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Registering AirPhoto 3

Access Code:

An access code for permanent installation and reinstallation of updates to AirPhoto is required. Further details will be sent to you along with your personal access code when a valid credit card number or other payment has been received. When you have your permanent access code, just reinstall the programs. A second download is not needed if you have kept the files you downloaded from the Internet. 


In order to install AirPhoto permanently, you must run the program Airegister.exe to install RegAir3.exe. AirPhoto runs only on the machine on which RegAir3 has run unless you acquire a network version. The network version may be installed on any number of machines attached to a single network server. 

The encrypted text generated by RegAir3.exe contains a unique machine dependent code which is then included in the registration code which you will receive via e-mail. This will be compared with the identifier of the computer on which the installation program runs, and only if they are identical will the installation be successful. If you wish to use AirPhoto on more than one machine, you must run airegister.exe on each of these separately and obtain a unique registration code for each of these. If your machines are networked and you acquire a network registration code, activation is not required, but it is still necessary to run Airegister.exe followed by RegAir3 at least once in order to generate data for our database. Ask for full instructions in this case.


See the pro-forma invoice for the single user stand-alone version price and payment methods. See the quantity and network discount schedule for institutional users if you wish to acquire licenses for more than one machine or are upgrading from an earlier version of AirPhoto.

Credit Card payment (until 15 October 2007 only):

You may pay by credit card at no extra charge. This is the cheapest way for you to pay regardless of your location. Use the secure registration program RegAir3.exe contained in airegister.exe to encrypt your credit card number and your personal data safely. This program permits you to fill out a form with all the data needed, When the form closes, this creates a new encrypted file called EMAILREG.ASC. The encryption uses the modern 128 bit Rijndael algorithm, a replacement for 56 bit DES.

EMAILREG.ASC can only be read at the Unkelbach Valley Software Works and by no one else. This file will be found on the AirPhoto registration directory after the registration program terminates, e.g. 


where x: is the drive letter where RegAir3.exe was installed.

If the name of the credit card holder differs from yours, please edit your e-mail letter and add the name and address of the card holder before attaching the encrypted text. This name will not be included in our database, but it is required by the credit card processing company.

Attach (see Warning below) the file emailreg.asc to your e-mail  and send it to:

After you receive your access code and have reinstalled the programs successfully, delete the registration directory and all of its contents since they are no longer needed, thus freeing about 3/4 of a megabyte of disk space. The installation program does not do these deletions for you in case something goes wrong, so you must do them manually using the Windows Explorer or from a command line window

If you have enabled the Text Out check box in the form, this will create a small Ascii file called EMAILMSG.TXT which contains the information you have entered to be used for your records. Be sure to delete this file to prevent someone who might use your machine from seeing your credit card number. Deleting the entire registration directory is the safest way to carry out these deletions, since many simple undelete utilities will not be able to reconstruct it. The Text out box is not checked by default. 

Please note that for security reasons, payment by credit card will no longer be available after 15 October 2007.  Payment by bank transfer in Euro using our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFT (BIC)  Bank Code or by Banker's Order Cheque on a German correspondent bank must be used.  Please request the full account number.


Never past emailreg.asc into the body of your e-mail. Use only the attachment option in your mail programme. Otherwise a change of a single character through your mailer's formatting will corrupt the encryption, and the file can not be read. 

First, send your e-mail also to yourself as a check. If your mail programme cannot attach the short ascii file and insists on putting it the body of your letter, then pass the file emailreg.asc through WinZip, PkZip or an equivalent programme and attach the resulting zip file. This warning applies especially to Hotmail and other Web mailers.

Never do any credit card operations using RegAir3 if the AirPhoto directory is a networked directory to which you have write access and which others can read with Text out enabled!

Never send your credit card number without encryption as e-mail!

We will not be responsible for any losses which you may incur if you ignore these warnings and send a credit card number via e-mail without encryption. There are dangerous criminal hackers prowling the Internet or perhaps even your own network who might intercept it and cause you a financial catastrophe!


If you have lost your registration code for Version 3, or if you make a major change in your computer's hardware such as replacing your hard disk or reinstalled the operating system, or if you have simply replaced your computer,  installing updates for to a new AirPhoto version will require a new permanent registration code. 

If that is the case, ask for special instructions giving your full name and address or the full name and address of the person in whose name AirPhoto has been registered.

Non-Credit Card Payment:

Users residing within the European Union may also pay by Giro transfer. You must use our IBAN-Swift-BIC account number. For security reasons, the full number is not shown on the pro-forma invoice . Please ask for it. Users outside the European Union must add a bank surcharge to cover fees charged to us by all the banks involved.

If you are an institutional user within the European Union, and if you can supply an European Union Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT ID) certificate, you may reduce the amount due by 19%. If you do not supply a valid VAT ID certificate, full VAT must be included for all Internet deliveries without exception. 

If you are located outside the European Union and cannot use an IBAN/SWIFT bank transfer, you may pay with a mailed banker's order (certified) cheque in Euro on a German correspondent bank. Your cheque must be included with the stub at the bottom of the form so that we can identify you as the source. Do not have your bank send the cheque without this stub!!  Otherwise, we will not know to whom we should send the access code! Please make sure that you or your administration have told your bank that you will carry all bank charges. Have your bank specify a German correspondent bank on the cheque. We will return cheques which are not for the full amount shown. Currencies other than the Euro can not be accepted.  

Your E-mail address:

To receive automatic notification of the free updates to AirPhoto, you must include your e-mail address on a written order or if you are registering by e-mail an address must be given to which the access code can be sent. 


Users who registered an earlier version of AirPhoto are entitled to a 50% discount on the price stated in the pro-forma   invoice and on the registration programme form. Those who registered after 1 March 2003 need only reactivation. Write and ask for special instructions.There is no charge for this.

Address changes:

If your address or e-mail address changes, be sure to send us an e-mail or 'snail mail' letter with your new address so that update notifications continue to reach you.

Purchase orders are not acceptable, because we have no personnel for administration of order tracking. That enables AirPhoto to be offered at its very low price.

If you use the form below rather than the registration programme, send it by mail in a sealed envelope. Never send this form via e-mail!

Cut along this line 
Please be absolutely sure to return this stub with your checque, postal money order receipt copy, or card number. 
Add your full name and address to the form below. Orders received without this stub cannot be processed. 

Your Name:


Street and Number:

Postal Code:



Credit card:      Visa [_] Master [_] Eurocard [_] Access [_]
Number           [_][_][_][_]  [_][_][_][_]  [_][_][_][_]  [_][_][_][_] 

Expiration Date  [_][_]/[_][_]

Card Verification Value/Code  [_][_][_]