Manfred Jahn
Poems, Plays, and Prose:
A Guide to the Theory of Literary Genres

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This version dated April 2002.

Global Index

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ab ovo   D7.6 N4.8
Abbot   D4.6
Abrams   D7.5 P1.15 P1.19 P4
absolute drama   D2.2 D3.7 D5.5 D6.1
abstraction ladder   P3.6
acceleration   N5.2.3
accident   D7.2
achrony   N5.2.1
act   D3.1 F2.1
actability   D1.5.3
acting edition   D3.6
action   D7.1 N2.1.2 N4.1
action text   F1.5
actional integration   N2.4.6
actor   D2.1 D2.3
actorly playscript   D3.2
actorly text   D3.6
Aczel   N3.1.10
Adams   N2.1.5
addressee   D2.1 N1.4 N1.5 N3.1.1 P3.3
addresser   D2.1 N1.4
aerial shot   F2.5
affectionate thou   D4.6
after-history   N4.1
Albee   D2.1 D8.8
Aldiss   N3.3.11
alienation   F5.3.3
alienation effect   D6.1 D6.4.4
alienation technique   D6.3
alliteration   P4.1
Alter   D1.5.3
alteration   N3.3.15
alterity   N3.1.10
alternate rhyme   P2.3
altero-characterization   D8.1 D8.3 N7.1 N7.3 N7.4
alterocharacterization   D8.4 D8.5 D8.6
alteroquotation   N8.2
ambient focalization   Q3.16
ambient sound   F3.2
American shot   F2.2
Amis   N5.2.1
amplitude   N5.2.2
anachronic   D7.4
anachronism goof   F5.3.3
anachrony   D7.2 N4.6 N5.2.1
anadiplosis   P4.2
analepsis   N5.2.1
analogy   N2.4.6
analytical drama   D8.10
anapest   P1.4 P1.8
anaphora   P4.2
anarchic farce   D7.9
Anderson   N3.3.4
animal poem   P5.1
antagonist   D7.10
anteriority   N5.1.4
anti-illusionism   F5.3.3
anti-illusionist elements   D6.4.6
anticipation   N5.2.1
anticlimax   P4.4
antithesis   P4.4
antonomasia   P4.4
apostrophe   P3.3 P4.5
appellative   N3.1.4 N3.3.4
appellative function   N3.1.2
Applebee   N2.2.3
apron stage   D4.2
Arcadia   P3.1
archaism   P4.2
Archer   D7.6
aria   D3.4
Ariosto   D4.5.1
Aristotle   D6.2 D7.5 D7.8 N2.1.4
AS   F2.2
aside   D3.4
aside ad spectatores   D3.4 D6.4.5
asides ad spectatores   D6.1
assonance   P4.1
Aston   D3.5
asyndeton   P4.3
attributive discourse   D3.5 N8.2 N8.3 N8.5 N8.6 N8.7
audience involvement   D4.4
audience of real readers   N1.6
auditorium   D5.4
Auilner   F1.4
Austen   N1.27 N1.29 N3.1.3 N5.1.3 N8.3
Austin   D2.1 N2.3.1
author   D2.1 N1.6 N2.3.1 N3.1.7 P3.3 P3.4
author's sex   N3.1.3
authorial audience   N2.3.3
authorial exposition   N3.3.12
authorial narration   N1.20 N3.3.5
authorial narrative   N1.20 N3.3.1
authorial narrative situation   N1.15
authorial narrator   N1.15 N1.25 N3.1.3 N3.3.6 N6.6 N9.4
authorial story patterns   N3.3.6
authorial-figural narration   N3.3.12
auto-characterization   D8.1 D8.3 N7.1 N7.3 N7.4 N7.5
autocharacterization   D8.4 D8.5 D8.6 D8.7 D8.8 F5.1.3
autodiegetic narration   N3.1.5
autonomous monologue   N8.9
autonomous stage direction   D3.5
awareness   D8.9
Ayckbourn   D2.1 D7.9
Baak   N6.4
bad quartos   D4.5.3
Baker   N2.4.3
Bakhtin   N3.1.7 N3.1.10 N6.1 N6.2
Bal   N1 N2.1.2 N2.1.5 N2.2.3 N2.4.2 N2.4.5 N3 N3.1.3 N3.2.2 N3.2.3
balcony   D4.3
ballad   P3.1 P3.2
ballad stanza   P2.7
Bally   N8.6
Banfield   N3.2.4 N3.3.4 N8.3 N8.6 N8.7
baring the devive   F2.4 F5.3.3
Barrett Browning   D1.3
Barth   N2.4.3 N2.4.6 N3.3.14
Barthes   D2.3 F5.3 N2.1.2 N2.3.4
Basho   P2.8
bays   D4.3
beat   P1.4 P1.7
Beaver   F3.2
Beckett   D3.5 D7.3 N3.3.11
beginnings   D7.6
Beja   N3.3.10
Belloc   P4.4
Benson's law   D7.9 N4.5
Berger   D1.5.3
Berkoff   D2.1
Best   D4.1
biblical narratives   N2.2.3
Bierce   N3.3.15
biographies   N2.2.2
black farce   D7.9
Blackfriars   D4.2
Blackfriars Theater   D4.2
Blake   P1.12 P4.2
blank verse   D4.8 P2.5
bleed-over   F3.2
block characterization   N1.27 N5.3.2 N7.4 N7.9
block exposition   F5.2.2 N1.11
block stage direction   D3.2
blueprint reader   F1.4
Boccaccio   D4.5.1
Bolt   D3.4 D6.3 D6.4.4
Bond   P2.8
Bonheim   D8 N3.1.2 N3.3.11 N4.8 N5.3.1 N5.3.2 N7 N8.3 N8.5 P1.4 P1.5
Booth   N3.3.11 N8.8
boy actors   D4.5.6
Bradbury   N3.3.12 N4.8 N5.2.5 N5.3.2 N7.8 N8.5
Braine   N3.3.2
Brandmeyer   P6
Branigan   F1.1 N2.2.3 N2.4.3 N3.2.3 N4.2 N4.3
Brecht   D2.2 D6.1 D6.3 D7.7
Bremond   D7.2 N2.1.3 N4.4 N4.6 N4.8
bridging shot   F2.4
British Film Institute   F6
Brockbank   D4.8
Broich   P2.9
Bronfen   N6.2
Brontë   N2.4.3
Bronzwaer   N3.3.10
Brooks   D1.5.1 N2.1.5 N2.2.3
Browning   D1.3
Bruner   N4.3
Büchner   D7.7
Bullough   D4.5.1
Burgess   F1.2 Q3.13
Burk   D1.5.3
Burns   P3.11 P4.4
Burrow   P6
Byron   D1.3 P1.12
cadence   P1.12 P1.13
Caesar   N3.1.6
caesura   P1.12 P1.13
camera-eye narration   N3.3.11
Campbell   D1.5.3
captatio benevolentiae   D6.4.1
Carlson   D3.5 D3.7
Carroll   N3.3.15 P1.9 P2.3
cast   D3.5
catachresis   P4.4
catastrophe   D7.5
categorization   D8.6 N7.4
catharsis   D7.8
causal coherence   N4.6
cell   F2.1
censorship   D4.5.6
center   N3.2
center of attention   F4.3.3
center stage   D5.4
central consciousness   N1.17
central opening   D4.3
certain anticipation   N5.2.1
character   D2.3 N2.1.2 N2.3.4
character's discourse   N8.1
