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Sarah Buschfeld is a research assistant and doctoral candidate at the English Department, University of Cologne, Germany since 2007. Before her graduation from the University of Cologne in 2007 she worked as a student assistant for the » Initiative for Bilingual Studies (IBIS). Since her graduation in 2007 she has been writing her doctoral dissertation on the » CEDAR project. In addition, she is also involved in the » PAGES project work and continues to work with the Initiative for Bilingual Studies. Sarah Buschfeld has taught undergraduate classes on general linguistics and sociolinguistics. Her research interests include World Englishes, Second Language Acquisition, Morphosyntax and literacy development.

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Sarah Buschfeld

Englisches Seminar
Universität zu Köln
D-50923 Köln

phone +49 (0)221 470 6209
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Curriculum Vitae

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Short Bio (for long version please use download link above):


high school graduation (Abitur), Erkelenz, Germany


teacher training, University of Cologne, Oxford Brookes University
degree: 1. Staatsexamen (equivalent to MA with two majors: English language and literature, History, minor: Educational Science)


student assistant, English Department, University of Cologne


teaching assistant, English Department, University of Cologne


research assistant, PhD candidate, English department, University of Cologne



pdf Download » Curriculum Vitae including Publications & Talks (pdf)

Selected publications and talks (for full list please use download link above):

to appear

Bongartz, C. M., Dziak-Mahler, M. & Fuhrmann, S. (submitted, to appear). Student and teacher action research – a joint approach.


Schöneberger, C. & Fuhrmann, S. „Alphabetisierung in der Zweitsprache Deutsch – ein Projektbericht“ Talk presented in the lecture series „Bilingualität – ein Erfolgsrezept?“, University of Cologne.

2009, Feb.

Christiane M. Bongartz (with Myrle Dziak-Mahler, Sarah Fuhrmann et al.).Die Geschichte der USA II: „We the People“ – Die Weltmacht USA im 20. Jahrhundert. Begleitmaterialien – englisch/deutsch. Geschichte Interaktiv 12, Münster: Anne Roerkohl Dokumentarfilm GmbH. Film-, Video- und Multimediaproduktion.


Schöneberger, C. & Fuhrmann S. „Interkulturelle Kommunikation im Klassenraum.“ Talk presented in the lecture series „Interkulturelle Kommunikation“ by the Center for Language Diversity and Multilingualism (Zentrum für Sprachenvielfalt und Mehrsprachigkeit), University of Cologne.


Fuhrmann, S. & Bongartz, C. M. “Investigating the variety status of Cyprus English.” Paper presented at the 14th Conference of the International Association of World Englishes. Hong Kong. December 4, 2008.


Bongartz, C. M. & Fuhrmann, S. “When is a variety a variety? Discovering Cyprus English.” Paper presented at the First Triennial Conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE). Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, October 8.


Fuhrmann, S. “The present perfect in L2 English on Cyprus.” Poster presented at the annual conference for European Second Language Acquisition. Aix-en-Provence, France. September 11, 2008.


Fuhrmann, S. & Bongartz, C. M. “Subject realization in Cyprus English.” Poster presented at the 5th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference. University of Leuven, Belgium. July 7, 2008.


Albert, P., Bongartz C. M., Dziak-Mahler, M., Eickbusch C. & Fuhrmann, S. Amerikanische Revolution/American Revolution. Geschichte betrifft uns, 6, (2007).


PAGES  -  Projekt Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung für Erwachsene im Sozialraum

IBIS  -  Initiative for Bilingual Studies

CEDAR  -  Cyprus English: Data Analysis and Research

ALIC/E  -  Annotated Language Immersion Corpus / Emergence

MAELC  -  Multimedia Adult English Learner Corpus



You can find Sarah Buschfeld's present, future and past courses on her » uk-online homepage.




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