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the ACM Special Interest Group "Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation"
Symbolic Mathematical Computation Information Center; includes references to information on most computer algebra systems.
Computer Algebra Information Network (operated by CAN) is a server with similar material.
Common Open Software Environment; includes ToolTalk, ICCCM
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language, part of the Knowledge Sharing Effort
Related efforts pointed to by this site include:
Common Intelligent Agent Services Specification
Knowledge Representation Specification Language
Knowledge Interchange Format
A paper on "An ontology for engineering mathematics" built using these tools
OMG's (Object Management Group's) CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) specification
Standard Generalized Markup Language
Text Encoding Initiative P3 files; contains "A Gentle Introduction to SGML"
HTML+ and HTML 3
Hypertext Markup Language (proposed extensions, including support for representing mathematical formulae).
a 16 bit multilingual character set (closely related to the ISO 10646 standard).
Open Distributed Processing (Reference Model)
There are several joint ISO/OSI and ITU (was: CCITT) X-series RM-ODP Draft International Standards available. Their numbers: ISO 10764-1 through ISO 10764-5, ITU-T X.901 through X.905.
CAS/PI, ASAP, Central Control
CAS/PI, ASAP (A Simple ASCII Protocol), and Central Control are projects of Project SAFIR (INRIA). Central Control is also described in PoSSo's 2nd Newsletter.
Multi Protocol: A paper was presented at ISSAC 94, and slides on MP are available in the proceedings of the Second OpenMath Workshop.
Posso/XDR 4 documentation is available as DVI, gzipped DVI, Postscript , gzipped PostScript. PoSSo's WWW server contains additional information on it (see Overview, 1st Newsletter).
is described in the Euromath Bulletin
MathLink is Mathematica's communication package.
Scientific Data Formats
is the catch-word for formats used for archiving measurements and analyses connected with experiments in the natural sciences, discussed in the news group.
an Embedded Language for Remote Operation Services from Lawrence Livermore, supports distribution of scientific applications across multiple computing platforms by providing an embedded C language system for remote operations. Its goal is to provide portable, simplified access to efficient communications services. It is based on ASN.1 (see below).
Abstract Syntax Notation One is a joint ISO/CCITT standard language for specifying protocols. It comes with a companion standard defining "Basic Encoding Rules" defining translations of protocols specifications written in the abstract notation into concrete sequences of bits and bytes. There is a short Introduction to ASN.1 and the "Packed Encoding Rules" available from the HTTP Next Generation project page.
Interactive Book and Authoring System
Standards FAQs
Hypertext versions of or pointers to FAQs of comp.std newsgroups.
Parallel Processing FAQs
includes references to MPI (Message Passing Interface industry standard) and to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine).
Quail/OpenMath Project (J. Oberholzer, U. Waterloo)
reports on experience trying to provide OpenMath support for Quail (Quantitative Analysis in LISP).
To Be Continued

Need pointers to Camino Real, IETF, ISO, Association for Font Information Interchange, MIME, and many more; both online and paper references are welcome.

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