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The city of Cologne has been shaped by many ages. The legacies of Roman Rule, the Dark Ages and Napoleonic occupation combine to create a unique atmosphere in the buzzing metropolis of today. The fusion of old and new, of tradition and modern achievements will be a recurrent theme in your personal city experience. The city's architectural landscape shows both, Roman ruins and the latest modern architecture,in an exceptionally harmonious way. The landmark of Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral, is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture which skillfully incorporates traces of modern art in Gerhard Richter's window design. Cologne is a multicultural center with a vibrant arts scene, beautiful landscape, and with a uniquely cheerful and welcoming flair.  

Preliminary Programme

A prelimiary conference programme is available as download here:  
Preliminary Conference Programme  

Leisure Time Programme

For more details on the leisure time programme, please use the following links:  
Rhine Ferry Tour
Guided City Tours
Cologne Cathedral
Kolumba Museum
Drachenfels in Königswinter

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