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Englisches Seminar - Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Neumeier


Upcoming Conferences

The Rediscovery of India through Theatre and Cinema

with Nilufer Bharucha and Sridhar Rajeswaran (Kachchh, March 2010)

Gender and Difference

with Chris Weedon (Cardiff, May 20-23, 2010)

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Recent Conferences

Gothic Renaissance

03.-04.12.2009, Cologne
Organised with Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bronfen (University Zürich)

Dichotonies - A Workshop on Music and Gender

13.-15.06.2008, Cologne

The conference edition has been published by Universitätsverlag Winter.

Dichotonies: Gender and Music. American Studies Volume 181. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag. 2009.

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