspondence: A case of Hausa and Some Southern Bauchi Area languages.
Mmadike The Igbo emphatic reflexive pronoun and the binding theory.
Ilésanmí Creation and Environment: The traditional perspective.
Hannelore Vögele Haruna, Hausa Wort für Wort

45/1996 · 6th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference 1995

edited by Bender/ Hinnebusch

Name Thema
Bender Nilo-Saharan '95.
Nicolaï Problems of Grouping and Subgrouping: The Question of Songhay.
Cyffer Who are the Ancestors of the Saharan Family?
Khidir Le system de pronoms personnels du beria.
Khidir Quelques caracteristiques des verbes du beria.
Keegan Sara vowel system.
Nougayrol La determination indirecte dans les langues sara-bongo-baguirmiennes: petite histoire d'une resistance.
Rottland Genetic and Areal Features of Vowel Harmony in East Africa.
Bender Genetic Sub-grouping of East Sudanic.
Hall/ Hall From Cognate Set to Etymology in the Reconstruction of Proto-Nilotic.
Nyombe Word order in Proto-Nilotic.
Creider Morphological parsers for Nilotic Languages: problems and solutions.
Barshi/ Payne The Interpretation of "Possesor Raising" in a Maasai Dialect.
Hamaya Non-embedded Complement Clauses in Maasai.
Hieda Origin of a falling tone in Kipsikiis.
Creider/ Rottland Datooga Nominals: the Morphologization of Vowel Harmony.


Name Thema
Tchitchi Aspects du Foodo et du Gbe.
Akíntúndé Comparative number words of five Àkókó dialects and Edo with standard Yorùbá.
Yigezu/ Yehualashet Anfillo: a sketch of grammar and lexicon.
Piron Contre l'hypotèse de l'insertion consonantique en nkim.
Kari Extensional suffixes in Degema.
Ógúnwálé Principles of genderization in the Yòrúba plant naming system.


Name Thema
Boyd De l'expression et de l'expressivité en morphologie: analyse comparée de la dérivation verbale en Zande et en Nzakala.
Bulakarima/ Opoku Agy-Man Mother tongue influence in spoken Kanuri English.
Yigezu Dying twice: The case of Anfillo languages.
Meeuwis The Lingala tenses: A reappraisal.
Echeruo The case-tone factor in Igbo Nouns, with special reference to the Igbo Associative Construction.
Kießling Mainland Kiswahili used as a Lingua Franca in the Rift Valley area of Tanzania in 1995.

42/1995 · Swahili Forum II

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Tolmacheva Essays in Swahili geographical thought.
Nurse Historical texts from the Swahili Coast (PartII).
Blommaert A Shaba Swahili life history: Text and translation.
Nabhany Mapisi yas Kiswahili.
Sengo Hali ya kutantanisha ya Kiswahili hivi leo Afrika Mashiriki.
Fargion Nyota Alfajiri - The Zanzibari "Chakacha".
Muombwa Kofia in Zanzibar.
Omar/ Frankl Mashairi ya Waadhi - "Verse of admonition": the people of Mombasa rebuked.
Schadeberg Sentensi za kuonyasha matukio yanayotokea kwa pamoja.
Mazrui Slang and codeswitiching: The case of Sheng in Kenya.
Bertoncini-Zúbková Slang in literature? Freddy Macha's short story "Check Bob".
Gromova: Taasisi ya nchi za Asia na Afrika, chuo kikuu cha Moscow. Uchunguzi wa Kiswahili katika Urusi.


Name Thema
Mangulu Esquisse de l'Ebango: Langue bantoue du groupe C.40.
Rugemalira Verb Extensions in Runyambo.
Bearth Nominal periphrasis and the origin of the predicative marker in Mande languages - an alternative view.
Capo Terrain et théorie en linguistique: Note expérience des parlers Gbe.
Ndimele The morphological features of the Echie verb.
Obeng Vowel Harmony in Gwa Nmle.


Name Thema
Hayward Obituary. Bogumil Witalis Andrzejewski.
Schadeberg Comparative Kadu wordlist.
Batibo/ Rottland The markedness principle and Swahili syllable structure.
Omondi The semantics of government and democracy in Luo: a linguistic study of socio-political development.
Okonkwo Nationalism and Nationism: the sociolinguistic cross-roads of the Nigerian national language policy.
Okoth Okombo The semantics of Dholuo colour terms.


