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17th Century Women Poets

Aphra Behn

    Ruth Nestvold’s Aphra Behn Page contains a chronology of Behn’s life, essays and links to online texts and resources.

Anne Bradstreet

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

Anne Killigrew

Aemilia Lanyer

    Kari Boyd McBride’s Aemilia Lanyer Page: Exactly what a home page should look like. Contains a biography, exhaustive bibliography, transcription of the prefatory poems to Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum as well as "The Description of Cooke-ham" and information about the Lanyer mailing list.

Lady Mary Wroth

    Aniina Jokinen’s beautiful Mary Wroth Page includes a biographical sketch, selected poems, links to articles and a bibliography.
    This page on Mary Wroth is part of the Edmund Spenser Home Page, edited by Richard Bear. It contains a short biographical ske tch, detailed introduction to 'Pamphilia and Amphilanthus', the complete 'Pamphilia and Amphilanthus' sonnet sequence and a bibliography. (all in one file - 140k).
    For all those interested in genealogy, here’s a branch of the familiy tree of the illustrious Sidney family (from Mark Humphry).

17th Century Women Poets (http://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/englisch/kurse/17c/poets.htm)
Susanne Webel (July 2, 1998)