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Below we have listed some links leading to bibliographical resources and online reading lists. We have also provided selected bibliographies to some areas of women's and gender studies.
We are grateful for any further suggestions.
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Last Modified: September/06/2000

Online Reading Lists

Reading Lists at the Fawcett Library. Topics include "Women’s Suffrage in Britain" or "Women in Parliament".

The bibliographies at the University of York Library on topics such as "Feminist Methods", "Literary Criticism" or "Brave Females in Picture Books" are partly annotated.

ViVa is a bibliography of women's history in historical and women's studies journals starting in 1995.

The University of Maryland offers an extensive List of Bibliographies by and about women.

The University of Wisconsin offers both corelists in Women’s Studies (e.g. on Feminist Theory, Feminist Pedagogy, Lesbian Studies, Sociology, Language), as well as selected bibliographies. Topics include e.g. Women and World Literature, Women Mystery Writers.

The Ariadne Guide Nr. 1 is a topical and annotated list of women’s and gender studies bibliographies (in German).

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Selected Bibliographies

The following bibliographies are a collection of introductory texts on various disciplines on women's and gender studies. All books have been published between 1987-1999. They are either already part of the database's stock or have been found through our own bibliographical research. The bibliographies are a selection and therefore not representative. They will be regularly renewed. The list does not claim or aim to be complete. It is, however, an introduction to the mass of research and publication on women's and gender studies that has flooded the discipline over the last 12 years. Below you will find:

Introductory Texts on Women's and Gender Studies

  • Aaron, Jane, Sylvia Walby. 1991. Out of the Margins: Women's Studies in the Nineties. London: Falmer Press.
  • Anderson, Mary, Lisa Fine, Kathleen Geissler, Hgg. 1997. Doing Feminism: Teaching and Research in the Academy. Michigan State University Press.
  • Bem, Sandra Lipsitz. 1993. The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality. New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Brown, Loulou et al., Hgg. 1993. W.I.S.H.=The International Handbook of Women's Studies. New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf.
  • Cosslett, Tess, Alison Easton, Penny Summerfield, Hgg. 1996. Women, Power and Resistance: An Introduction to Women's Studies. Buckingham: Open University Press.
  • Garrett, Stephanie. 1987. Gender. London: Tavistock Publications.
  • Gaur, Albertine, Penelope Tuson, Hgg. 1990. Women's Studies. London: The British Library.
  • Griffin, Gabriele. 1994. Changing Our Lives: Doing Women's Studies. London: Pluto Press.
  • Guy-Sheftall, Beverly, Susan Heath. 1995. Women's Studies: A Retrospective: A Report to the Ford Foundation. Ford Foundation.
  • Hinds, Hilary, Ann Phoenix, Jackie Stacey, Hgg. 1992. Working Out: New Directions for Women's Studies. London: Falmer Press.
  • Hughes, Kate Pritchard, Natasha Stott Despoja, Hgg. 1999. Every Girl´s Guide to Feminism. London: Longman.
  • Jackson, Stevi, Hg. 1993. Women's Studies: A Reader. New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf.
  • Kaplan, Cora, David Glover. 1997. Gender. London: Routledge.
  • Kauffman, Linda S., Hg. 1989. Gender and Theory. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Kennedy, Mary, Hg. 1993. Making Connections: Women's Studies, Women's Movements, Women's Lives. London: Taylor & Francis.
  • Lorber, Judith. 1994. Paradoxes of Gender. New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • ___, Susan A. Farrell, Hg. 1991. The Social Construction of Gender. Newsbury Park: Sage.
  • Madoc-Jones, Beryl, Hg. 1996. An Introduction to Women's Studies. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Minnich, Elizabeth, Jean O'Barr, Rachel Rosenfeld, Hgg. 1988. Reconstructing the Academy: Women's Education and Women's Studies. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
  • Peach, Lucinda, 1998. Women in Culture: A Women´s Studies Anthology. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Polity Press, Hg. 1994. The Polity Reader in Gender Studies. Cambridge: Polity Press / Blackwell.
  • Richardson, Diane, Victoria Robinson, Hgg. 1993. Introducing Women's Studies: Feminist Theory and Practice. Houndmills: Macmillan.
  • Scott, Joan Wallach (ed.) 1999. Women's Studies on the Edge. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • Walby, Sylvia. 1996. Restructuring Gender. London.
  • ___. 1997. Gender Transformations. London: Routledge.

