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Re: Preliminary OpenMath Workshop Report

	From smvorker@maplesoft.on.ca Sun Feb 20 18:49:42 1994
	Subject: Preliminary OpenMath Workshop Report
	Cc: smvorker@maplesoft.on.ca

	Here is the preliminary draft of the report on the OpenMath workshop
	which Chris and I will be submitting to the OpenMath mailing list.
	Before we do, we need a few details filled in. Could you each look at
	this, and add what you see fit. I will incorporate the changes and then
	send the report out.



				   Open Math Workshop
				       ETH Zurich
				  December 17-18, 1993


	    ??? This section will be reformatted when the list is finalized ???
	    John Abbot
	    Bruno Buchberger
	    David Clark
	    Arjeh Cohen
	    Stephane Dalmas
	    James Davenport
	    Richard Fateman
	    John Fitch
	    Benno Fuchsteiner
	    Marc Gaetano
	    A. Galligo
	    Keith Geddes
	    Morven Gentleman
	    Gaston Gonnet
	    Dominik Gruntz
	    Tony Hearn
	    Chris Howlett
	    Richard Jenks
	    Norbert Kajler
	    George Labahn
	    Helmut Lenzig
	    Roman Maeder
	    Niklaus Mannhart
	    Michael Monagan
	    Ron Neumann
	    Bruno Salvy
	    Alain Sausse
	    Mika Seppala
	    Carlo Traverso
	    Jos Vermaseren
	    Stefan Vorkoetter
	    Paul Wang
	    Stephen Watt
	    Wolfgang Weck


	    ??? Gaston - were any of the following people NOT there? ???
	    ??? Was anyone there who is not on this list? Cohen? ???
	    ??? This section will be reformatted when the list is finalized ???
	    John Abbot
==========John Abbot did not come================
	    Heikki Apiola
	    Stephane Dalmas
=============not sure about above===================
	    James Davenport
	    John Fitch
================the above two did not come===============
	    Marc Gaetano
	    A. Galligo
	    Gaston Gonnet
	    Dominik Gruntz
	    Chris Howlett
	    Norbert Kajler
	    Helmut Lenzig
===============did not come====================
	    Niklaus Mannhart
	    Michael Monagan
	    Alain Sausse
==============do not know================
	    Mika Seppala
	    Carlo Traverso
	    Jos Vermaseren
	    Stefan Vorkoetter
	    Wolfgang Weck
	    Clifton Williamson


	    A workshop to formulate a character based standard for the exchange
	    of mathematical formulas and other mathematical objects between


	    For any presentations accompanied by paper(s), we omit detail here
	    and refer the reader to the paper(s).

	    Gaston Gonnet gave an introduction to OpenMath, and outlined some of
	    the requirements that such a protocol must have in order to function
	    in arbitrary environments. Some of these requirements are:

		- text (character) based
		- can be sent by electronic mail
		- a limit on line length
		- extensible

	    Chris Howlett outlined Waterloo Maple Software's plans for OpenMath:

		- committed to implementing a client/server math architecture
		  for Maple during 1994
		- need a standard such as OpenMath to ensure utility and
		  acceptance; input from and agreement of a large group is

	    Stefan Vorkoetter described the current OpenMath proposal, as put
	    forward by Waterloo Maple Software. During the ensuing discussion,
	    some weaknesses and Maple-specific aspects were discovered:

		- choice of data structures too Maple-biased
		- how to decide which operators/functions to include

	    Heikki Apiola described ESC, an Environment for Scientific
	    Computation, which combines various mathematical tools.

	    Wolfgang Weck described his concept of a math protocol, based on
	    modular decomposition and type extension:

		"A Module Library for Computer Algebra"
		Dominik Gruntz, Wolfgang Weck
		- submitted for ISSAC 94.

	    Marc Gaetano described the ASAP protocol:

		"Designing a protocol for exchanging mathematical objects"
		S. Dalmas, M. Gaetano, A. Sausse

		"The ASAP Protocol: a description"
		S. Dalmas, M. Gaetano, A. Sausse

		"A C library for ASAP"
		S. Dalmas, A. Sausse

	    Carlo Traverso described POSSO:

		"The POSSO External Data Representation"

	    Norbert Kajler spoke on building a computer algebra environment:

		- described the SAFIR project and CAS/&pi

		"Building a Computer Algebra Environment by Composition of
		Collaborative Tools"
		Norbert Kajler

	    Mika Seppala gave a brief historical review of EuroMath.



		- general agreement (expression trees in LISP-like notation).
		- modifying the proposed standard seemed to be acceptable. ???
		- it was agreed that the sequences defined by SGML standard
		  would be adopted for special characters.
		- there is still the issue of which escape character to use.


		- it was agreed that the basic proposal should support all the
		  functions in Abramowitz and Stegun, Chapters 1 to 3.
		- the standard should allow for the definition of packages of
		  functions as extensions.


		- basic attributes do not belong in the standard, but rather in
		  packages (eg. a package of typesetting attributes).


		- the proposal from WMS had too many Maple-specific types. The
		  following base types were suggested:

		    - numbers
			- integer
			- floating point (including complex)
		    - symbols
		    - sets
		    - arrays

	    Sub-, super-, and other-scripts

		- there was intense discussion about what method should be used
		  to represent these.
		- eventually, it was generally agreed that this was beyond the
		  scope of the standard, because these are typographical, and
		  not mathematical, attributes.


		- after some discussion, it became clear that it would be both
		  impossible and undesirable to include all possible functions
		  in the base proposal.
		- there would always be functions that someone considers
		  important that were left out.
		- four extensions were proposed:

		    - Polynomial Manipulation
		    - Group Theory
		    - Programming
		    - Tensors

	    Control Layer

		- discussion was deferred for future meetings.


	    Waterloo Maple Software

		- prepare the OpenMath mailing list (openmath@maplesoft.on.ca).
		- prepare this report.
		- update the OpenMath proposal based on the discussions at the
		  workshop. Some things that are to be incorporated are:

		    - simplified structure level operators.
		    - a method to determine packages understood.
		    - in-line OpenMath recognition via <openmath>..<\openmath>.
		    - adoption of SGML character set extensions.
		    - an OpenMath to SGML mapping.
		    - a Maple extension to the standard.
		    - extensions for number bases.
		    - clarification of labels and references.
		    - simplification of concept of symbols.
		    - complex numbers.

	    Carlo Traverso

		- design of an extension for polynomial manipulation.

	    Someone at CWI ??? Who? ???

		- design of an extension for group theory.

	    Michael Monagan, Marc Gaetano

		- design of an extension for programming.

	    Someone called MB ??? Who? ???

		- design of an extension for tensors.


	    The next OpenMath workshop has been tentatively scheduled for the
	    two days (July 20,21) preceeding the ISSAC 94 conference, in Oxford,


	    The following is the current content of the OpenMath mailing list.
	    Please submit any corrections required:

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