character's NOW   N5.1.1
character-focalizer   N3.2.2
characterization   D3.5 D8 N7
characters   D3.5
characters' discourses   N8.1
Chatman   D1.5.4 D2.1 D3.2 D8 F1.1 F3.2 F4.1.2 F4.3.9 I2 N1 N2.1.2 N2.1.5 N2.2.3 N2.4.3 N3 N3.1.2 N3.2.2 N3.2.3 N3.3.11 N4.2 N5.1.3 N5.2.3 N5.3.2 N6.2 N7 N8.8 N8.9 N8.11 P1.16 P3.2
Chaucer   D4.5.1 D6.4.1 N2.4.3
chiasmus   P4.3
children's narratives   N2.2.3
Chinese boxes   Q3.11
Chinese-boxes model   N2.4.3 N2.4.4
chorus character   N7.8
chorus characters   D2.2
Christie   N3.3.15
Christmas pantomime   D7.9
chronological order   N5.2.1
chronology goof   F5.3.3
chronotopes   N6.1
Churchill   D1.5.3 D7.2 D7.9
Ci   N5.2.1
cinematographer   F1.3 F4.1.3
climax   D7.5 N4.4 P4.4
clips   F4.3.1
close shot   F2.2
close-up   F2.2
closed form   D7.7
closet drama   D1.3
closure   D7.6 N4.8
cogitat   N8.3
cogitat tag   N8.3
cognitive frames   N3.3.15
cognitive narratology   N2.1.5
coherence   P3.5 P3.6 P3.10 P3.12
Cohn   N2.1.5 N2.2.2 N2.2.3 N3 N3.3.11 N3.3.15 N5.1.2 N7.6 N8.1 N8.2 N8.5 N8.6 N8.8 N8.9 N8.11
Cole   P1.19
Coleridge   P1.1 P4.2 P4.4
collective focalization   N3.2.4
collective internal focalizers   N3.3.11
collective reflectors   N3.2.4
Collier   N3.2.4 N7.9 N8.3 N8.6
color values   F2.6
comedies   D4.5.2
comedy   D7.9
comic relief   D7.11
comment   N1.15 N3.3.5 N5.2.3 N5.3.2
commentary   N5.3.2
commentary by others   D8.3
commentative function   F3.2
communication, fictional   D2.1
comparison theory   P3.10
completive anachronies   N5.2.1
completive flashforward   N5.2.1
complication   D7.5 N4.4
composer   F4.1.3
conative   N3.1.4
conative solicitude   N3.1.2 N3.1.4 N3.3.10
conceptual blending   Q3.12
concurrent narration   N5.1.4
Condell   D4.5.2
condescending thou   D4.6
confidant   N7.8
configuration   D3.1
conflict   N4.4
congruent presentation   N5.2.3
Conrad   N3.3.10
consonance   P4.1
consonant   N8.2 N8.6
contemptuous thou   D4.6
continuity goof   F5.3.3
contract   N3.3.15
contraction   D4.6 P1.11
control text   D4.5.4
Cooperative Principle   F4.1.2
Cordesse   N3.2.3
Cornish   D7.9
Cortazzi   N2.2.3
costumes   D3.5
couplet   P2.4
court masque   D5.2
courtroom narratives   N2.2.3
courtship plot   D7.10
covert narration   N3.3.11
covert narrator   N1.9 N3.1.1 N3.1.4 N3.3.9
covertness   N1.9 Q3.16
Cozzens   N1.8 N1.22 N1.31
crane shot   F2.3
CS   F2.2
CU   F2.2
Culler   F5.3 N3.1.3 P3.6
Culpeper   N8.7
cultural narratology   N2.1.5
Cummings   P4.4
Currie   N2.1.5
curtain   D4.3 D4.4 D5.1 D5.3 D6.1 D6.4.6
curtain calls   D5.4
cut   F2.4 N5.2.3
dactyl   P1.4 P1.8
Dana   F2.1 F6
dangling matrix narrative   N2.4.1
Day   D4.5.3
dead metaphor   P4.4
deceleration   N5.2.3
deconstruction   Q3.14
dedications   D3.3
deictic center   N6.3 N6.4
deictic expressions   N6.3 N6.4
deictic orientation   N6.4
deixis   N8.5
Delafield   N8.7
Deleyto   F1.1 F4.3.1 N3.2.3
denomination   N7.9
dénouement   D7.6 N4.4
description   D3.5 N5.2.3 N5.3.2
descriptive stage direction   D3.5
descriptive statements   N7.4
detail   F2.2
Deutsch   P2.8
device goof   F5.3.3
dialect   D8.7 N3.1.8 N7.5
dialogic text   N3.1.9
dialogical aside   D3.4
dialogism   N3.1.9
dialogue   D3.4 D8.4
diaries   N5.1.4
diary   N3.3.11
Dickens   N3.1.3 N3.1.10 N3.3.3 N3.3.9 N5.1.2 N5.2.1 N6.6 N7.7 N8.6
Dickinson   P4.4
didascalia   D3.5
didascaly   D3.5
diegesis   F3.2 N2.1.4 N5.3.1
diegetic sentences   N3.3.11
diegetic sound   F3.2 F5.1.2
diegetic statements   N8.1
diegetic summary   N8.7
differential definition   D1.1
dimeter   P1.10
direct cut   F2.4
direct discourse   N8.5
direct speech   N8.5
direct thought   N8.5 N8.9
directness   N1.17
director   D1.4 D1.5.3 D2.1 F1.3
discoursal stance   N3.1.2 N3.1.4
discourse   N2.1.2 N2.1.3
discourse narratology   N2.1.3 Q3.2
discourse space   N6.3
discourse time   D7.3 N4.7 N5.1.1 N5.2.2 N5.2.3 N6.3
discourse-HERE   F4.2.3 N6.3
discourse-NOW   F4.2.3 N5.1.1 N5.1.3 N5.1.4 N6.3
discovery space   D4.3
dissolve   F2.4
dissonant   N8.2 N8.6
distraction   N2.4.6
doctor's narratives   N2.2.3
documentary play   D7.7
Dolezel   N3.3.4 N8.1
dolly shot   F2.3
domestic tragedy   D7.8
dominant contrast   F4.3.4
Donleavy   N3.3.14
Donne   P1.8 P1.17 P4.3
donor field   P3.10
Dorfman   N4.1
Dos Passos   N5.1.2
downstage   D3.6 D5.4
drama   F1.1 F1.2
drama of the absurd   D7.7
dramatic illusion   D5.3 D6.1
dramatic irony   D8.10
dramatic monologue   N3.3.4 P3.1
dramatic monologues   P3.3
dramatic narratives   D1.2
dramatic narrator   D8.5
dramatic poem   D1.3
dramatic poetry   D1.5.1
dramatis personae   D3.3 D3.5
dramatist   D1.5.2 D2.1
Drayton   P1.3
DS   F2.2
dual voice' theory   N8.6
Duchan   N2.1.5
Duffy   N3.1.3
Dujardin   N8.9
duologue   D3.4
duration   N5.2 N5.2.2
Duyfhuizen   N2.4.2
dynamic character   N7.7
dynamic shots   F2.3
Early Modern English   D4.6
editor   F1.3 F4.1.3
Edmiston   N3.1.6 N3.2.3 N3.3.15
Elam   D1.5.3
elegies   P3.2
elegy   P3.1
Eliot   N1.14 N1.15 P1.19
elision   P1.11 P1.13
Elizabeth I   D4.1