Name Thema
Mateene/ Mateene Vocabulaire fondamental Nyanga.
Manessy Prenasalisation et sonorisation en Senoufo.
Andrzejewski Onomastic synecdoche: the use of proper names of camels in Somali Poetry.
Msanjila Who uses Kiswahili in Tanzania rural areas? 
Ndimele On the so-called Igbo 'dependent' pronoun.
Review Mouse, A Grammar of Iraqw.


Name Thema
Bastin Reconstruction formelle et sémantique de la dénomination de quelques mammiferes en Bantou.
Bender Aroid (South Omotic) Lexicon.
Hadermann Les marques -yo- et -to- dans la conjugaison de quelques langues Bantoues de zone C.
Sampson Mécanismes sémantiques et logiques d'insertion du proverbe Akan en discours.
Chimombo The language of politics in Malawi: influences on the Chichewa vocabulary of democracy.
Review Myers-Scotton, Social motivations for codeswitching: evidence from Africa.

37/1994 · Swahili Forum I

edited by Beck/ Geider/ Gräbner

Name Thema
Bertoncini-Zúbková Image de la femme dans la littérature Swahili.
Blommaert Ethnocoherence and the analysis of Swahili political style. Steps towards a method.
Eastman Service, slavery (Utumwa) and Swahili social reality.
Frankl/ Omar Shairi la Washona-Nguo wa Mombasa. "The tailors of Mombasa": a nineteenth century satire from central Swahililand.
Hurskainen Kamusi ya Kiswahili sanifu in test: A computer system for analyzing dictionaries and for retrieving lexical data.
Nurse Historical texts from the Swahili Coast.
Rwezaura Constraining factors to the adoption of Kiswahili as a language of the law in Tanzania.
Samsom/ Schadeberg Kiinimacho cha mahali: kiambishi tamati cha mahali -ni.
Schicho "Ist es unhöflich mit Worten sparsam zu sein?". Überlegungen zur interkulturellen Begegnung Deutsch-Swahili.
Sheikh Yanayoudhi Kuyaona. Mafumbo na Vijembe vya Kiswahili.
Toscano From text to dictionary: Steps for a computerised process.


Name Thema
Maddieson/ Spajic/ Sands/ Ladefoged Phonetic structures of Dahalo.
Lukusa Imbrication of extensions in Ciluba.
Tosco Copula, focus, etc. in Southern Somali.
Fagborun Concession and atemporal nígbàtí in Yoruba.
Obeng Vowel harmony in Bisa.
  Oji, Unter die Deutschen gefallen.



Name Thema
Heine/ Güldemann/ Kilian-Hatz/ Lessau/ Roberg/ Schladt/ Stolz Conceptual shift – a lexicon of grammaticalization processes in African languages.


Name Thema
Rottland "Suba": Searching for linguistic correlates to an ethnic notion.
De Wolf The Fula particle don and its congeners: comparative notes on their grammaticalization processes.
Mangulu Le Lombuli du Kasai oriental est-il un dialecte MÅngÅ? 
Kola A propos de la tonalité en Zamba.
  D. Creissels, Description des langues négro-africaines et théorie syntaxique.


Name Thema
Stevenson/ Rottland/ Jakobi The verb in Nyimang and Dinik.
Lébikaza L'interférence des termes de parenté français dans le kabye des locuteurs natifs en contact avec la langue française.
Blommaert Writing and ethnography in Africa: Remarks on Johannes Fabian's "History from below" (Review article).
  Friedländer, Lehrbuch des Malinke.
  Chaker, Une décennie d'études berbères (1980-1990).


Name Thema
Bertoncini-Zúbková Stylistic approaches to E. Kezilahabi's novels and poetry.
Akinyhmi Rárà chanters: Yorùbá royal image makers.
Adewole The NEG morpheme in Yoruba.
Fourie Nominal qualifiers of Mbalanhu: Quantitatives and enumeratives.
Achufusi Criticism and evaluation of womanhood in the fiction of Bessie Head and Grace Ogot.
  McIntyre/ Meyer-Bahlburg, Hausa in the Media: A Lexical Guide.


