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Bibliography: Jeanette Winterson

a) Writings

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. London, 1985.

Boating for Beginners. London, 1985.

Fit for the Future: The Guide for Women Who Want to Live Well. London, 1986.

The Passion. London, 1987.

"Personal View: Jeanette Winterson." Sunday Times. Feb 14, 1988.

Sexing the Cherry. London, 1989.

"The Lives of Saints." Indescreet Journeys. ed. Lisa St Aubin de Terán. London, 1989.

"Matter of fact: Jeanette Winterson on why truth is stranger than fiction." Time Out, Sept. 1989.

"Psalms." The Penguin Book of British Comic Stories. ed. Patricia Craig. Harmondsworth, 1990.

"The World and Other Places." The Best of Cosmopolitan Fiction. ed. Kate Figes. London, 1991.

Written On the Body. London, 1992.

"Newton." The Picador Book of The New Gothic. ed. Patrick McGrath / Bradford Morrow. London, 1992.

"The Poetics of Sex." The Penguin Books of Lesbian Short Stories. ed. Margaret Reynolds. London, 1993. 412-422.

"Virginia Woolf. Monks House, Rodmell, E. Sussex." Writers and Their Houses. A Guide To the Writer‘s Houses of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. ed. Kate Marsh. London, 1993.

Filmscripts: "Great Moments in Aviation" and "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit." London, 1994.

Art and Lies: A Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd. London, 1994.

"The Green Man" New Yorker Fiction Issue, June 26th, 1995. 166-169.

Art Objects: Essay on Ecstasy and Effrontery. London, 1995.

"O‘Brians First Christmas." Woman‘s Hour 50th Anniversary Short Story Collection. ed. Di Speirs. Harmondsworth, 1996.

Gut Symmetries. London, 1997.

The World and Other Places. London, 1998.

(Includes the following stories: The 24-Hour Dog; Atlantic Crossing; The Poetics of Sex; The Three Friends; Orion; Lives of Saints; O’Brien’s First Christmas; The World and Other Places; Disappearance I; Disappearance II; The Green Man; Turn of the World; Newton; Holy Matrimony; A Green Square; Adventure of a Lifetime; Psalms)

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b) Literary Criticism

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(Contents: List of Abbreviations. Helena Grice and Tim Woods: Read ing Jeanette Winterson Writing. PART I: THE POLITICS OF READING AND WRITING. Tess Cosslett: Intertextuality in Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit: The Bible, Mallory, and Jane Eyre. Lynne Pearce: The Emotional Politics of Reading Winterson. Ute Kauer: Narration and Gender: The Role of the First-Person Narrator in Written on the Body. Lyn Pykett: A New Way With Words?: Jeanette Winterson's Post-Modernism. Scott Wilson: Passion at the End of History. PART II: SEXING THE TEXT. Patricia Duncker: Jeanette Winterson and the Lesbian Body. Cath Stowers: The Erupting Lesbian Body: Reading Written on the Body as a Lesbian Text. Paulina Palmer: The Passion: Storytelling, Fantasy, Desire. Helena Grice and Tim Woods: Grand (Dis)Unified Theories? Dislocated Discourses in Gut Symmetries. Notes on Contributors. Select Bibliography. Index.)

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c) Articles and Interviews

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d) Reviews

The Passion

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Sexing the Cherry

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Written on the Body

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Art and Lies

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Art Objects

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Gut Symmetries

A review from the Net Net.

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The World and Other Places

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