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The American Studies Program is not an independent Degree Program but a specialization that is offered to students of English at the University of Cologne. That is to say that students are not able to major or graduate in American Studies, but will eventually get a degree in English Philology. Since the implementation of the Program in the summer of 1995 however, students do have the possibility of focussing on American Studies on every level of the English Degree Program [i.e. undergraduate and graduate]. Introductory courses, undergraduate seminars, graduate seminars and lectures that deal specifically with American Studies are offered each semester.
The program has a strong focus on literary issues, but also incorporates media studies, cultural theory, as well as historical and sociological issues.
Students can choose from two different Degree Programs in English Philology: The Magisterstudiengang and the Lehramtsstudiengang. After the successful completion of one of these two courses of studies, qualified students can choose to go on to get a PhD. For further information about them, please refer to the homepage of the English Department.
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