Name Thema
Kraska From verb to clitic and nominal suffix: the Somali -e, -o nouns.
Güldemann Ist Swahili eine monogenetische Einheit? Betrachtungen aus der Sicht peripherer Varietäten unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Verbmorphologie.
Holst Lexicostatistics and history in Africa: Attempt at a classification of some Bantu languages.
Ontkawa Aspects of the semantics and syntax of the Igbo gerundive nominal.
Yusuf Variant orders and the discourse use of bleached verbs in Yoruba.
Awedoba Light and heavy vowels in Kasem.
Tilmatine A propos de néologie en berbère moderne.
Maduka-Durunze Tonal configurations in the Igbo associative construction.
  Miehe, Die Präfixnasale im Benue-Kongo und im Kwa - Versuch einer Widerlegung der Hypothese von der Nasalinnovation des Bantu.


Name Thema
Bender Central Sudanic segmental and lexical reconstruction.
Drolc On the PERFECT in Swahili.
Batibo/ Rottland The minimality condition in Swahili word forms.
Elderkin Predictable nasality before East African clicks.
Botne Double reflexes in eastern and southern Bantu.
Haacke Dislocated noun phrases in Khoekhoe (Nama/Damara): Further evidence for the sentential hypothesis.
Maurer L'apport lexical bantou en angolar.
Pasch Rapport préliminaire sur une recherche socio-linguistique sur les variantes du Sango (République Centrafricaine).
  Köhler, Die Welt der Kxoé-Buschleute im südlichen Afrika. Band 2.

1991 · Special issue

Ägypten im afro-orientalischen Kontext. Aufsätze zur Archäologie, Geschichte und Sprache eines unbegrenzten Raumes. Gedenkschrift Peter Behrens. edited by Mendel/ Claudi

Name Thema
Bechhaus-Gerst Noba puzzles. Miscellaneous notes on the Ezana inscriptions.
Boochs Der Grundsatz der Reziprozität im Recht der Naturvölker und im altägyptischen Recht.
Claudi/ Mendel: Noun/Verb distinction in Egyptian-Coptic and Mande: A grammaticalization perspective.
Colin Les moeurs sexuelles des Libyens et la communauté des femmes (Hérodote, IV, 168-176). Pour une prise en compte du référent réel des descriptions ethnographiques de l'Antiquité.
Darnell Two sieges in the Aethiopic stelae.
Decker Ägyptischer Sport und Afrika.
Derchain Un projet d'empereur.
Elders/ Mous The adverbial qo in Iraqw.
Hayward À propos patterns of lexicalization in the Ethiopian language area.
Heine The Hausa particle nàa.
Hodge Prothetic Alif in Egypto-Coptic.
Kammerzell Personalpronomina und Personalendungen im Altägyptischen.
Labrique Du lait pour éteindre les torches à Deir el Bahari.
Loprieno Topics in Egyptian negations.
Luft Das sÛ3d - Fest im Alten Reich.
Osing Etymologische Notizen.
Rottland/ Jakobi Loan word evidence from the Nuba Mountains: Kordofan Nubian and the Nyimang Group.
Sasse Notes on the prefixation of */a- in Afroasiatic.
Schmitz Freimaurerdarstellungen auf Obelisken? Ein Beitrag zur Hieroglyphik des 18. Jahrhunderts.
Schön Das Spät-Neolithikum der Ostsahara und seine historischen Implikationen.
Schreiber "Keusch wie kaum ein anderes Volk"? Einige Anmerkungen zum Sexual-Vokabular der alten Ägypter.
Seidlmayer Beispiele nubischer Keramik aus Kontexten des hohen Alten Reiches aus Elephantine.
Sommer Gradueller Sprachwechsel in Ägypten und Botswana: Zwei Fallbeispiele.
Thissen Nubien in demotischen magischen Texten.
Tilmatine Tabalbala: Eine Songhraysprachinsel in der algerischen Sahara.
Török Contribution of the archaeology of the Sudan to the history of the ancient world.
Verhoeven "Das einzige bekannte Beispiel seiner Art". Zu Kopenhagen, Nationalmuseet, AAe 5, pTübingen 2000 und pBerlin 3161.
Voßen "Hottentottisch" und die Genussprachen der Nord- und Nordost-afrikanischen Viehhalter: Spekulationen über genetische Zusammenhänge. Ein Beitrag zur Forschungsgeschichte.
Vycichl Nominale Bildungen der sogenannten emphatischen Konjugation des Altägyptischen mit Vergleichen aus dem Arabischen und Berberischen.