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Feministist Theory

  • Barrett, Michèle, Anne Phillips, Hgg. 1992. Destabilizing Theory: Contemporary Feminist Debates. Cambridge: Polity Press.
  • Beasley, Chris. 1999. What Is Feminism? An Introduction to Feminist Theory. London: Sage.
  • England, Paula, Hg. 1993. Theory on Gender / Feminism on Theory. New York: Aldine de Gruyter.
  • Evans, Judith. 1995. Feminist Theory Today: An Introduction to Second-Wave Feminism. London: Sage.
  • Ferguson Margaret, Jennifer Wicke, Hgg. 1994. Feminism and Postmodernism. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • Hartman, Joan E., Ellen Messer-Davidow, Hgg. 1991. (En)Gendering Knowledge: Feminists in Academe. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press.
  • Hesse-Biber, Sharlene et al. (eds.). 1999. Feminist Approaches To Theory and Methodology: An Interdisciplinary Reader. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Jackson, Stevie, Jackie Jones, Hgg. 1998. Contemporary Feminist Theories. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
  • Tong, Rosemarie. 1988. Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction. Boulder: Westview.
  • Weed, Elizabeth, Hg. 1989. Coming to Terms: Feminism, Theory, Politics. New York: Routledge.
  • Weedon, Chris. 1999. Feminism, Theory and the Politics of Difference. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Whelehan, Imelda. 1995. Modern Feminist Thought: From the Second Wave to 'Post-Feminism'. New York: New York University Press.

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Masculinity Studies

  • Berger, Maurice, Brian Wallis, Simon Watson, Hgg. 1996. Constructing Masculinity. London: Routledge.
  • Beynon, John. 2000. Masculinities and Culture. Buckingham: Open University Press.
  • Brod, Harry, Hg. 1987. The Making of Masculinities: The New Men's Studies. Boston: Unwin Hyman.
  • ___ , Harry, Michael Kaufman, Hgg. 1994. Theorizing Masculinities. London: Sage.
  • Burstyn, Varda. 1999. The Rites of Men: Manhood, Politics, and the Culture of Sport. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Connell, R.W. 1995. Masculinities. Cambridge: Polity Press.
  • Ervö, Sören; Johansson, Thomas (eds.). 1999. Among Men: Moulding Masculinities, Volume 1. Aldershot (etc.): Ashgate.
  • Ervö, Sören; Johansson, Thomas (eds.). 1999. Bending Bodies: Moulding Masculinities, Volume 2. Aldershot (etc.): Ashgate.
  • Forster, Edgar J. 1998. Unmännliche Männlichkeit: Melancholie, "Geschlecht", Verausgabung. Wien: Böhlau.
  • Gilmore, David D. 1990. Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity. New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Harris, Ian. 1995. Messages Men Hear: Constructing Masculinities. Taylor & Francis.
  • Kimmel, Michael S., Hg. 1987. Changing Men: New Directions in Research on Men and Masculinity. Newbury Park: Sage.
  • Rutherford, Jonathan. 1992. Men's Silences: Predicaments in Masculinity. London: Routledge.
  • Segal, Lynne. 1990. Slow Motion: Changing Masculinities, Changing Men. London: Rutgers University Press.
  • Seidler, Victor S. 1989. Rediscovering Masculinity: Reason, Language and Sexuality. London: Routledge

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Gay and Lesbian Studies / Sexuality Studies

  • Abelove, Henry, Michele Aina Barrale, David Halperin. 1993. The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader. London: Routledge.
  • Beemyn, Brett, Mickey Elianon, Hgg. 1996. Queer Studies: A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Anthology. New York: New York University Press.
  • Bristow, Joseph. 1997. Sexuality. London: Routledge.
  • Duberman, Martin. 1996. A Queer World: The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader. New York: New York University Press.
  • Garber, Linda. 1994. Tilting the Tower: Lesbians/Teaching/Queer Subjects. London: Routledge.
  • Jagose, Annamarie. 1996. Queer Theory: An Introduction. New York: New York University Press.
  • Lancaster, Roger, Micaela di Leonarde. 1997. The Gender/Sexuality Reader. London: Routledge.
  • Levay, Simon. 1996. Queer Science: The Use and Abuse of Research into Homsexuality. Cambridge: Mit Pr (Trd).
  • McLaren, Angus. 1999. Twentieth-Century Sexuality: A History. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Munoz, José Esteban. 1999. Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics. Chicago: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Nardi, Peter M., Beth E. Schneider. 1998. Social Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Studies. London: Routledge.
  • ___ . 2000. Gay Masculinities. London: Sage.
  • Nye, Robert A.; Art, Thomas; Jones, Mary. 1999. Sexuality. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Sandfort, Theo; Schuyf, Judith; Duyvendak, Jan Willem and Jeffrey Weeks (eds.). 2000. Lesbian and Gay Studies: An Introductory, Interdisciplinary Approach. London: Sage.
  • Schor, Naomi, Elizabeth Weed, Hgg. 1995. More Gender Trouble: Feminism Meets Queer Theory. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • Schwartz, Pepper, Virginia Rutter. 1998. The Gender of Sexuality. London: Sage.
  • St. James Press Gay and Lesbian Almanac. 1998. Detroit: St. James Press.
  • Storr, Merl (ed.). 1999. Bisexuality: A Critical Reader. London (etc.): Routledge.
  • Sudic, Amanda and Jack Gilbert. 1999. Homosexuality and the Holocaust. London: Cassell plc.
  • Tierney, William G. 1997. Academic Outlaws: Queer Theory and Cultural Studies in the Academy. London: Sage.
  • Wilton, Tamsin. 1995. Lesbian Studies: Setting an Agenda. London: Routledge.
  • Woods, Greg. A History of Gay Literature: The Male Tradition. London: Yale University Press.

