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Research Collaborations

Global Performances:

  • The Rediscovery of India through Theatre and Cinema
    with Nilufer Bharucha (Mumbai) and Sridhar Rajeswaran (Kachchh)
  • Visualising Australia: Sign/Languages and questions of performance
    with Dany Adone
  • Aspects of Inter- and Transculturalism in contemporary Australian Writing in English
    with Heinz Antor
  • Focus on China: Engendering the Performing Arts

Renaissance Performances:

  • Gothic Renaissance
    with Elisabeth Bronfen (Zürich)

Gendered Performances:

  • Gender and Difference
    with Chris Weedon (Cardiff)

Online Projects

gender forum logo

Gender forum is an interdisciplinary open-access online journal for gender studies.
Editor: Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier, editorial assitants Schulz, Kreuzer, Kutzbach.

Gender Inn Logo

Gender Inn is an indexed database for gender studies.

Leonhard Kreuzer
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