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SPCL 2009


Submission Deadline: February 16, 2009 - E-mail Abstract to: spcl-2009@uni-koeln.de


Abstracts on the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, acquisition of language, social aspects of language, history of the discipline, education or any central issue dealing with pidgin and creole languages or other contact languages are invited for anonymous review by a five member panel.  
Please follow the instructions given below for your abstract submission:  
1. Word Limit:  
An abstract (including bibliography and examples, if necessary) must be no longer than 500 words. Please put your word count at the bottom of the abstract.  
2. Title:  
Put the title at the top of the abstract.  
3. Format:  
Please send two electronic versions of your abstract. One version should be in MICROSOFT WORD format, the other in PDF format. In the WORD format version, please include your name, full affiliation and contact details (listed at the top of the document). In the PDF version, please omit your name and personal details.  
4. Special Fonts:  
If your abstract uses any special fonts, please send a paper copy to the address shown below (same deadline), as special fonts may not transmit accurately.  
5. Shorter Abstract:  
A shorter abstract for publication in the conference booklet will be requested at a later date from all authors of accepted papers. Specific instructions for the transmittal of this abstract will be included in the acceptance letter.  
6. Sample Abstract:  
See the SPCL 2009 San Francisco call for papers for a sample abstract outline.  
If unable to send by both electronic formats, please mail the abstract to the following address (Hardcopy must arrive by deadline mentioned above):  
Prof. Dr. Dany Adone  
Universität zu Köln  
Englisches Seminar  
50923 Köln  
Phone: 0049 221 470 5706 or 5707  
Fax: 0049 221 470 5109

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