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Dr. Thomas Hauck

Dr. Thomas Hauck

Forschungsschwerpunkte | Research Interests

Curriculum Vitae

Projekte | Projects

Publikationen | Publications

Forschungsschwerpunkte | Research Interests

Middle Palaeolithic technology

Reconstruction of site-use patterns and settlement dynamics in the Levantine Mousterian

Dispersal of Early Modern Humans in the Middle East and Southeast Europe

Late Middle and Early Upper Palaeolithic in Southeast Europe and the Middle East

Curriculum Vitae

1997 – 1999 Studies of Prehistoric Archaeology, Ethnology, English language and literature at the University of Freiburg i. Br.

1999 – 2003 Studies of Prehistoric Archaeology, Ethnology and Physical Anthropology at the University of Basel

2003 Diploma in Prehistoric Archaeology. Thesis: “Die mittelpaläolithische Fundstelle Mutzig-Felsbourg (Bas-Rhin, Alsace).
Techno-typologische Analyse der Artefakte aus Sondage M12.“

2010 PhD (Dr. phil.) „The Mousterian sequence of Hummal (Syria)”

Professional Experience:

Since 2003 Supervisor of Excavations in the Middle Palaeolithic deposits of Hummal (El Kowm, Syria)

2005 – 2011 Assisstant Director of the Syro-Swiss research project „Le Paléolithique d’El Kowm (Syrie)”; direction: Jean-Marie Le Tensorer (Basel University); Funded by Swiss National Foundation, Tell Arida Foundation

Since 2008 Participant in research project “L’occupation du sol dans la vallée de la Bruche du Paléolithique au Moyen Age” (SRA, Alsace)

2010 – 2012 Co-Director of excavation in the Mousterian site of Mutzig (Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France)

2010 – 2011 Archaeologist and Technical Assistant at the Pôle d’Archéologie Interdepartemental Rhénan (Séléstat, France)

Since 2011 Grant reviewer for Leakey Foundation

Since 2011 Scientific collaborator at the Institute for Prehistory, University of Cologne and staff of the CRC project 806 (“Our way to Europe”)

Projekte | Projects

Laufende Projekte / Current Projects

DFG-project CRC 806 “Our way to Europe”: B1 “The Eastern Trajectory: Last Glacial Palaeogeography and Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and of the Balkan Peninsula”

PAIR/SRA/Basel University Scientific excavation of Mutzig Rockshelter (France)

Yabroud Artefact Assemblage Analysis (Yabroud II Layer 4)


Abgeschlossene Projekte | Former Projects

SNF-project Le Paléolithique d’El Kowm

Ausgewählte Publikationen | Selected Publications

Le Tensorer, J.-M., Th. Hauck, D. Wojtczak (2003)
Le Paléolithique ancien et moyen d’Hummal (El Kowm, Syrie Centrale). Swiatowit V, 179-186.

Le Tensorer, J.-M., Jagher, R., Rentzel, Ph., Hauck, Th., Ismail-Meyer, K., Pümpin, Ch., Wojtczak, D. (2007)
Long-term site formation processes at the natural spings Nadaouiyeh and Hummal in the El Kowm Oasis, Central Syria. Geoarchaeology 22/6, 621-640.

Hauck, Th., Wojtczak, D., Wegmüller, F., Le Tensorer, J.-M. (2010)
Variation in Lower and Middle Paleolithic land use strategies in the Syrian Desert steppe: The example of Hummal (El Kowm area). In N. J. Conard (Ed.), Settlement Dynamics of the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age, Vol. III. Tübingen, 145-162.

Detrey, J., Guélat, M., Hauck, Th., Rentzel, Ph., Vigreux, Th. (2010)
L’abri-sous-roche Paléolithique moyen de Mutzig, Rain (Bas-Rhin, F): reprise des travaux. Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française 107/3, 581-600.

Hauck, Th. 2011
The Mousterian sequence of Hummal and its tentative placement in the Levantine Middle Palaeolithic. In: J.-M. Le Tensorer, R. Jagher, M. Otte (Eds.), The Lower and Middle Palaeolithic in the Middle East and Neighbouring Regions. Basel Symposium (May, 8-10, 2008). ERAUL 126. Liège 2011, 309-323.

Hauck, Th. 2011
Mousterian technology and settlement dynamics in the site of Hummal (Syria). Journal of Human Evolution 61, 519-537. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhevol.2011.01.014

Hauck, Th.C., Connan, J., Charrié-Duhaut, A., Le Tensorer, J.-M., Sakhel, H. al, 2013
Molecular evidence of bitumen in the Mousterian lithic assemblage of Hummal (Central Syria). Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 3252–3262. DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2013.03.022

G.F. Monnier, Th.C. Hauck, J.M. Feinberg, B. Luo, J.-M. Le Tensorer, H. Al Sakhel 2013
A multi-analytical methodology of lithic residue analysis applied to paleolithic tools from Hummal, Syria. Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 3722–3739. DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2013.03.018