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Navigation in the rendered image

The numerical keypad and the mouse are used to navigate in a rendered 3D image:

The horizontal arrow keys move the viewpoint of the image to the left or to the right.

The vertical arrow keys move the viewpoint into or out of the depth dimension of the display.

The Plus/Minus keys can be used to change the depth of view, showing more or less toward the horizon.

The PgDn, PgUp keys change the "flying height" of the viewed image.

Hold down either of the Shift keys to speed up movement on the screen.

Switch between a "day" and a "night" background using the "n" or "N" keys for a night sky or the "d"or "D" key for a day sky.

Rotate the displayed image by holding down the left mouse button at a point near but not at its center and drag the image around to various positions in order to look at different views from the same height.

Bring the image to a near-vertical position with the PgUp key and drag it with the mouse to center it if you want an overview.