Name Thema
Leger Sprachproben aus dem Westtschadischen - Kupto- und Kwamitexte -.
Bouka/ Ndamba Essai de classification lexicostatistique des langues bantoues du Congo-Brazzaville.
Ilesanmi A test case of folk-etymology among the IjeÜà-Yoruba.
Adewple Some aspects of negation in Yoruba.
Bromber "Kujitegemea" - Versuch einer semantischen Beschreibung.
Omoniyi Ibolo: Rural dialect in urban stranglehood? 
Fourie Cardinal directions in Ndonga, Kwanyama, Herero and Nama: A cognitive linguistic analysis.
Brooks Pluractional verbs in African languages.
Olufajo The use of language in Yorùbá children's novels.
  Mfumbwa Besha, A Study of Tense and Aspect in Shambala.
  Zu Sasses Rezension von Lamberti, Kuliak and Cushitic.

27/1991 · The Tense System of Nigerian Languages and English

Essien (ed.)

Name Thema
Essien General introduction
Agheyisi The tense system of Edo
Noss The tense system of Fulfulde
Mohammed The tense system of Hausa
Essien The tense system of Ibibio revisited
Emenanjo The tense system of Igbo
Williamson The tense system of Izpn
Iwaara The tense system of Lokaa
Awolaye The tense system of Yoruba
Ekere The tense system of English


Name Thema
Demuth Acquisition of the Sesotho tonal system.
Blazek Honey in Cushitic and Omotic languages.
Fourie The noun classes and nominal extensions of Mbalanhu.
Wolff Verbo-nominals in Hausa.
Bai-Sheka Prédication non verbale en temne. Byakutaaga.
Empaako An agent of social harmony in Runyoro/Rutcoro.
Mhanha Esquisse phonologique du Furu.
Okafor Cosmological optimism and African theodicy.
Maduka Phonosemantic rules and hierarchies: Evidence from roundness ideophones in Hausa.
  Ernst Damman, Afrikanische Handschriften in Deutschland.

25/1991 · Lacustrine Bantu Phonology

Katamba (ed.)

Name Thema
Goldsmith Tone and accent in Llogori
Batibo The tone structure of the Sukuma nominal forms
Sibomana The tonal structure of Kinyarwanda nouns
Bickmore Compensatory lengthening in Kinyambo
Downing The moraic representation of nasal-consonant clusters in Jita
Broselow/ Niyondagara Morphological structure in Kirundi palatalization: Implications for feature geometry
Mutaka The suffixal tense marker -iòe in the Kinande verb stem: Evidence for a stratally organized phonology
Katamba/ Hyman Nasality and morpheme structure constraints in Luganda


Name Thema
Göbelsmann Zur Darstellung dialektometrischer Ergebnisse.
Osam Participant identification in Akan negatives.
Ebermann Possessivsätze im Samo von Bangasako (Burkina Faso).
Maduka Pharynx size in Nembe sound symbolism.
Badejo Aspects of Yoruba tone: The interaction of pitch, amplitude and tone.
Hünnemeyer Beyond serial verbs or On the expression of causal meanings in Ewe.
  Bertoncini, Outline of Swahili literature. Prose, Fiction and Drama. Hayward (ed.), Omotic Language Studies


Name Thema
Fachner The noun phrase in Gola.
Batibo Vowel length: The forgotten distinctive feature in Swahili? 
Bollig An outline of pre-colonial Pokot history.
Yusuf Participant coding in Yorùbá: The syntactic function of ní.
Adewple Yoruba verbs as reinforcers: A critique.
Essien La construction syntaxique avec l'opérateur 'kè en Ibibio.
Sotiloye Nasality in Aladagbe: An autosegmental analysis.
Abubakar The morphosyntax of thematically transformed Hausa verbs.


