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University of Rochester
The University of Cologne and the University of Rochester have had a student exchange program since 1957. The program offers students of both schools a scholarship to study in the other country for one academic year [two semesters]. Students of English at the University of Cologne who have passed their Zwischenprüfung are eligible to apply. The scholarship covers the tuition fees and also provides the student with a total sum of approximately $8000, which is paid bi-weekly over a period of nine months. In return the student is asked to teach German language courses to undergraduate students. The length of stay is from late August until May of the following year. Students are asked to find accommodations on their own, since it is not provided by the university.
Upon receipt of the scholarship, Cologne students will be enrolled in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures in Rochester, of which the German department forms one section. The MLC department offers the study of comparative literature, i.e. it combines the study of foreign languages, literatures and cultures within the national traditions with the investigation of literary and cultural theory and practice across national and disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinary offerings include interdepartmental links to programs in Film Studies, Visual and Cultural Studies and Women’s Studies among others. Cologne students have the opportunity to complete an M.A. in Rochester in the disciplines of Comparative Literature, German, French or Spanish. An M.A. in English is not an option, but classes can be taken in the English department. If students choose the thesis option for the M.A., they should take into account that writing the final thesis [40-60 pages in length] might take up to three months, which means their stay abroad might be longer. The title M.A. may be carried in Germany after accreditation with the German Wissenschaftsminister.
The University of Rochester [] was established in 1850 and is a private, coeducational institution with about 2.700 graduate students and 4.400 undergraduates. It offers a wide variety of programs, a good student-to-teacher ratio, and excellent research libraries. Located in a metropolitan area of about one million inhabitants in upstate New York on the shores of Lake Ontario, Rochester is about six hours by car from New York City and three hours from Toronto. Studying and teaching at an American university will give students an insight into the American academic system and allow them to get acquainted with American people and culture. The scholarship may therefore be of special interest to those students who wish to specialize in American Studies during the course of their studies in Cologne, but it is not restricted to those students.

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