ellipsis   N5.2.3 P4.3
Elton John   P3.12
emancipated actor   D6.4.4
embedded narrative   D2.1 N2.4.2 N2.4.3 N2.4.6
embracing rhyme   P2.3
emendation   D4.5.4
Emmott   N7.9
emotive function   N3.1.2
empathy   N4.3
emplotment   N2.1.3
enallage   P4.2
end rhyme   P2.2
ending, ambiguous   D7.6
ending, open   D7.6
endogenic feet   P1.13
English sonnet   P2.7
enjambement   P1.12 P1.13
epanalepsis   P4.2
epic drama   D2.1 D2.2 D3.4 D3.7 D5.5 D6 D8.5
epic elements   D6.3
epic narrative   D1.5.4 N2.1.4
epic narratives   D1.2
epic plays   D7.4
epic theater   D2.2 D6 D6.1 D7.7
epigram   P3.1
epilogue   D3.3 D5.4 N4.8
epilogue speaker   D6.1
epiphanic endings   N3.3.10
epiphany   N3.3.10 N9.3 P2.9
epiphora   P4.2
episode   N4.4 N4.5
epistolary novels   N3.2.4
Epstein   F1.5 F2.1 F6
error-message haikus   P2.9
establishing shot   F2.2
euphemism   P4.4
Evans   D4.5.1 D4.5.4
events   N2.1.2
existents   D3.2 N6.2
exogenic feet   P1.13
exotic metrical effects   P1.18
expansion   D4.6 P1.11 P1.13
experiencing I   F5.2.1 N1.11 N1.12 N1.28 N1.30 N3.1.6 N3.3.1 N3.3.2 N9.2
experientiality   D1.5.4
explicit characterization   D8.4 D8.6 D8.8 N7.4
exposition   D3.4 D6.4.1 D7.6 N1.8 N1.28 N2.4.6 N3.1.1 N3.1.4 N3.3.9 N3.3.10 N3.3.12 N4.4
expressive form   P5.3
expressive function   N3.1.2 N3.1.4
expressivity markers   N1.4
external addressee   P3.3
external anachrony   N5.2.1
external events   D7.1
external flashback   N5.2.1
external flashforward   N5.2.1
external focalization   N3.2.1
external focalizer   N3.2.2 N3.2.4
external view   F4.3.9
extradiegetic   N2.4.2
extradiegetic narrator   N2.4.5
extratextual   N2.3.1
extratextual level   N1.7
extratextual voice   N3.1.7
extreme close-up   F2.2
extreme long shot   F2.2
eye rhyme   P2.1
eye-line shot   F4.3.8
fable   N2.1.2
factual goof   F5.3.3
fade in   F2.4
fade out (to color)   F2.4
fairy tale   N4.4
fairy tales   D7.2
fall-of-princes tragedy   D7.8
falling action   D7.5
familiarizing article   N3.3.10
family narratives   N2.2.3
farce   D7.9
Fauconnier   P3.10 P3.11
Faulkner   N3.3.3 N3.3.11 N7.5 N8.8
FCD   F4.1.2 F4.1.3 F4.1.4 F4.3.6
Fearing   P3.5 P3.7
Fehr   N8.11
feminine cadence   P1.12
feminine rhyme   P2.2
feminist narratology   N2.1.5
Fichte   D1.5
fiction   N1.1
fiction and eavesdropping   N1.6
fictional   N1.6
fictional autobiography   N2.2.3 N3.3.4 N9.1
fictional narrative   N2.2.2
fictional space   N6
FID   N1.23
FID test   N1.23 N1.24
Fielding   Q3.10
figura etymologica   P4.2
figural characterization   D8.3 D8.4 D8.5 N7.3
figural medium   N3.3.7 N3.3.12
figural narration   N1.20 N1.26 N3.3.7 N3.3.11
figural narrative   N1.18 N1.20 N1.30 N3.3.1 N3.3.9
figural narrator   N3.3.7
figural story patterns   N3.3.9
figure   D2.3 N2.3.4
Fillmore   N3.3.15
film   F1.2
film script   F1.2 F1.4 F1.5
film stock   F2.6
film studies   F1.1
Film websites   F6
filmic composition device   F4.1.2
filmic narratives   N2.2.3
filter   F3.2
filter character   N3.2.2
filters   F2.6
first-degree narrative   N2.4.2 N2.4.3 N2.4.4
first-degree narrator   N2.4.2
first-person   N3.3.2
first-person narration   N1.20 N3.3.2
first-person narrative   N3.3.1
first-person narrative situation   N1.13
first-person narrator   N1.28 N3.3.4 N7.6
first-person narrators   N9.1
first-person pronoun trap   N1.14
Fish   D1.5
Fitzgerald   N6.5
fixed focalization   N3.2.4
flashback   D7.2 D7.3 N4.6 N5.2.1
flashforward   D7.2 N4.6 N5.2.1
flat character   N7.7
Flaubert   N3.3.3 Q3.11
Flint   N2.2.3
Fludernik   N2.1.5 N3 N3.1.3 N3.2.3 N3.3.4 N3.3.11 N4.3 N7.9 N8.3 N8.5 N8.6 N8.10
fluff goof   F5.3.3
flying in   D4.3
flying out   D4.3
focal character   N3.2.2
focal characters   N3.2.2
Focalization   F4.3.1 F4.3.2 N3 N3.2 N3.3.2 N6.4 N7.9
focalized object   F4.3.3
focalizer   F4.3.3 N3.2.2
focalizers   N3
focus   F4.3.3
foil character   N7.8
Folio   D4.5.2 D4.5.3 D4.5.5
foot   P1.7
forestage   D5.4
form of address   N7.9
Forman   F1.2
Forster   D7.2 N4.2 N4.6 N7.7
Foucault   N2.1.3
four-phase cycle   N4.4
fourth wall   D3.4 D5.5
Fowler   N3.1.2 N3.1.10 N3.3.11 N8.12
Fowles   N3.2.4 N4.8 N5.2.1 N7.4
frame   F2.1 N8.2 N8.5
frames   F1.4
Frank   N6.1
Frayn   D6.2
free direct discourse   N8.5
free indirect discourse   F5.2.2 N1.23 N8.3 N8.6 N8.11
free indirect speech   N8.6
free indirect thought   N8.6
free verse   P1.19
Freese   N3.3.4
French scene   D3.1
frequency   N5.2 N5.2.4
Freytag   D7.5
Freytag's pyramid   D7.5 D7.6
Freytag's triangle   N4.4
Friedman   N3.3.3 N3.3.5 N3.3.11
FS   F2.2
Füger   N3.2.3
full shot   F2.2
future-tense narrative   N5.1.4
gaze   F4.3.10
gaze shot   F4.3.8
geminatio   P4.2
genderlect   N3.1.8
generic present   N5.1.3
Genette   D1.1 D3.3 D7.3 N1 N1.10 N1.13 N2.1.2 N2.1.4 N2.1.5 N2.4.2 N2.4.3 N2.4.6 N3 N3.1.1 N3.1.6 N3.1.10 N3.2.2 N3.2.3 N3.3.6 N3.3.11 N3.3.15 N4.2 N5.2 N5.2.1 N5.2.2 N5.2.3 N5.2.4 N5.3.1 N7.6 N7.9 N8.1 N8.2 N8.9
genre   F1.2
genre taxonomy   I2
Gewirtz   N2.1.5 N2.2.3
Giannetti   F1.4 F2.6 F4.3.4 F4.3.10