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Feministist Literary Criticism

  • Bloom, Leslie Rebecca. 1998. Under the Sign of Hope: Feminist Methodology and Narrative Interpretation. Albany: State University of New York Press.
  • Donovan, Josephine, Hg. 1989. Feminist Literary Theory: Explorations in Theory. 2. Ed. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.
  • Eagleton, Mary, Hg. 1991. Feminist Literary Criticism. London: Longman.
  • ___ , Hg. 1994. Feminist Literary Theory: A Reader. Cambridge: Blackwell.
  • ___, Hg. 1996. Working with Feminist Criticism. Cambridge: Blackwell.
  • Ezell, Margaret J. M.. 1993. Writing Women's Literary History. Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press.
  • Finke, Laurie. 1992. Feminist Theory, Women's Writing. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  • Fraser, Hilary, R.S. White, Hgg. 1994. Constructing Gender: Feminism and Literary Studies. Nedlands: University of Western Australia Press.
  • Goodman, Elizabeth, Hg. 1996. Literature and Gender. London: Routledge.
  • Greene, Gayle, Coppelia Kahn, Hgg. 1993. Changing Subjects: The Making of Feminist Literary Criticism. London: Routledge.
  • Heath, Stephen. 1999. Writing, Sex and Gender: A Literary Historical Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Humm, Maggie. 1994. A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Feminist Literary Criticism. New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf.
  • ___. 1995. Practising Feminist Criticism: An Introduction. London: Prentice Hall.
  • Meaney, Gerardine. 1993. (Un)Like Subjects: Women, Theory, Fiction. London: Routledge.
  • Mills, Sara et al. 1989. Feminist Readings/Feminists Reading. New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf.
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  • Morris, Pam. 1993. Literature and Feminism: An Introduction. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.
  • Sage, Lorna (ed.). 1999. The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English. Cambridge (etc.): Cambridge University Press.

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Feminist Linguistics

  • Cameron, Deborah. 1992 [1985]. Feminism and Linguistic Theory. Basingstoke: Macmillan.
  • ___ , Hg. 1990. The Feminist Critique of Language: A Reader. London: Routledge.
  • Cheshire, Jenny, Peter Trudgill, Hgg. 1998. The Sociolinguistic Reader. Vol. 2: Gender and Discourse. London: Arnold.
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  • ___ , Hg. 1993. Gender and Conversational Interaction. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Wodak, Ruth, Hg. 1997. Discourse and Gender. London: Sage.

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Feminist Philosophy

  • Addelson, Kathryn Pyne. 1991. Impure Thoughts: Essays in Philosophy, Feminism, and Ethics. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
  • Braidotti, Rosi. 1991. Patterns of Dissonance: A Study of Women in Contemporary Philosophy. Cambridge: Polity Press.
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Feminist Historical Studies

  • Angerman, Arina, Hg. 1989. Current Issues in Women's History. London: Routledge.
  • Boris, Eileen, Nupur Chaudhuri, Hgg. 1999. Voices of Women Historians: The Personal, the Political, the Professional. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
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Feminist Theory of Art

  • Bluestone, Natalie Harris, Hg. 1995. Double Vision: Perspectives on Gender and the Visual Arts. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson.
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Feminist Musicology

  • Citron, Marcia J. 1993. Gender and the Musical Canon. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cook, Susan C., Judy S. Tsou, Hgg. 1993. Cecilia Reclaimed: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Music. Urbana: University of Illinois University Press.
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Film and Media Studies / Information Technologies

  • Barker, Chris. 1999. Television, Globalization and Cultural Identities. Buckingham: Open University Press.
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Feminist Theater Studies

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Feminist Theology

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Feminist Anthropology/ Ethnology

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Feminist Pedagogics

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Feminist Sociology

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Feminist Psychology

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Feminist Political Science

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