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Englisches Seminar
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The aim of this document is to give you some basic information regarding the courses of studies at the English Department. For further information please see the following web pages:

The English Department offers courses in English language, literature, and culture. Note that English is currently subject to local admission restrictions. At the end of their studies, students can obtain either a secondary-school teaching certificate or an M.A. degree. English can be chosen as a major or a minor subject, and has to be studied in conjunction with two other subjects. The course of studies itself is subdivided into a two-year period of basic studies, terminating in an intermediate examination, and a two-and-a-half year period of advanced studies, terminating in the final examination. After a successful first examination, good students can be offered the option of obtaining a PhD.

The focus of the studies taught in the Department falls on the following fields:

  • historical and contemporary literatures of Great Britain and North America as well as non-Anglo-American literatures,
  • theoretical, historical and applied linguistics,
  • dialects and varieties of English, English as a world language,
  • gender studies, cultural studies, and media studies,
  • postcolonial studies, New English Cultures and Literatures.

As mentioned above, English is currently subject to local admissons restrictions. Foreign students should consult the three links listed above for authoritative information on proper admission procedure. Be advised that foreign students are also required to pass a German language test before being admitted to any of the programmes. In addition to the admission restrictions, students participating in the courses offered by the English Department are expected to possess a profound knowledge of the English language equalling approximately nine years of high school education. Since the focus of the courses does not concern the acquisition of language skills, knowledge of the English language prior to entering the programmes is essential.

Benjamin Becker
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