Name Thema
McIntyre Is Hausa jee a grase 4 verb? 
Bender Coming and going in Afrasian.
Mtenje Verb morphology and tone assignment in Chiyao.
Capo Systèmes numeriques et hétérogénéité ethnique des communautes de parlers gbe.
Ejele Morphological characterisations relevant for syntactic constructions: The case of Esan.
Sampson Le role linguistique du français et de l'anglais dans l'expression des concepts techniques et semi-techiques dans les langues africaines.
Interview Academic boycott: A contribution by Neville Alexander (Brenzinger).
  Köhler, Die Welt der Kxoé-Buschleute im südlichen Afrika. Bd. 1.
  Legère, Wörterbuch Deutsch-Swahili.



Name Thema
Wymeersch La classification du betail au Burundi.
Mukama The case of the truant logical subject in Swahili syntax.
Kießling Preverbal position as a cradle of grammatical innovation in Iraqw.
Blommaert/ Gysels On the functionality of English interferences in Campus Swahili.
Andrzejewski Biblical translations and other Christian writings in Somali: A survey.
Badejo Sex-based teacher classroom-behaviour in Sub-saharan Africa: A case study of Borno Secondary schools (Nigeria).
Möhlig Dialektometrische Berechnungen mit Hilfe des Computers.
  Marcello Lamberti, Kuliak and Cushitic: A Comparative Study.

Special issue / 1989


Bechhaus-Gerst Nubier und Kuschiten im Niltal. Sprach- und Kulturkontakte im 'no man's land'.


Name Thema
Ikome/ Bakari La condition de la femme à travers la musique zairoise moderne de 1964 à 1984.
Lessau/ Kastenholz An English-Kono comparative word list.
Schröder The Toposa verb in narrative discourse.
Review Brink/ Coetzee (eds.), A Land Apart. A South African Reader.


Name Thema
McIntyre Is Hausa zoo a grade 6 verb of motion? 
Bachmann Zum Fortis/Lenis-Kontrast in den nordwestlichen Bantusprachen.
Capo Précis phonologique du gbe: une perspective comparative.
Kagni Die syntaktische Relevanz der seriellen Verbalkonstruktionen in den Kwa-Sprachen.
Ompruyi Negation in Edo.
Lébikaza L'alternance consonantique et le problème de l'interaction entre traits segmentaux et suprasegmentaux en kabye.
  Adey/ Beeton/ Chapman/ Pereira, Companion to South African Literature;  Mann/ Dalby, A Thesaurus of African Languages.


Name Thema
Ehret/ Elderkin/ Nurse Dahalo lexis and its sources.
Adewole Compounding in Yoruba.
Badejo A lexical analysis of media language in Nigeria during the Second Republic.
Tilmatine Theorien über den Ursprung der Berber.
Maghway Iraqw vocabulary.
  Lamberti, Die Nordsomali-Dialekte.


Name Thema
Mangulu Notes sur le parler des Bapoto-Mongo de Lisala.
Boyd Tone feature analysis: Applications to Grassfields Bantu languages.
Hulstaert L'origine du Lingala.
Blench New Benue-Congo: A definition and proposed internal classification.
  Scheven, Bibliographies for African Studies.

Special issue / 1988: Afrikanistische Beiträge zum XXIV. Deutschen Orientalistentag, 26.-30. September 1988

edited by Möhlig

Name Thema
Möhlig Einleitung - Afrikanistik als intellektuelle Herausforderung.
Mantel-Niecko African Studies - An Intellectual Challenge.
Bachmann Zum "Fortis/Lenis-Konstrast" in den nordwestlichen Bantusprachen.
Claudi Ausklammerung - Ja oder Nein? Zur Wortstellung im Kru, Mande und Ijo.
Gerhardt Bemerkungen zur Morphologie des Kwoi.
Ibriszimov Some remarks on Chadic numerals.
Jungraithmayr Medium im Tschadischen? 
Klein-Arendt Einfluß des Kuschitischen auf die Nordost-Bantusprachen Ilwana und "Lower Pokomo". Ein sprachlicher Vergleich auf der Grundlage des kuschitischen Wortschatzes.
McIntyre Is Hausa zoo a grade 6 verb of motion? 
Mukarovsky Spuren archaischer Strukturen im Mande.
Sibomana A cyclic approach to Kinyarwanda tone.


