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Filling out the form

Required fields:

Your first and last names.

Your address, including city, postal code and country.

Your email address.

Your credit card number and kind. The last 3 digits of the card verification value/code printed on the back of the card.

If you are activating an already registered version of AirPhoto, just click the Activate button, and after filling out the form, close it.

All other fields are optional, but where applicable, they should be included so that mail and update notices can be addressed properly.

Credit Card Details:

The kind of credit card you use must be selected correctly. Credit cards other than those shown on the form cannot be accepted. JCB Cards begin with the number 3. Visa Cards always begin with the number 4. The other cards always begin with the number 5. This will be checked by the program, unless you choose None.

The credit card number must contain a 4 digit number in the first field and 4 digit numbers including any leading zeroes in the three following fields to the right if it is not a Visa card. A Visa card may contain either all 4 digit numbers or an initial 4 digit number followed by three 3 digit numbers. Little square 'boxes' will show you where data has not been entered. You may clear a field either by backspacing or by pressing Ctrl-Y. The total number of digits must be 16 for all cards or it may be 13 for a Visa card.The card number will be checked by the program for completeness and the Luhn checksum test used by all credit card companies will be made as well on the final number entered.

The card expiration date is required by all credit card companies. It must be equal to or later than the current system date on your computer. If a date error warning is given, but you have entered the card's date correctly, exit the program with Cancel, check the system date on your machine and reset it if it is incorrect. 

The three digits of the card verification value or code are the last three digits of the number which is printed on the back of the card. This code is required for security purposes, since it can not be read by an imprinter or a card reading machine. It can only be read visually by someone who has the physical card at hand.

If the name of the card holder is different from that of the registree, please add this name to your e-mail letter when sending off the encrypted text. This name will not be included in our database, but it may be required by the credit card processing company.

Text Out:

If this box is checked, a plain text Ascii file called EMAILMSG.TXT will be written to your AirPhoto\Registration directory. You may print this file for your records. It contains all the information which you have entered in the form. If you don't want this file to be created, make sure that the box is not checked. It can be read by anyone with access to your computer, so be sure to erase it if you have entered a credit card number.