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Informationen zur Statistik

Data Sets for Clustering Techniques

. Nutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl
The data sets contains the nutrients in 27 different kind of meat, fish or fowl:
  • Name of Meat, Fish or Fowl
  • Food Energy (Calories)
  • Protein (Grams)
  • Fat (Grams)
  • Calcium (Milli Grams)
  • Iron (Milli Grams)
The Data

. Achievement Test Scores, New Haven Schools
Measurements at the beginning of the 4th grade (when the national average is 4.0) and of the 6th grade in 25 schools in New Haven.
  • 4th grade reading
  • 4th grade arithmetic
  • 6th grade reading
  • 6th grade arithmetic
The Data

. Dentition of Mammals
Mammal's teeth are divided into 4 groups: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. In the following data the dentition of each mammal is described by the number of
  • top incisors,
  • bottom incisors,
  • top canines,
  • bottom canines,
  • top premolars,
  • bottom premolars,
  • top molars,
  • bottom molars
66 cases
The Data

. Birth and Death Rates
The data set contains
  • birth rate (in percent),
  • death rate (in percent),
of 70 countries.
The Data

. Mammal's Milk
The data set contains the ingredients of mammal's milk of 25 animals.
Variables (all values in percent):
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Lactose
  • Ash
The Data

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