Gibson   Q3.14
Gide   N2.4.7
Gilman   N3.3.11
glimpse   N3.3.10
Globe   D3.4 D5.3
Globe 3   D4.2
Globe Theater   D4.2 D4.3 D5.1 D5.5
gnomic present   N5.1.3
gnomic statement   N5.1.3
Goethe   Q3.8
Goffman   D1.5.4
good quarto   D4.5.4
good quartos   D4.5.3
Goodman   D1.5.3
goofs   F5.3
Gower   D2.2 D2.3 D6.4.1
graininess   F2.6
grand image-maker   F4.1.2
Grass   N6.3
Graves   P5
Greimas   P3.6 P3.10
Grice   F4.1.1 N3.3.15
Groundlings   D4.3
grouping   P1.2
Gurr   D4.2
Gutenberg   N2.1.5 N4.6
H.D   P4.2
haiku   P2.8 P2.9
half rhyme   P2.1
hamartia   D7.8
Handke   D6.3
happy ending   D7.9
Harris   P4
Harrison   D4.3 D4.5.5
Hawkins   D1.5.2
Hayakawa   N4.3
Hayden White   N2.1.3
hearer   P3.3
heavy-suitcase goof   F5.3.2
hell   D4.3
Heminge   D4.5.2
Hemingway   F4.3.9 N1.16 N1.18 N3.3.10 N3.3.11 N4.8 N8.12 Q3.10
hendiad   P4.4
heptameter   P1.10
Herman   N2.1.5 N3.2.3
Herman, D   N2.1.5
Herman, L   N2.1.5
heroic couplet   D4.8 P2.4
Herrig   P3.1
heterodiegetic narration   N1.14 N3.3.11
heterodiegetic narrative   N1.10 N1.21 N1.28
heterodiegetic narrator   D2.2 D8.5 N1.15
heterodiegetic you-narrative   N3.3.11
heteroglossia   N3.1.10
hexamater   P1.10
hiding a voice   N1.17
high angle   F2.5
historical present   N5.1.3
histories   D4.5.2
historiographic autobiography   N2.2.3
historiographic narratology   N2.1.5
historiographic texts   N2.2.2
Hitchcock   F1.4 F4.1.3
Hodges   D4.3 D4.4
Hoffmann   N6.2
Holinshed   D4.5.1
Holland   D1.5 D1.5.3
Holman   D8.10 N7.8 P4
Homer   Q3.11
homodiegetic narrative   N1.10 N1.13 N1.20 N3.3.11
homodiegetic narrator   D2.2 D8.5
homodiegetic you-narrative   N3.3.11
homonymy   P4.4
Hood   P4.1
Hopkins   P1.19
Horace   D7.5
Hornby   D1.5.2 D6.2
how long   N5.2.2
how often   N5.2.4
How to write a novel   N1.20
hubris   D7.8
Hughes   N3.3.15 N8.6
human limitations   N3.3.2
Humphrey   N8.8 N8.9
Hunter   N2.2.3
hut   D4.3
Huxley   N1.21 N3.3.10
hyperbola   P4.4
hypermetrical line   P1.12
hypermetrical lines   P1.13
hypertext narratives   N2.2.3
hypo-hyponarrative   N2.4.5
hypodiegetic narrator   N2.4.5
hyponarrative   N2.4.1 N2.4.4 N2.4.5 N2.4.7
hypothetical audience   N1.5
hypothetical observer   F4.3.6
hysteron proteron   P4.3
I   P3.3
I as co-protagonist   N3.3.3
I as minor character   N3.3.3
I as protagonist   N3.3.3
I as uninvolved eyewitness   N3.3.3
I as witness   N3.3.3
I as witness-protagonist   N3.3.3
I-as-protagonist   N3.3.2
I-as-witness   N3.3.2
I-I structure   F5.2.1
iamb   P1.4 P1.8
iambic pentameter   P1.10
identification   D8.6 N4.3 N7.4
identification by self-recognition   N4.3
identification for wish-fulfillment   N4.3
idiolect   N3.1.8
IF test   N1.24 N1.25
image-maker   F4.1.2
imagery   P3.10 P3.12
imaginary audition   D1.5.3
imaginary perception   F4.3.1
imagists   P2.8
immediacy   N1.17
imperceptibles   Q3.15
implicatures   F4.1.1
implicit characterization   D8.7 N7.5
implied author   D8.3 N2.3.2 Q3.7 Q3.14 Q3.16
implied reader   N2.3.2
implied stage direction   D3.4 D4.5.5
impressionism   N3.3.9 N8.8
in medias res   D7.6 N4.8
in praesentia   D8.4 N7.3
in ultimas res   D7.6 N4.8
in-absentia   D8.4
in-praesentia   D8.4
Incipit   N3.3.10 N4.8 N5.2.5 N7.9
incipits   N1.1
incoherence   P3.12
indigenous sound   F3.2
indirect content-paraphrase   N8.7
indirect discourse   N8.3 N8.7 N8.11
indirect speech   N8.7
indirect thought   N8.7
individualization   D8.6 N7.4
infraction   N3.3.15
Ingarden   D3.3
Inigo Jones   D5.2
initiation   N3.3.4 N6.5
inquit   N8.3
inset   N8.2 N8.5
inside views   N8.8
integrated exposition   D7.6
intercalated narration   Q3.12
interior monologue   N1.18 N3.3.11 N7.3 N8.9 N8.10
interlocutor   D3.4
intermission   D3.1
internal anachronies   N5.2.1
internal focalization   N1.18 N1.24 N3.2.1
internal focalizer   N1.18 N3.2.2 N3.3.7 N6.3 N6.6 N9.5
internal rhyme   P2.2
internet haikus   P2.9
Internet Movie Database   F6
intertitles   F4.2.1
intra-intradiegetic narrator   N2.4.5
intradiegetic   N2.4.2
intratextual   N2.3.1
intratextual level   N1.7
intratextual voices   N3.1.7
introductory tag   N8.3
inversion   P1.11 P4.3
invisible fourth wall   D5.5
irony   P4.5
Isherwood   N3.3.11
isochronous presentation   N5.2.3
isochrony   N5.2.3 N5.3.1
isolated exposition   D7.6
isotopies   N6.4 P3.7 P3.9
isotopy   N1.30 P3.6 P3.10 P5.1
Issacharoff   D1.5.3 D3.5 D3.7
Italian sonnet   P2.7
italicized emphasis   N1.4
iterative telling   N5.2.4
Jackendoff   P1.2
Jahn   N2.1.5 N3.2.3 N3.3.15 P4
Jakobson   N3.1.2 P3.10
James   N1.18 N2.4.3 N3.1.10 N3.3.12 N7.7 N7.9 N8.8
James I   D4.1
Janik   Q3.7
Johnson   D4.6 P3.11
Jones, Inigo   D5.2
Jong   Q3.11
Jonnes   N2.2.3
Jonson   D4.1 D5.2
Jost   F1.1 F4.3.1 N3.2.3
Joyce   N1.18 N3.2.4 N3.3.10 N3.3.12 N3.3.15 N5.1.3 N5.2.2 N6.5 N7.7 N8.8 N8.9
jump cut   F2.4
Kafka   N1.18
Kahrmann   N6.2
Kaplan   F4.3.10
Kearns   N2.1.5 N2.3.3
Keats   P4.2 P4.3 P4.4
Kermode   N2.2.3 N4.8
Ketels   D7.9
King's Men   D4.2
Kintsch   N4.4
