Elizabeth Major
"The Author’s Prayer"

Oh gracious Lord inhabiting E ternity
My blest redeemer, that hast L ovingly
Blessed me with hope, a kingdom to I nherit,
Lord of this mercy give an humble S pirit,
And grant I pray, I may my life A mend:
Saviour 'tis thou canst my soul B efriend.
Jesus with grace my guilty soul E ndue
Christ promised grace, and thou, O lord art T rue;
Have care of me, deal out with thine own H and
Mercy to my poor soul, thou canst com- M and
On me a shower of grace, sin to A void,
Thy raise to sing, my tongue shall be J mployed;
Poor, Lord I am, with fear and care O ppressed
Handmaid to thee I am, in thee I'll R est.

Honey on the Rod (1656)
Hobby, Elaine. Virtue of Necessity: English Women’s Writing 1646-88. London, 1988.
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