Proceedings of the Second OpenMath Workshop

Note: Much of the Proceedings has been scanned in for this online presentation. For non-handwritten texts, this method has produced far from satisfactory results. Authors are therefore kindly requested to submit their slides or texts in 'electronic' form (as some authors have already done - my thanks for your cooperation).

Introduction and Summary

Slides from the Second OpenMath Workshop

John Abbott
POSSO Proposed Polynomial Extensions
Simon Gray
A Progress Report on the Multi Project
(no online information available yet)
Gaston Gonnet
Semantics and Purposes of OpenMath
Stefan Vorkoetter
OpenMath Work in Progress at Waterloo Maple Software
Marc Gaetano, Stéphane Dalmas, Yves Papegay
SAFIR Project Update
Andreas Strotmann
CALIF -- Computer Algebra Information Interchange Format
Neil Soiffer
Problems with OpenMath
Wolfgang Weck
Some Thoughts about Mathematical Symbols
Carlo Traverso
Posso and OpenMath
Panel Session
Semantics of the Protocol: How Much or How Little?
Stefan Vorkoetter (for Chris Howlett)
Relations to Standardization Bodies
Rüdiger Loos
An Algebraic Kernel System
Mika Seppälä
Plans Under the Recently Approved HCM Proposal
(HCM Network OpenMath home page)
Norbert Kajler, Ron Avitzur
HISC Activities at RIACA

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21 Nov 1994