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Faculty of Humanities and Sciences
Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies


Pohligstraße 1
50969 Cologne
Tel.: (0221) 470-5346
Fax: (0221) 470-6530


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Niklas (470-5344)

Professors and private Docents
Prof. Dr. Dieter B. Kapp (retired)
Dr.habil. Lars Göhler (private docent)

Research fellows:
Dr. Thomas Malten (470-5340)
Petra Wehmeyer, M.A. (470-5346)
Thomas Anzenhofer, M. A. (KOHD) (470-5346)
Eike Nitz, M. A. (CITS)

Assistant lecturers:
Sven Andressen, M.A. (Economy of India)
Thomas Anzenhofer, M. A. (KOHD)
Dr. Helene Nut (Cambodian)
K. Subramanian, M.Phil. (Sociology of India)
M. Saravanan (Spoken Tamil, Rural Culture)
J. Anandhjothi, M.A. (Tamil Journalism, Folklore Studies)

Student research assistants:
Marina Friesen (470-5345)
Niclas Weimar (CITS) (470-5345)

Student research assistants (library project):
Andrea Lau (470-5345)
Nadine Gessner (470-5345)
Jana Koshy (470-5345)



This year's Tamil Internet Conference which took place in Cologne from the 23rd till the 25th of Octobre ( and on under the tag "infitt 2009") was a huge success for both our institute and the University of Cologne

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped to make this conference become such a success. I would particularly like to thank my students: Marina Friesen, Nadine Geßner, Robert Hilden, Jennifer Klenk, Jana Koshy, Andrea Lau, Bahinta Punanantarajah and Niclas Weimar

I am very indebted to Mr. Parttipan who contacted us two days before the inauguration of the conference and introduced himself as a Tamil who lives in Cologne and offered his assistance as a volunteer. His contribution to the overall success of the conference was immense.

I would like to thank all of you very much. A detailed report including pictures and videoclips will soon be available on this site.

Ulrike Niklas

First visual impressions from the conference as well as further information can be found on the official INFITT-website:

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