Klotz   D7.7
Knapp   N2.2.3
knowledge limitations   N1.13
Korte   F1.5 P4
Kozloff   F1.1 F3.1 F4.1.2 N2.2.3
Krieger   D1.2 D7.9
Kubrick   F1.2
Kyd   D7.8
Labov   N2.2.3 N3.1.1 N4.3
Lakoff   P3.10 P3.11
Lanham   P4
Lanser   N2.1.5 N2.4.2 N3 N3.1.3 N3.1.10 N3.3.2 N3.3.3 N3.3.11 N7.6
Lanser's rule   N3.1.3 P3.4
Lardner   N3.3.4
Lathan   D5.4
Lawrence   N8.8 N8.11
Leech   N8.5 N8.7 N8.12
legal narratives   N2.2.3
legal narratology   N2.1.5
Lejeune   N2.2.3 N3.3.15
lenses   F2.6
Lerner   D1.5.2
Lessing   N6.1
level of action   N2.3.1
level of communication   N2.3.1
level of fictional action   D2.1
level of fictional mediation   D2.1
level of isotopy   P3.6
level of narrative mediation   N2.3.1
level of nonfictional communication   D2.1
Levin   D1.5.2 D4.6
Levinson   P3.10 P3.11
lighting   D6.4.3 F2.6
limerick   P1.17 P2.7
linear plots   D7.2
Lintvelt   N2.1.5 N2.4.3 N3 N3.3.11 N5.2.1 N8.1
literary space   N6.2
litotes   P4.4
Lloyd Evans   D4.5.3 D4.5.6 D5.1
logic goof   F5.3.3
long shot   F2.2
Longfellow   P1.17
Lord Chamberlain's Players   D4.2
Lord's Rooms   D4.3
Löschnigg   N2.2.3
low angle   F2.5
Lowry   N3.3.9 N5.2.1
LS   F2.2
Ludwig   P1.13 P1.14
Lyly   N8.10
lyrical I   P3.3
lyrical poem   P3.2 P3.3
Macaulay   D7.9
male gaze   F4.3.10
Mann   D1.3 N3.3.14 N7.6
Mansfield   N1.18 N3.3.10 N6.5 N6.6
Margolin   N3.3.11 N5.1.4
Marlowe   D4.1
Marvell   P4.4
masculine cadence   P1.12
masculine rhyme   P2.2
masque   D5.2
match cut   F4.3.8
match-cut   F4.3.9
Matisse   N2.4.7
matrix narrative   N2.4.1 N2.4.4
matrix narratives   N2.4.3
maximum stress   P1.4 P1.15
McClary   N2.2.3
McHale   N2.1.5 N2.4.7 N8.6 N8.7
medias in res   N3.3.9 N9.5
medium shot   F2.2
medium stress   P1.6
Meller   P3.1
memory play   D6.4.5
mental narratives   N2.2.3
message   P3.6
meta-metadiegetic narrative   N2.4.5
metadiegetic   N2.4.2
metadiegetic narrative   N2.4.5
metadrama   D6.2 D6.4.1
Metalious   N5.2.5
metanarrative comment   N1.14 N5.2.4
metanarrative commentary   N9.6
metanarrative comments   N3.1.4
metaphor   P3.11 P3.13 P4.4
metaphor theory   P3.11
meter   P1.3
metonymy   P3.11 P4.4
metrical grid   P1.14
metrical length   P1.10
metrical line   P1.7
Metz   F4.1.2
Mezei   N2.1.5
Michener   N5.2.2
Miller   N3.3.9
Milton   D1.3 P4.4
mimesis   N2.1.4 N5.3.1 N8.7
mimetic (un)reliability   N7.6
mimetic narrative genres   N2.1.4
mind style   N8.12
mindscreen   F5.1.4
minimal narratives   N4.2
mirror trick   N3.3.10
mise en abyme   N2.4.7
mixed metaphor   P4.4
mixed meter   P1.8 P1.13
mixed mode narrative situations   N3.3.12
mixed-mode narration   N3.3.14
model of narrative communication   N1.7
modernism   N3.3.9
moment of being   N3.3.10
moment of final suspense   D7.5
moment of recognition   N3.3.4
moment of vision   N3.3.10
monological aside   D3.4
monologism   N3.1.9
monologue   D3.4
monologue, and operatic aria   D3.4
monomedial   D1.2
monometer   P1.10
mood   N3.2
Moore   N7.9
Moritake   P2.8
morphological figures   P4.2
mosaic plot   N4.6
mosaic plots   D7.2
MS   F2.2
Mulryne   D4.2
multimedial   D1.2
multiple focalization   N3.2.4 N9.5
multiply embedded narratives   N2.4.3
Mulvey   F4.3.10
Munro   N3.3.11
Music   D6.4.2 F3.2
musical narratives   N2.2.3
N1.21>N1.21,   N1.31
Nabokov   N5.2.5 N5.3.1 N8.11
naming   N7.9
narrated perception   N8.1 N8.11
narratee   N2.3.1 N2.3.3 N3.1.1 N3.1.4
narratees   D2.1
narrating I   F5.2.1 N1.12 N1.30 N3.3.1 N3.3.2 N9.2 P3.3
narrating self   N3.3.2
Narration   N3
narrative   N1.2 N2.1.2
narrative agency   N3.1.1
narrative audience   N2.3.3
narrative communication   D2.1 N1.7 N2.3.1
narrative discourse   N1.3 N8.1
narrative distance   F4.2.3 N3.3.2
narrative form   D2.1
narrative modes   N5.3.1
narrative of (nonverbal) events   N8.1
narrative of events   N2.1.4 N8.2
narrative of verbal events   N8.1
narrative of words   N2.1.4 N8.2
narrative past   N5.1.1
narrative pause   D6.1
narrative poem   P3.1 P3.2 P3.3
narrative present   N5.1.1 N5.1.3
narrative report of discourse   N8.1 N8.7 N8.11
narrative report of speech   N8.7
narrative report of thought   N8.7
narrative situation   N3.3.12 N6.6 N8.6
narrative situations   N1.13 N3
narrative stage direction   D3.5
narrative trajectories   N4.4
narrative voice   N1.3 N3.1.7
narratives of personal experience   N2.2.3
narratology   D1.1 D1.5.3 F1.1 N2.1.1 P3.2 P3.3 Q3.14
narratology website   N2.1.6
narrator   D2.1 D2.2 D6.1 D6.4.1 D7.3 D8.3 D8.5 F4.1.3 N1.2 N1.3 N3.1.1 N6.3 P3.2 P3.3
narrator figure   D6.4.5 N2.3.4
narrator's discourse   N8.1
narrator's NOW   N5.1.1
narrator's sex   N3.1.3
narrator, in drama   D8.5
narrator-focalizer   N3.2.2
narrator-narratee contract   N3.3.15
narratorial characterization   D8.3 D8.5
narratorial intrusion   N5.3.2
narratorless   N3.3.7
narrators   N3
narreme   N4.1
NarrNet   N2.1.6
Nash   P3.11
natural narratology   N2.1.5
naturalization   F5.3
necessary condition   P1.1
Nelles   N2.1.5 N2.4.2 N3.2.3
nescience   Q3.15
Neumann   N8.3
