Spawning allows you to run any installed programme after a few clicks for functions needed in another programme.  You can choose either the "Swiss Army Knife" icon at the left of the main toolbar or use the main file menu to start .

A dual window opens to show an overview on the left  of the main categories of programmes in a tree-like view of icons. on the right window, The right half widow shows the icons for  each category which can be used to run each program with a double click.

As an example, AirPhotoSE can spawn the open source geographical information system QGIS. This set of programme also has map processing functions which are not in AirPhotoSE.

Choose one of the QGIS sub-programmes by double-clicking on its icon.

The initial window of your selection will appear on the screen after

In this example, an AutoCad vector map can be displayed in QGIS and a region selected for further processing.

Save the result in QGIS as a raster layer for further use