Name Thema
Dimmendaal The lexical reconstruction of Proto-Nilotic: A first reconnaissance.
Pasch/ Givón Verb complementation in Sango.
Heine/ Hünnemeyer On the fate of Ewe ví 'child' - the development of a diminutive marker.
Wymeersch Turkana cattle classification: some preliminary notes.
Mlacha The imagery of conflict in the three novels of Kezilahabi.


Name Thema
Schlee The causative in Rendille.
Osam The structure of Akan newspaper editorials - the case of Wonsuom.
Mkangonda Ikome/ Madidi-Mazunze: Le vocabulaire vestimentaire féminin en lingala populaire de Kinshasa cas des noms du tissu wax.
Nurse The borrowing of inflectional morphology: tense and aspect in Unguja.


Name Thema
Kastenholz "Jàra ká - dú Jara's compound"; a Bambara ethnographic text, retranscribed, newly translated, and re-edited.
Ikomé La négation en langue sengel-, variété de mbelo.
Elderkin Person and number markers in Iraqw verbs.
Heine/ Brenzinger Notes on the Mukodogo dialect of Maasai (Kenya).


Name Thema
Blecke Ecrire la tradition orale: Passages entre deux conceptions artistiques.
Möhlig Zur Übersetzungsproblematik bei der Bearbeitung oralliterarischer Texte.
Geider Orale Transkription: Überlegungen und Vorschläge zu einer sprechorientierten Vertextung mündlicher Erzählungen (Pokomo-Märchen).
Giannini/ Pettorino/ Toscano Some remarks on Zulu stops.

1987 · Special issue

Name Thema
Kastenholz Materialien zum Koranko. Glossar Koranko-Deutsch. Texte.


Name Thema
Winter Zur Prosodologie des Mochi-Dialekts des Chagga.
Schröder/ Schröder Voiceless vowels in Toposa.
Schröder/ Schröder Vowel harmony in Toposa.
Smith Rhetorical questions in Waama.
Bai-Sheka Le fonctionnement du système des classes de lexèmes en Temne.
Häussler Die Dichtung des Mamman Shata als Beispiel oraler Literatur im Hausa.
Ischinger Le symbolisme du théâtre rituel. Une nouvelle terre de Werewere-Liking: relation avec la culture bassa ou plutôt relation avec vaudou?
Kastenholz A short note on verb extensions in Mande.


Name Thema
Bollig The imposition of colonial rule in North West Kenya: Interethnic conflicts and anticolonial resistence.
Steinbergs Lexical and grammatical conditioning in Dholuo phonology.
Serzisko The verb 'to say' in Ik (Kuliak).
Abubakar Taboo and dialectal variation: An aspect of Hausa culture.


Name Thema
Crebolder-van der Velde Übergangsliteratur, ein seltenes Genre.
Heine/ König On the taxonomic status of folk botanic categories among the Samburu.
Ebert Discourse function of motion verbs in Chadic.
Mantuba-Ngoma Symbolik der Namensgebung bei den Yombe (Zaire).


Name Thema
Manessy La classification nominale en proto-guang.
Bogers/ Wymeersch/ Berben In search of the Turkana monster. Ang'u.
Katamba/ Rottland Syllable structure and English loan-words in Luganda.
Andrzejewski In defence of improbable lemmas in Somali lexicography.
Brenzinger East-African beekeeping vocabularies: kiZigua.
Esser/ Esser Einführung ins BASIC für Afrikanisten. Sortieren.

1986 · Special issue

Stappers Kanyok. Eine Sprachskizze. Überarbeitet und herausgegeben von Hans-Ingolf Weier.


