PD Dr. Jürgen Jakumeit
(Physicist, MBA)

Software Projects

Local-Iterative-Monte-Caro-Technik (LIMO)

The Local Iterative Monte Carlo technique (LIMO) is a alternative approach to Monte-Carlo simulation of semiconductor devices. The combination of many short and therefore local Monte Carlo steps with and iteration process leads to LIMO. This new approach results in a isotropic distribution of the computation time over the phase space, so that regions with low carrier density are simulated with the same accuracy as those regions with high density. The computation time can significantly be reduced by memorizing the results of many local Monte Carlo steps in a drift table. The LIMO technique can easily be combined with an evolutionary optimization algorithm.

The LIMO technique with and without optimization is base of the ELIMO-package for the simulation of silicon and Si-MOSFETs. The package includes all necessary informations and the source codes for a test of this new Monte Carlo technique as well as some examples.

The LIMO-package was developed during my habilitation at the University of Cologne from 1994 until 2001

-Iterative Local Monte Carlo Technique for the Simulation of Si-MOSFETs ,J. Jakumeit, T. Sontowski, U. Ravaioli, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Computational Electronics (Osaka 1998), to be published in VLSI-Design (postscript, gezipt, 63 kb)
- ELIMO-package (getart, gezipt, 2.7 Mb)