neutral narration   N1.31 N3.3.11
New Globe   D4.2 D7.9
Nichols   D6.4.2 D7.4
Nieragden   N7
Nischik   N8.12
no-narrator position   Q3.16
noise   F3.2
non-text   P3.5
non-verbal action   D3.5
nondiegetic sound   F3.2
nonets   P2.4
nonfictional narrative   N2.2.2
nonverbal action   D2.1
nonverbal behavior   D8.7
normative (un)reliability   N7.6
novel   D1.5.4 F1.1 N1.1
novel and/vs play   D1.5.4
novel of consciousness   N8.8
novella   Q3.8
Nünning   N2.1.5 N3.2.3 N3.3.6 N7.6 Q3.7
nursery rhyme   N4.2 P3.1 P3.2
O'Hara   N3.3.13
O'Neill   N2.1.5 N2.4.2 N3.2.3
objective anachrony   N5.2.1
objective flashforward   N5.2.1
objective flashforwards   N3.3.11
objects   N6.2
oblique angle   F2.5
obstruction   N2.4.6
octets   P2.4
octosyllabic couplet   P2.4
odes   P3.1 P3.2
off screen   F3.2
off-screen narrator   F4.2.1
omission   N5.2.3
omnipresence   N3.3.5
omnipresent   N3.3.6
omniscience   N1.15 N1.20 N3.3.5
omniscient   N3.3.6 N7.6
omniscient narrator   D1.5.4
on-screen narrator   F4.2.1
on-the-scene reporting   N3.3.11 N5.1.4
Onega   N2.1.5
onomatopoeia   P4.1
open form   D7.7
orchestra   D5.4
order   N5.2 N5.2.1
order of presentation   D7.2
Orth   N8.10
Orton   D7.9
Ortony   P3.10 P3.11
Orwell   N3.3.13
other minds   N1.13 N3.3.2
outside commentary   D8.3
outside view   N3.3.11
over-the-shoulder shot   F4.3.8
overlapping sound   F3.2
overt narrator   N3.1.4
overtness   N1.9 N5.3.1
Ovid   D4.5.1
Owen   P4.1
oxymoron   P4.4 P5.2
paeon   P1.4
Page   D7.9 N8.3
pan   F2.3
panels   F1.4
panfictionality   N2.2.2
panoramic   N5.2.3
panoramic view   N6.6
pantomime   D7.9
paradox   P3.8 P4.4
paralepsis   N3.3.15
paralipsis   N3.3.15
parallelism   P4.3
parenthetical   F1.5
parenthetical tag   N8.3
paronomasia   P4.4
pars pro toto   P4.4
Pascal   N8.6
passe-partout scenery   D4.4
passepartout scenery   D5.1
past perfect   N1.28
past progressive   N5.1.2
past tense   N5.1.2
past-tense narrative   N5.1.4
pastoral   P3.1
patchwork   N8.2
pause   N3.3.5 N5.2.3 N5.3.2 P1.12
Pavel   D7.2 N2.1.2 N2.1.3 N4.6
pentameter   P1.10
percepit   N8.3
perception indicators   N1.18
Perec   N6.3
perfect rhyme   P2.1
performance   D1 D1.2 D1.5.2 D2.1 D8.5 F1.2
performance time   D7.3
peripety   D7.5
periphrasis   P4.4
peritext   D3.3 D3.5 D4.5.4
Perry   N2.1.5
person   D2.3 N2.3.4
persona   P3.3
personification   P4.4 P5.4
Pfister   D0 D1.2 D1.5 D1.5.3 D2.1 D2.2 D3.1 D3.4 D3.5 D4.5.5 D5.1 D6.3 D7.3 D7.5 D7.6 D7.7 D8 D8.2 D8.3 D8.4 N4.7 N7 N7.2 N7.3 N7.7 P2.9 Q3.14
phatic   N3.3.4
phatic function   N3.1.2
Phelan   N2.1.5 N2.3.3
Phonological figures   P4.1
picture vs. sound   F3.1
picture-frame stage   D5 D6.1
Pinter   D2.1 D7.2 D7.9
Pirandello   D6.1
pit   D5.4
pity and fear   D7.8
Plato   N2.1.4
Plautus   D4.5.1 D7.9
play   D1.2
play and/vs novel   D1.5.4
play within the play   D5.2 D7.5
play-within-the-play   D2.1
playscript   D3.3
playwright   D2.1
pleonasm   P4.4
Plett   N8.2 P4
plot   D1.5.4 D7.2 D7.6 D7.7 D7.10 N4.2 N4.6
plot connectivity   N4.6
plot line   N2.1.3
Plutarch   D4.5.1
Poe   N5.2.2 N7.6 P1.8 P1.12 P1.18 P2.2
Poetic Drama   D1.5.1 D1.5.2 D1.5.3
poetic licence   P1.11 P2.1
poetry   P1.1
poetry websites   P6
point of attack   D7.6 N4.8
point of audition   F4.3.2
point of origin   N6.3
point of view   F4.3.2 N3.2 N7.9
point of view shot   F4.3.8
political farce   D7.9
politically correct pronoun   P3.4
polyphony   N3.1.9
polyptoton   P4.2
polysyndetic list   P5.3
polysyndeton   P4.3
Pope   P1.3 P2.4 P4.3
Posner   N2.2.3
possible worlds narratology   N2.1.5
post-transcript   F1.4
postclassical   N2.1.5
posteriority   N5.1.4
postfaces   D3.3
postmodernist   N2.1.5
postmodernist narratives   N2.4.7
Potocki   N2.4.3
Pouillon   N3.3.11
Pound   P2.8
POV shot   F4.1.4 F4.3.8 N1.18
pragmatic figures   P4.5
pragmatic signals   N1.4 N1.5
pragmatics   N2.1.5
Pratt   N2.1.5
pre-history   N4.1 N5.2.1
pre-transcript   F1.4
predominant meter   P1.13
prefaces   D3.3
Preminger   P4
present tense   N3.3.11 N5.1.3
present-tense narrative   N5.1.4
Priestley   D1.5.2 D3.7 D7.2
primary story line   D7.1 N4.1 N5.2.1 N9.2
primary text   D3.3 D3.4 D4.5.5 D8.5 F1.5
primum comparandum   P3.10
Prince   N2.1.3 N2.1.5 N4.2 N8.3
principle of co-operation   N3.3.15
principle of maximization   P1.13
private showings   D1.3
private theaters   D4.2
problem comedies   D4.5.2
producer   D1.4 D2.1 F1.3
projection of voice   N1.3
prolepsis   N5.2.1
prologue   D3.3 D5.4 D6.4.1
prologue speaker   D6.1
promptbook   D4.5.3
properties   D3.2
property plot   D3.2
prophetic narrative   N5.1.4
props   D3.2 D3.5 D4.4
prose   P1.1
prosody   P1.2 P1.19
prospective narration   N5.1.4
protagonist   D7.10
Proust   N4.2
psychoanalytic narratology   N2.1.5
psychological farce   D7.9
psychonarration   N8.1 N8.11
pull back   F2.3
pulling shot   F2.3
pun   P4.4
pure rhyme   P2.1
push in   F2.3
pyrrhic   P1.8
Quarto   D4.5.3 D4.5.5
quatrain   P2.4
quintets   P2.4
Quirk   N8.5 N8.7
quotation theory   N8.2 N8.5
