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A complete bibliography for the methods of computer vision behind this programme would have many tens of thousands of entries.  Many of these references can be found on the Internet and a large number of published papers can be downloaded in PDF format.

The fundamental work for image geometry is Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman's Multiple View Geometry in computer vision, Cambridge University Press 2003, Second Edition, ISBN 0521 54051 8
is the link to the Oxford University Computer Vision Group's web site offering Matlab code which has been ported to Borland Delphi 7 for use in this programme. The code itself can be found at:
It also contains some sample chapters of Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman's seminal book, "Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision". The mathematics behind the methods used in this programme can be found there. 

Additional code ported to Delphi for creating this programme can be found at Peter Kovesi's site:
The very extensive Links from the Oxford site offer Web URL's for many of the most important research laboratories working in the field.

Another exhaustive listing of research groups in the computer vision field may be found at:

Adrien Bartoli whose advice on this project was fundamental, has a personal page which may be found at: contains copies of his published papers which delve deeply into the methods involved.

Image enhancement and filtering algorithms used in AirPhotoSE:


A. Rizzi, C. Gatta, D. Marini, A new algorithm for unsupervised global and local colour correction

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See also: Equation 10.4-6 in W.K. Pratt, Digital Image Processing, 4th ed. Wiley,  p. 289, 2007,descCd-google_preview.html  Search for page 289.

Luminance (Meylan):

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White Balance:

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Colour Boosting

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Edge Extraction, Scratch/Dirt Removal, Sharpen: 

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Rectification algorithms::

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