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Type of Publication

This category lets you choose between different types of literature. It is especially useful if you are looking for reference books, e.g. dictionaries and bibliographies, or statistical information.


Here a basic distinction between literary criticism as such and other disciplines has to be made. The former contains an especially vast amount of keywords since the focus of gender Inn is English and American feminist literary criticism. In this category you will find keywords concerning

Topics and References

The keywords from this category primarily refer to topics from a historical, political, and socio-cultural context which are not related to literary theory in the narrower sense, e.g. keywords related to

Time Frame

The time-markers in this category solely refer to "Topics and References" and all disciplines other than "Literary Criticism". The latter has its own markers for time which can be found in the sub-category "Literary History and Genres" (see above).


In this category you will find all English speaking countries as well as a selection of other countires (e.g. France) and continents (e.g. Asia). We regret that the keywords in this section are currently not complete so that several European countries have not been assigned an index number yet. For the time being these have been subsumed under the keyword "Europe".