quoted discourse   N8.2
Rabinowitz   N2.3.3
Raith   P1.1
raked   D5.4
reaction shot   F4.3.8
reader   D1.5.2 D1.5.3 D2.1 N2.3.1 P3.3
readerly text   D3.6
Reading Drama   D1.5 D1.5.3 D4.5.5
real-life poet   P3.3
realist drama   D6.3
realist illusion   D5.5
realist plays   D5.5
reality effect   F5.3
realizability   D1.5.3
receivers   N2.3.1
recipe for baking a cake   D1.2
recipient   P3.3
recipient field   P3.10
recitation   P1.8 P1.14
recognition scene   D7.6
Redmond   D1.5.1
referentless pronoun   N3.3.10 N7.9
reflector   N1.18 N3.2.2 N3.3.7 N3.3.9 N3.3.10 N9.5
reflector-mode narration   N3.3.8 N3.3.15
reflectors   N3
reliability   D8.4 N7.3
reliable   D8.5 N7.6
reliable narrator   N7.6
Renaissance public theater   D1.5.1
repetitive anachrony   N5.2.1
repetitive telling   N5.2.4
report of what characters do not know, think, or say   N8.11
resolution   N4.4
retardation   N2.4.6
retrospection   N5.2.1
retrospective narration   F4.2.3 N5.1.4
revenge tragedy   D7.8
reverse angle shot   F4.3.6
Reynolds   N5.3.2
rhetorical comparison   P3.10
rhetorical narratology   N2.1.5
rhetorical question   P4.5
rhyme   P2.1
rhyming patterns   P2.3
rhythm   P1.2 P1.19
rhythmically free   P1.1
rich rhyme   P2.1
Richardson   D1.1 N1.18 N3.3.9 N3.3.10 N8.8
Riffaterre   N6.1
Rimmon-Kenan   D7.2 D8 N2.1.5 N2.4.2 N2.4.5 N2.4.7 N3.2.2 N3.2.3 N3.3.6 N3.3.11 N4.1 N4.6 N5.2 N5.2.1 N5.2.2 N5.2.3 N5.2.4 N5.2.5 N5.3.1 N7 N7.5 N7.6 N7.7 N8.6
rising action   D7.5 N4.4
Roman play   D4.5.2
romance   D4.5.2
Ronen   N2.1.5 N6.2 N6.4
Rossetti   P4.4
round character   N7.7
rubber ducky   F6
run-on line   P1.12
Ryan   D7.2 N2.1.3 N2.1.5 N2.2.2 N2.2.3 N2.4.3 N4.3 N4.6
Rylance   D7.9
Salinger   N1.3 N3.3.4 N5.2.3 N5.3.1 N6.3
Samuel French   D3.6
satisfactory state   N4.4
Saussure   N2.1.3
Savona   D3.5
Scanlan   D1.5 D1.5.3 D7.2 D7.9 N4.6
scansion   P1.4 P1.6 P1.8 P1.14
scene   D3.1 D3.5 F2.1 F2.4 F3.2 N5.3.1
scene text   F1.5
scenery   D3.5
scenic   N5.2.3
scenic presentation   N5.3.1
Schank   N2.2.3
Schneider   F1.5 N7
Schnitzler   D6.2 N8.9
schools   D1.5
Schulz   P3.5
Scolnicov   D1.5 D1.5.3
screenplay   F1.4
scriptwriter   F4.1.3
Searle   D1.2 D2.1 N2.3.1
second-degree narrative   N2.4.2
second-degree narrator   N2.4.4
second-person narrative   N3.3.11
secondary authors   D2.1
secondary text   D3.3 D3.5 D3.6 D8.5 F1.5
secundum comparatum   P3.10
self commentary   D8.3
self-characterization   D8.1 N7.1
self-communication   P3.3
self-conscious authorial narrator   N5.2.4
self-conscious narration   N5.3.2
self-quotation   N8.2
self-reflexivity   D6.2 D6.4.4
selfhood   N3.1.10
semantic analysis   P3
semantic charging of space   N6.5
semantic figures   P4.4
semi-closeup   F2.2
semi-long shot   F2.2
Semino   N8.7
sender   N3.1.7 P3.3
senders   N2.3.1
Seneca   D4.5.1
septets   P2.4
service function of a text type   P3.2
sestets   P2.4
set   D3.2 D3.5
setting   N6.2 N6.6
sexually indeterminate narrator   N3.1.3
Shaffer   D2.1 D2.2 D2.3 D6.4.3 F1.2
Shakespeare   D1.5.2 D2.1 D2.2 D2.3 D3.4 D4 D6.4.1 D7.5 D7.10 P1.3 P1.8 P1.11 P1.13 P1.16 P2.1 P2.7 P3.11 P4.1 P4.4
Shakespeare editions   D4.5.3
Shakespeare's sources   D4.5.1
Shapiro   P3.12
Shaw   D3.5 D7.9 D8.4 D8.5 P4.4
Shelley   D1.3 P1.12 P4.5
Shepherd   D3.1
Shewring   D4.2
shifting focus   F4.3.4
Shipley   P4
Short   N8.5 N8.6 N8.7 N8.12
short couplet   P2.4
short stories   N1.1 N2.1.4
short story   N5.2.2
shot   F2.1
showing   N5.3.1
sickbed scene   D4.3
Sidney   D4.5.1 P4.5
signified   N2.1.3
signifier   N2.1.3
silent movies   F3.1
Sillitoe   N3.3.4 N4.1 N4.7 N5.3.2 N9
simile   P3.11 P4.4
simple past   N1.28
simultaneous narration   N3.3.11 N5.1.4
Sinclair   N8.8
singulative   N4.1
singulative telling   N5.2.4
sitcoms   D7.9
skaz   N3.3.4
slant   N3.1.2 N3.1.4
slant rhyme   P2.1
slice of life   N3.3.10 N9.6
slice-of-life   N3.3.9
slow motion   N5.1.3
slow-down   N5.2.3
slugline   F1.5
Smith   P1.15
social realism   N1.15
sociolect   D8.7 N3.1.8 N7.5
sociology of drama   D1.5.2
soliloquy   D1.5.4 D3.4 D8.4 N8.10
song   P3.1
sonnet   P2.7 P3.1 P3.9 P6
Sound   F3
sound director   F4.1.3
source   P3.10
Souvage   N7.4
spatial form   N6.1
speaker   P3.3 P3.4 P3.8 P5.2
speaker's sex   P3.4
Spear   D4.2
speech   D3.4 F3.2
speech act   D2.1
speech heading   D3.5
speech prefix   D3.3 D3.5 F1.5
speech-act theory   D2.1
speed   N5.2.3
speed-up   N5.2.3 N5.3.1
Spence   N2.4.7
Spenser   D4.5.1 P1.3 P1.11 P3.9 P4.2
split scenes   D7.4
spondee   P1.8
sprung rhythm   P1.19
Srull   D8.6 N7.4
stage areas   D3.6
stage direction   D3.2 D3.3 D3.4 D3.5 D3.6 D3.7 D4.5.5 D5.4 D8.3 D8.5 F1.5
stage direction, actorly   D3.6
stage direction, readerly   D3.6
stage doors   D4.3 D4.4
stage histories   D1.5.2
stage left   D3.6
stage manager   D1.4 D6.4.6
stage semiotics   D1.5.2
stair turrets   D4.3
standees   D4.3
stanza   P2.6
Stanzel   N1 N1.13 N1.18 N1.31 N2.1.5 N3 N3.1.6 N3.2.4 N3.3.6 N3.3.7 N3.3.10 N3.3.11 N5.1.2 N5.1.3 N6.1 N7.6 N8.11 Q3.10
