The Arabic Script in Africa
Diffusion, Usage, Diversity and Dynamics of a Writing System

A workshop generously funded by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Organized by PD Dr. Helma Pasch & Meikal Mumin, M.A.


April 06-07, 2010


University of Cologne, Hauptgebäude, Hörsaal XIa


This workshop will be the first of its kind and deal with linguistic aspects of the usage and diffusion of the Arabic script in Africa for the writing of African languages, a phenomenon also known as Ajami. 16 papers by international experts from three continents will be dealing with linguistic, sociolinguistic, and historical processes as well as applied language policy for a number of African languages, such as Afrikaans, Fulfulde, Tuareg, Chimiini, or Swahili.

The workshop is open to the public on registration with the organizers by email.


Preliminary schedule and abstracts

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Rooms have been booked for invited speakers at Hotel Mado

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