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AirPhoto 3D Introduction

AirPhoto3D is a programme for three dimensional interactive moving display of images rectified in AirPhoto

First, you need an accurate map, scanned, digitized or in vector format which has been calibrated in one of the more than 50 national grids supported in AirPhoto for which you have height data or contour lines.

Heights are required for rendering the terrain in the area of the map. You can enter these manually from contour lines on the map using the facilities in AirPhoto, or if you have access to digital terrain data from a national or other mapping agency, you can import height data.  Heights thus entered or imported can be displayed in AirPhoto.

In AirPhoto, transform your image to the map normally.

In AirPhoto, press F8 to display the heigts you have imported or entered.

Open AirPhoto3D, open the file with the transformed image, and AirPhoto3D will interpolate the height data for the map which must have the same file name as the map but with the file extension ".hgt" to a digital terrain model (DTM) contained in a grayscale image with increasing brightness corresponding to higher points.

The programme will then use the image and DTM data to render a three dimensional model on the screen.  You can then orient this image and "fly" around or through it to view all its features from any  viewpoint.  The programme offers the options of displaying the heights in colour and showing contour lines either in black or white outside the image area.