Projekt Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung für Erwachsene im Sozialraum

» PAGES is a research project concerned with adult literacy skills. It focuses on the development of literacy skills in adult learners who have German as their first language as well as in adult learners with an immigrant background who have German as their second language. » Read more





Initiative for Bilingual Studies

» IBIS is a joint project in which the English Department and Department of History cooperate. It aims at connecting the University of Cologne with secondary schools to improve bilingual teacher-training. In addition, the project team conducts SOPA tests and develops teaching materials for the bilingual history classroom. » Read more




Cyprus English: Data Analysis and Research

» CEDAR is a corpus containing L2 English language data currently being collected on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The corpus forms the basis of a dissertation project investigating the variety status of L2 English spoken on Cyprus. The overall aim of the project is to place English on Cyprus within the broader framework of World Englishes. » Read more




Annotated Language Immersion Corpus / Emergence

» ALIC/E is a corpus containing language immersion data in German, English, French, Italian, Greek and Japanese. Data is used for child language acquisition research as well as for teacher trainings and for the implementation of integrative language support programs in multi-national schools. » Read more




Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus

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Christian Eickbusch
Last updated May 11, 2010