Table 2. Ultrastructurally Characterised Cryptophyte Genera

Genus Biliprotein Position of Nucleomorph Furrow-Gullet System IPC SPC Rhizostyle Additional Features
Chroomonas PC645 or PC630 free forked gullet stepped rectangular plates fibrils, plates ? thylakoids traverse the pyrenoid matrix
Cryptomonas (cryptomorph) PE566 free combination polygonal plates fibrils non-keeled -
Cryptomonas (campylomorph, formerly separate genera Campylomonas and Chilomonas [colourless]) PE566 or leukoplast free combination sheet fibrils keeled -
Falcomonas PC569 free furrow stepped hexagonal plates fibrils, plates ? -
Geminigera PE545 embedded in nucleus combination sheet fibrils keeled deeply bilobed plastid with two pyrenoids
Goniomonas no plastid furrow + cytopharynx longitudinal plates longitudinal plates non-keeled flagella with spikes and fibrils
Guillardia PE545 free gullet sheet? longitudinal plates keeled -
Hanusia PE545 free furrow sheet rosulate scales keeled -
Hemiselmis PC577, PC612, PC630 or PE555 free short gullet hexagonal plates hexagonal plates non-keeled thylakoids traverse pyrenoid matrix
Komma PC645 free gullet hexagonal plates hexagonal plates ? -
Plagioselmis PE545 free furrow hexagonal plates, tail without plates ? ? -
Proteomonas (1n) PE545 free furrow hexagonal plates hexagonal plates non-keeled dimorphic
Proteomonas (2n) PE545 free furrow sheet fibrils + rosulate scales keeled dimorphic
Rhinomonas PE545 embedded in pyrenoid gullet hexagonal plates hexagonal plates, fibrils ? -
Rhodomonas PE545 embedded in pyrenoid combination rectangular plates fibrils keeled -
Storeatula PE545 embedded in pyrenoid gullet sheet fibrils keeled -
Teleaulax PE545 free furrow sheet fibrils + rosulate scales keeled -

Genera sorted in alphabetical order. Ultrastructural characters and biliproteins according to Mignot (1965), Mignot et al. (1968), Roberts et al. (1981), Grim and Staehelin (1984), Santore (1984; Rhodomonas = Pyrenomonas), Hill and Wetherbee (1986, 1988, 1989, 1990), Hill (1991a, b, c), Novarino et al. (1994) Hoef-Emden (1997), Deane et al. (1998), Clay and Kugrens (1999), Novarino (2003), Lane and Archibald (2008). (1n): Proteomonas haplomorph; (2n): Proteomonas diplormorph; embedded: nucleomorph embedded in pyrenoid matrix; IPC: inner periplast component; keeled: keeled rhizostyle (posteriorly directed microtubular root of the flagellar root system) with wing-like appendages; PC: phycocyanin; PE: phycoerythrin; SPC: surface periplast component; unknown: not mentioned or examined.