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Sites on Modernism in General
Sites on Degeneration
Sites on Sexology/Sexuality
Sites on Travel Writing
Sites on Little Magazines
Sites on Bourdieu's Theories
Other Sites of Interest

Sites on Modernism in General

John Mark Eckman's "Modernism Timeline, 1890-1940" -- a chronological list of literary and historical events

Literary Women of the Left Bank -- an on-line magazine that covers more than the women writers of the Left Bank suggested in its title

"The Space Between" -- the website of the "society for the study of literature and culture between the wars"

A selection of links that deals with the interrelationships between modernism in France and America/England (some of them unfortunately dead)

Bonnie Kime Scott's "Modernist Bibliography" offers a useful list of some of the most important works on modernism

A site on the 1920s flapper and jazz culture

"Modernism: The Salons" is a well-designed website that is the outcome of a graduate seminar. The "Gallery" also offers a good selection of links on modernist art

A site dedicated to Futurism (including digital versions of Futurist manifestos)

The International Review of Modernism has become a freely accessible e-journal (but is still under construction)

Sites on Degeneration

Research project on "The idea of degeneration in science and culture. Belgium 1850-1950" at the university of Leuven, Belgium (Jan. 1998-Dec. 2001). Offers English-language database research facilities on related research projects and teams.

Peter Morton's website: selective bibliography on Darwinism and literature, provides introductory access to relevant material as well as a full hypertext copy of his book The Vital Science: Biology and the Literary Imagination, 1860-1900 [1984].

John S. Moore, "Degeneration, Nordau and Nietzsche"

Hypertext copy of a paper presented to the Fourth Annual Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society in April 1994.

Commented bibliography on vampires (as connected the degeneration paradigm) in literature and film provided by the online bookshop "From Shadowed Shelves".

"NIETZSCHE CONTRA PSYCHOANALYSIS" -- paper presented to the sixth annual conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society, September 1996 (includes information on Max Nordau's degeneration theory)

"Biological Theories of Crime: A Historical Overview" -- an essay by principal curator Dr. Nicole Rafter of the University Art Museum, New York (contains information on biological theories of criminality: phrenology, degeneration theory, criminal anthropology, feeblemindedness theory)

A checklist to the exhibition Searching the Criminal Body: Art/Science/Prejudice, September 2000, University Art Museum, New York

Book Review: Hurley, Kelly. The Gothic Body: Sexuality, Materialism, and Degeneration at the Fin de Siecle. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Reviewed by Julia P. Kielstra

List and comments on recent books on 19th century decadence

Site on anthropological theories: nineteenth century social evolutionsim

Contemporary Medical Archives: Birth Control/Eugenics bibliography: secondary works (Information on Eugenics Society, Marie Stopes)

Sites on Sexology/Sexuality

Journal of the History of Sexuality Archive: Articles, Book Rev., Books of Critical Interest

Site on Dr. Pawel Klinger. VITA SEXUALIS (1st publ. 1930)

Site on Edward Carpenter The intermediate Sex. A study of some transitional Types of Men and Women 1908

Another site on Carpenter's work

Site on Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895)

Site on Krafft-Ebing

Sites on Travel Writing

Studies in travel writing -- detailed and annotated list of publications from 1997 onwards, covers journals, primary sources, and secondary literature concerned with travel writing.

Women's travel writing 1830-1930 -- e-text collections

Women, Travel & Empire, 1660-1914" -- a project that explores the twin themes of Women and Travel, and Women and Empire

An essay on "Gender and Narrative in Contemporary Travel Writing" by Stacy Burton, University of Nevada, Reno

Additional Resources in the Library of Congress on "Scenic and Wilderness Travel Literature, c.1850-1920"

A Site on Isabella Bird

Sites on Little Magazines

Dr. Mary Anne Gillies's useful course site "The Little Magazines: The Birthplace of Modernism" at Simon Frazier University, Canada [unfortunately momentarily taken off the web, but hopefully to return soon]:

Suzanne Churchill's site provides information about a (continually growing list of) modernist little magazines:

The "Modernist Journal Project" -- scanned on-line editions of modernist magazines. So far they offer the first ten volumes of The New Age and all volumes of Ciné-Tracts (strictly speaking not a "Modernist Journal" since it existed from 1977 to 1982).

Lynn Keller and Cristanne Miller's essay on "Gender and Avant-Garde Editing: Comparing the 1920s with the 1990s", published in the e-journal How2 1.2 (1999):


An essay on Vanity Fair and its role in the publication of modernism

Sites on Bourdieu's Theories

"HyperBourdieuHTM" -- the authoritative online bibliography on Bourdieu

A useful "Bibliography of works about or making reference to the work of Pierre Bourdieu" on the net (unfortunately last updated 1999)

Jonathan Loesberg's essay on "Bourdieu and the Sociology of Aesthetics"

Curtis Humes's essay on "Bourdieu's reflexive praxis" (1998 -- mainly an anthropological view on Bourdieu's theories)

An essay in French on Bourdieu's structuralist constructivism

An essay in German by Hartmut Krauss on the relationship between subjectivism and objectivism in Bourdieu's theory

Bridget Fowlers review essay of La Domination Masculine

Other Sites of Interest

"Gender Inn" -- the University of Cologne's own database for Women's and Gender Studies

Gender Forum -- the University of Cologne's Gender Studies' e-journal

"A Celebration of Women Writers" -- an impressive list of links on women writers

Graduate Seminar -- "Identity and Difference: Gender Constructions and Interculturality 18th-20th Centuries"

Feminist Study Collections -- Internet Resources: Women in History

Books on gender and sexuality from the University of Chicago Press

A useful help to get started searching articles on Gender Studies, women, gender and feminism

"The On-Line Books Page" -- links to on-line books in general

"Voice of the Shuttle" -- the most comprehensive Web Page for Research in the Humanities


Jack Lynch's very useful list of links on literary resources on the net

Dennis Gartner's comprehensive list of "Literature and Composition Resources"

An annotated list of "Literature Resources" compiled by the MIT Literature Department

A general list of English Literature on the Web compiled by Mitsuharo Matsuoka, Associate Professor at Nagoy University, Japan

A list of links on literature in English selected by the English Department of the University of Santiago, Spain

A comprehensive Encyclopedia of literary authors, periods and literary-theoretical terms and concepts. It is designed as a long-term project; unfortunately many entries (including the one on modernism) are still under construction.

An impressive list of links on philosophical issues on the internet (philosophers, schools, concepts etc.); unfortunately quite a few dead links among them, but still extremely useful

A very useful collection of links on important theorists in the field of Cultural Studies (including Baudrillard, Bourdieu, Cixous, Eco, Foucault, Jameson, Lyotard and R. Williams) compiled by the University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies


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