Name Thema
Möhlig Grundzüge der textmorphologischen Struktur und Analyse afrikanischer Erzählungen.
Klein-Arendt Liongo Fumo: Eine ostafrikanische Sagengestalt aus der Sicht der Swahili und Pokomo.
Omondi Reduplication as a linguistic phenomenon from a case study of Dholuo.
Behrens The "Noba" of Nubia and the "Noba" of the Ezana inscription: A matter of confusion. Part 1.
Bender A note on the copula and genitive in Oromo.
Esser/ Esser Einführung ins BASIC für Afrikanisten. Teil 3.


Name Thema
Reh On the classification of vowel phonemes in Anywak.
Böhm Mimation and Nunation. Eine großerythräische Glosse.
Hansford Suspicion and shame in Chumburung spider stories.
Kastenholz Specification and the morpheme -(y)é in Central Mande (and beyond).
Rottland/ Okoth Okombo The Suba of Kenya: A case of growing ethnicity with receding language competence.
Bender Asymmetrical case correspondences in Ethio-Semitic.

1985 · Special issue


Name Thema
Schadeberg A small sketch of Ewe.


Name Thema
Dimmendaal Notes on Avokaya.
Bogers A structural analysis of an Avokaya orphan tale: A preliminary investigation.
Korhonen/ Saksa/ Sim: A dialect study of Kambaata-Hadiyya (Ethiopia). Part 2.
De Wolf The verbal particle -naa in Nonaare Fulani.
Creider Aspects of the comparative tonology of Southern Luo.
Bender A possible Cushomotic isomorph.
Esser/ Esser Einführung ins BASIC für Afrikanisten. Teil 2.


Name Thema
Korhonen/ Saksa/ Sim A dialect study of Kambaata-Hadiyya (Ethiopia). Part 1.
Gebert Focus and word order in Somali.
Mukama The syntax of kwani and kwanini in Swahili.
Wymeersch/ Berben The homestead of Nakoro. Some socio-cultural aspects of daily-life among the Turkana of the Kerio region (Lochwangamatek - July 1985).
Reh Where have all the case prefixes gone? 
Unseth Word order shift in negative sentences of Surma languages.
Nicolaï Types d'emprunt, normes et fonctions de langue. Etude de cas: le songhay éhiculaire.


Name Thema
Pasch Die deverbale Derivation im Sango.
Mukama The primary mode of nga/nge in Swahili syntax.
Andrzejewski Translations of works of Islamic literature from Arabic into Somali: A preliminary survey.
Bechhaus-Gerst/ Behrens "Libyans" – "Nubians". Mutations of an ethnonym.
Vossen Encoding the object in the finite verb: The case of //Ani (Central Khoisan).
Gerhardt "Kolonialdeutsch" und "Newspeak". Sprachpolitische Utopien zwischen Phantasie und Terror.
Esser/ Esser Einführung ins BASIC für Afrikanisten. Teil 1.


Name Thema
Heine Concepts of plant taxonomy among the Samburu (Kenya) - Some preliminary observations.
De Wolf On the semantics of descriptive cattle names in Fulani.
Serzisko Nepek'a Longoriainie nda Arwakori - A quarrel between Longorie and Arwakorie: An Ik dialogue.
Moser Initiation-Konjugation-Enumeration. Ethnolinguistische Anmerkungen zu Differenzierungen in Anrede, Referenz und Zählweise im Mwere (Süd-Tanzania).
Reh On phonetic contrast as a conditioning factor of syllabic erosion. The case of passive verb forms in Dholuo.
Claudi How to explain an alleged, disproved, but nevertheless existing gender distinction in Dizi.



Name Thema
Gebre-Tsadik/ Sim/ Sim/ Wedekind/ Wedekind The Verb Morpho-phonemics of Five Highland East Cushitic Languages Including Burji. (Monograph, 146p.) 


Name Thema
Claudi/ Heine From metaphor to grammar: Some examples from Ewe.
Serzisko Reciprocal constructions and symmetric predicates in Somali.
Geider Pokomo lexical data on trees and their uses.
Möhlig Forschungsbericht über Feldstudien zum dialektalen Vergleich der Pronominalsysteme unter den Bantusprachen des kenianischen Küstenbereichs von Juli bis September 1983.
Wedekind Thoughts when drawing a map of tone languages.
Bechhaus-Gerst "Du bist, was du hast" - Zur Entstehung neuer Personalpronomen im Tu Bedawie (Beja).