state of deficiency   N4.4
static character   N7.7
Stationer's Register   D4.5.3
stative verbs   N5.3.2
stealing the show   D5.4
Steinberg   N8.8 N8.9
stereotyped character   D7.9
Sternberg   D7.5 F1.5 F4.3.1 N2.1.5 N2.2.3 N4.1 N8.2 N8.5 N8.7
Sterne   N3.3.14
Stoppard   D3.5 D6.2 D7.9
story   D1.5.4 D7.2 N2.1.2 N2.1.3 N4.6
story analysis   N4.7
story line   N4.1
story narratology   N2.1.3
story of initiation   F5.2.1 N3.3.4
story of personal experience   N1.6 N1.12
story space   N6.3
story time   D7.3 N3.3.10 N4.7 N5.1.1 N5.2.2 N5.2.3 N6.3
story-HERE   F4.2.3 N6.3
story-NOW   F4.2.3 N5.1.1 N5.1.3 N5.1.4 N5.2.1 N6.3
story-time   N9.6
storyboard   F1.2 F1.4
storyboards   F6
straight cut   F2.4
straight-on angle   F2.5
stream of consciousness   N3.3.9 N8.8 N8.9
Styan   D1.5.2
subjectifying filmic devices   F4.3.9
subjective anachronies   N5.2.1
subjective expressions   N1.4
subjective flashforward   N5.2.1
subjective time   N5.2.3
substitute feet   P1.13
subtitle   D3.3
Suchy   D3.7
sufficient condition   P1.1
Sühnel   P3.1
summary   N5.2.3 N5.3.1
summary report   D3.5 N8.7
superimposition   F2.4
supplied sound   F3.2
Swift   N5.2.1
swish pan   F2.4
synecdoche   P4.4
synesthesia   P4.4
synopses   D7.3
synoptic present   N5.1.3
syntactical figures   P4.3
system intertextuality   P2.9
tag   N8.3
tagged direct discourse   N8.5
Tagged direct thought   N8.5
Tagged free indirect speech   N8.6
tagged/untagged free indirect discourse   N8.6
take   F2.1
tales within tales   N2.4.1
target   P3.10
tautotes   P4.2
Taylor   D1.5.2
teacher's narratives   N2.2.3
telephoto   F2.2 F2.6
tellability   D1.5.4 N3.1.1 N4.3 N4.5
telling   N5.3.1
telling names   D8.3
tempo   N5.2.3
Tennyson   P1.17 P4.1 P4.3
tenor   P3.10
tense   N5.1.2
tense shift   N5.1.2
tense switch   N5.1.2
Tense-categorized narratives   N5.1.4
tercet   P2.4
tertium comparationis   P3.10
tetrameter   P1.10
text   P3.5
textual apparatus   D4.5.4
textual criticism   D4.5.4
textual notes   D3.3
textual voice   N3.1.7
theater in the mind   D1.5.1
theater manager   D1.4
theater of illusion   D6.1
Theater Studies   D1.5.2 D1.5.3
theatre-centred criticism   D1.5.2
theatrum mundi   D6.2
themes   P3.6
third-degree narrative   N2.4.2
third-person narrator   P3.2
Thomas   D7.9
thou   D4.6 D4.7
time analysis$   N5.2
time line   N4.7
time spaces   N6.1
time-line model   D7.3 D7.5 N4.7
timeline   N9.2
tiring house   D4.2 D4.3 D4.4
title   D3.3
Todorov   N2.1.1 Q3.1
Tolkien   N7.8 P1.18
Toolan   N1.23 N2.1.5 N3.2.3 N5.2 N5.2.1 N5.2.3 N5.2.4 N8.6 N8.7 N8.8
Torgovnick   N4.8
totum pro parte   P4.4
tracking shot   F2.3
tragedies   D4.5.2
tragedy   D4.5.2 D7.5 D7.8
tragic irony   D8.10
tragic relief   D7.11
transgression   N3.3.15
transitional cut   F2.4
transvocalization   N1.30
trimeter   P1.10
triplet   P2.4
trochee   P1.8
turn of the action   N4.4
Turner   N2.2.3 P3.10 P3.11 Q3.12
turning point   D7.5
turns   D3.4
Twain   N3.3.4
twopenny rooms   D4.3
types of narratives   N2.2.2
Ubersfeld   D1.5.3
uncertain anticipation   N5.2.1
uninitialized hyponarrative   N2.4.1
unreliable narration   F5.1.4 N2.3.2
unreliable narrator   N7.6
untagged direct discourse   N8.5
Untagged direct thought   N8.5
Updike   N3.3.11
upstage   D3.6 D5.4
upstage left (USL   D5.4
Uspensky   N7.9
variable   N9.5
variable focalization   N3.2.4
vehicle   P3.10
verba cogitandi   N8.3
verba dicendi   N8.3
verba sentiendi   N8.3
verbal action   D2.1
verbal behavior   D8.7
verbal decor   D3.4 D4.4 D5.1 D6.4.1
verisimilitude   F5.3
verse   P1.1 P6
verse epic   P3.2
verse essays   P3.2
verse, theory of   P6
verse-final pause   P1.12
verse-sequence patterns   P2.4
Vervaeck   N2.1.5
Virgil   P4.3
virtual discourse   Q3.15
virtual performance   D1.5.3
vision du dehors   N3.3.11
visual versification   P1.19
Vitoux   N3.2.3
voice   N3.1.1 N3.1.7 P3.3
voice markers   N1.4 N3.1.4
voice over   F3.2
voice projectors   N1.4
voice-over narrator   F3.2 F4.2.1
voices   N3
volta   P2.7
Wagner   D1.3
Wales   N5.1.3 N8.6
Wallis   D3.1
Warhol   N2.1.5
Watson   D7.9
we   P3.3
we narrative   N3.2.4
we-narrative   N3.3.11
Weldon   N3.3.7 N3.3.14 N4.8 N5.2.3 N7.4 N7.8 N8.5 N8.12
Wells   N4.8 P1.13
Werlich   P3.5
Wertheimer   P1.2
White   N3.2.4 N7.9 N8.8
Whitman   P3.11 P4.4
Who sees   N3.2.1
Who sees?   N1.18
Who speaks   N1.18 N3.1.1
Who speaks?   N1.3
wide-angle   F2.2 F2.6
Wilder   D6.4.6
Williams   D6.4.5 D8.5
willing suspension of disbelief   D5.5 D6.3
Winterson   N3.1.3
wipe   F2.4
Woolf   N1.18 N3.2.4 N3.3.9 N3.3.10 N8.7 N8.8 P1.1 Q3.14
word scenery   D4.4
Wordsworth   P1.15 P3.2 P3.8 P4.3 P4.4 P4.5
world as theater   D6.2
wraparound meter   P1.12
writer   P3.3
wrylies   F6
wryly   F1.5
Wyatt   P1.3
Wyer   D8.6 N7.4
XCU   F2.2
XLS   F2.2
Yacobi   N7.6
Yard   D4.3
Yeats   P3.13 P4.3
you-narrative   N3.3.11
Zapf   D7.9
zero focalization   Q3.16
zero stress   P1.4 P1.5 P1.6 P1.15
zeugma   P4.3
zoom   F2.3
zooming in   F2.3
zooming out   F2.3